Just call her by her name?!

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FF7RGEEK Tue 29-Jun-21 17:58:42

I have 4 DD, my youngest is 1 next month.
My MIL won't use her name, just calls her baby she says it is impossible to pronounce (it isn't) in the beginning she would try to say her name and call her something not even remotely similar to her name.
She now has other family members doing the same and they won't use her name either, even though they did to begin with.
DH, tells her all the time that she is being silly and to just use her name, she will then just fall out with us.
I know her name is unusual but it is beautiful (in our opinion) am I being unreasonable to tell her she has to use her name?

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Tittyfilarious81 Tue 29-Jun-21 18:00:33

What's the name ?

brizzlewizzle Tue 29-Jun-21 18:01:07

Think we might need to hear the name! Bit of course she should use it - she can't call her baby forever!

NerrSnerr Tue 29-Jun-21 18:01:45

I can see how it's annoying but I can't see how you can force her to use her name. How unusual is the name?

Exhausted4ever Tue 29-Jun-21 18:01:48

You can't post this without saying the name so yabu

Bouncebacker Tue 29-Jun-21 18:02:43

You have to tell us the name for us to be able to say for sure - but she probably is being unreasonable and rude!

Sirzy Tue 29-Jun-21 18:02:59

I would just ignore her, don’t fuel her attention seeking!


SuperMonkeys Tue 29-Jun-21 18:03:01

She won't call her baby forever. You can't dictate what she calls her

Pinot4evs Tue 29-Jun-21 18:03:09

Really need to know what the name is to tell if she’s being unreasonable or not!

DysmalRadius Tue 29-Jun-21 18:04:29

You can't dictate what she calls her

Isn't that what names are for?

Standrewsschool Tue 29-Jun-21 18:04:49

I think that’s quite hurtful that she won’t use dc’s name, and is encouraging others to use an alternative name.

I think that every time she’s calls her Baby, you need to correct her. If she says ‘How is Baby today?’, then reply ‘who is Baby?’. Make it uncomfortable and awkward for her. Same with relatives. If she sends a card with Baby on, return it. Zero tolerance!

If she really can’t pronounce the name, is there a nn you’d be happy to use?

Its90minutestonight Tue 29-Jun-21 18:04:49

When she's older, your DD will tell her in no uncertain terms to call her by her name. until then, ignore.

NVision Tue 29-Jun-21 18:05:15

Need the name sorry yabu otherwise

Saidtoomuch Tue 29-Jun-21 18:06:12

Its very rude of her not to use the child's name. What is it?

IronTeeth Tue 29-Jun-21 18:06:52


30degreesandmeltinghere Tue 29-Jun-21 18:07:28

Her falling out with you would surely be a blessing?

Sunny4876 Tue 29-Jun-21 18:08:04

I do agree,if that's what you want,she should abide by it.
My youngest is also the youngest in the wider family and the youngest has always been called the baby until a new one comes along.
She put her foot down a few weeks ago as turning 9 and declared she's too old to be called the baby

Notimeforaname Tue 29-Jun-21 18:08:22

We need the name!

ShagMeRiggins Tue 29-Jun-21 18:09:02

Teach your youngest—when she learns to speak—how to say “My name isn’t Baby, it’s xxxxx.”

Unless you’re planning to have her take private dance lessons at Kellerman’s, of course.

HavelockVetinari Tue 29-Jun-21 18:10:26

Unless it's Huitzilopochtli or Ng then YANBU

Ellpellwood Tue 29-Jun-21 18:14:16

Going by your username, is it Aerith? grin

Heronwatcher Tue 29-Jun-21 18:16:37

Can you start getting all your DDs to call her “old woman” or similar?

Howshouldibehave Tue 29-Jun-21 18:18:05

Is it a made up name?!

Heyyeahyouwiththesadface Tue 29-Jun-21 18:22:28


Can you start getting all your DDs to call her “old woman” or similar?

Do this! grin

SemperIdem Tue 29-Jun-21 18:22:53

Surely calling her baby is stranger than using her given name

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