AIBU to ask how come Britney Spears had an IUD fitted without her permission?

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ThisIsStartingToBoreMe Thu 24-Jun-21 21:55:30

I mean, her father has had conservatorship for 13 years but an IUD is only valid for 5-10 years so could someone explain it to me? Surely it couldn't have been inserted without her permission?

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MrsTerryPratchett Thu 24-Jun-21 21:58:19

Anyone who lacked capacity to consent or not to this procedure would absolutely not be able to consent or not to sex. So there's no way I can see she could have been forced.

Also it would be assault.

Nightbear Thu 24-Jun-21 21:59:44

She didn’t say she was forced to get it, she said she wanted it removed and was refused permission.

ThisIsStartingToBoreMe Thu 24-Jun-21 22:03:08


She didn’t say she was forced to get it, she said she wanted it removed and was refused permission.

Ah ok. So she's had it in for more than 13 years then? Isn't that medically concerning?

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cadburyegg Thu 24-Jun-21 22:04:21

To me it sounds like she agreed for it to be fitted x amount of years ago, there was no suggestion it was fitted against her will. But now she wants it removed but isn't allowed

MargaretFraggle Thu 24-Jun-21 22:05:02

There is so much about this that is concerning.

gingerbiscuit19 Thu 24-Jun-21 22:07:12

She didn't say she didn't consent to it being fitted she's saying she no longer wants it and isn't allowed to have it removed.


Nightbear Thu 24-Jun-21 22:07:30

Why are you assuming 13 years???

ThisIsStartingToBoreMe Thu 24-Jun-21 22:10:15

Yeah I guess I didn't understand what happened @Nightbear - hence my asking on here.

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Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep Thu 24-Jun-21 22:12:20

She didn't say it's been in for 13 years, nor that she didn't consent to having it put in. I'm not sure why you're confused. She wants to get married and have a baby, they won't let her.

TheRebelle Thu 24-Jun-21 22:23:28

The scenarios where she could consent to sex but not pregnancy would be quite rare, even if she wasn’t going to be allowed custody of the child once it’s been born we don’t prevent people from becoming pregnant unless it would result in serious disability or loss of life.

No one could argue she couldn’t provide financially for a child and the conservator could always ensure a nanny or team of nannies were employed to help with caring for the child if that’s what they’re worried about.

buzz91 Thu 24-Jun-21 22:37:54

She’s been in a situation where she was given no say in her life, punished for doing anything her family/therapist etc. Didn’t want and made to think they had the best intentions for her. She was saying she was fine a little while ago and now realises she was in denial about her situation. She could well have agreed to have it inserted but it doesn’t mean she was fully in control of the decision.

Unsuremover Thu 24-Jun-21 22:44:08

No way someone in her situation can consent to sex. Really hard questions should be asked of who has had sex with her since she has been subject to an conservatorship. I can imagine why she hasn’t included details but surely that’s a question that should be asked.

3Britnee Thu 24-Jun-21 22:47:02

Two words. Coercive control.

EveryFlightBeginsWithAFall Thu 24-Jun-21 22:47:58

She's had boyfriends , although I read she had to get permission from her dad. To unwell to have any control of her life but well enough to have relationships / go pn tour up until a few years ago when she started refusing. Its all very strange

questionsaboutConsent Thu 24-Jun-21 22:51:10

If she were to have another baby that would mean some kind of maternity leave and my impression is that her father wants her working as that’s his income.

CupOfTPlease Thu 24-Jun-21 22:51:26

There is so much that is concerning and it's scary what money can really do.

Yellowcrockpot Thu 24-Jun-21 22:52:16

Placemarking as interested to see others opinions on this also.

If Britney is able to make the choice to have sex, surely she can make the choice to have her contraceptive removed, or make a choice on her preferred form of contraceptive.

Throw up a question why is she not able to make this choice? And who exactly is she sleeping with, to have people feel so strongly about her choice(s) when it comes to something as personal as sex/contraception - there is so much wrong with her situation nothing would surprise me any longer.

parietal Thu 24-Jun-21 22:54:32

She could have consented to have it put in say, 3 yrs ago, and now wants it out but it is not due out for another 5 years and they won't let her have it out sooner.

So the consent it only about removal. There are plenty of cases I've read on here of the NHS being pretty slow to take things out ...

Roonerspismed Thu 24-Jun-21 22:54:38

I’m horrified by the whole thing. I feel so sorry for her.

CherryPieface Thu 24-Jun-21 22:55:39

You don’t believe her?

beigebrownblue Thu 24-Jun-21 22:59:27

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

ArabellaStrange Thu 24-Jun-21 23:00:05

Her father is a horrible person who is basically a parasite off her work.
It's insane that this is happening in the 21st century but I am sure there are at least two or three of the rules of misogyny applying to this situation.

Concerned2021 Thu 24-Jun-21 23:02:14

Ok confused by the person who is saying no way could she have consented to sex ?? Why ?

RickJames Thu 24-Jun-21 23:05:08

I believe Britney. She's obviously got issues but so have a lot of people. There's nothing that I can see that could justify being under a conservetorship other than people want her money.

Would they put a man under a conservatorship? Michael Jackson? Kurt Cobain? They were pretty unstable, no? Of course not, its a misogynist backed abuse. It's slavery. #freebritney

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