To send child to school with no breakfast.

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LittleBlackCat22 Thu 24-Jun-21 08:56:25

I feel really guilty, although I know they have bagels in class in the morning plus snack at half 10.

She refused to get out of bed this morning until it was time to leave, then refused to get dressed. She was 25 minutes late for school and if she had breakfast too that would have made her even later! She’s 6, and seriously pushing boundaries atm. She loves school, so not a school issue. Just very much not a morning person.

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pitterpatterrain Thu 24-Jun-21 08:57:25

Sounds fine to me, natural consequences

McdonaldsMilkshake Thu 24-Jun-21 08:58:04

YANBU. As a child (and now) I'd choose sleep over food and she won't starve if there's bagels and a snack at school.

SaltAndVinegarSandwiches Thu 24-Jun-21 08:58:20

It's not ideal but really OP you're worrying about nothing. She won't starve by waiting until 10:30 for a snack. My eldest is very much not a morning person either. I've started making breakfast muffins (basically banana, eggs and oats and sometimes a little dark chocolate) and he eats it on the way in to school.

Kacha30 Thu 24-Jun-21 08:58:33

She'll be fine. Obviously if it was every day then no but as a one off mine. It's happened with my son a few times. I mentioned that he didn't want or got up in time for breakfast. On a couple occasions they made him toast at school to keep him going until snack time!!

Aroundtheworldin80moves Thu 24-Jun-21 08:59:59

My DD went a few times without breakfast in Reception and Yr1... We had to leave to get the school bus at 8am. I used to send extra snack and warn the bus supervisor. She always made up for it at snack time.

DinosaurDiana Thu 24-Jun-21 09:00:27

She will be fine, but I would be letting the teacher know why she’s going to school with no breakfast. These things can get out of hand if your daughter tells school she’s been sent to school with no breakfast !


VickyEadieofThigh Thu 24-Jun-21 09:04:15

I'm a bit perturbed by the fact that those who have had breakfast can then have a bagel (carb city) as well as a morning snack.

LittleBlackCat22 Thu 24-Jun-21 09:04:18

I’ve told her to tell her teacher exactly why she hasn’t had breakfast grin she’s just so naughty atm. She’s still adjusting to moving house and school.

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Lagomtransplant Thu 24-Jun-21 09:10:57


They are 6. A bagel every now and then makes no difference, it's not haribo on tap 24/7. With the 6 year old level of running around, they need the energy.

I'd strongly suggest a course in nutrition (plenty online) and perhaps some counselling for either your food issues or the need to be perturbed about this online.

SaltAndVinegarSandwiches Thu 24-Jun-21 09:14:17


Agreed. Both of mine (primary age) are ideal weights for their heights and they constantly need snacks and of course they need carbs. It's an essential part of everyone's diet and especially for kids who are running around constantly. I dread to think of the food issues we'd be giving our kids by sending the message they shouldn't be eating one of the major food groups.

RonniePickering Thu 24-Jun-21 09:14:17

She refused to get out of bed this morning until it was time to leave

She’s 6? Bit weird you’re giving her the option to stay in bed until it was time to leave 😳
You need to nip that in the bud.

YesDisney Thu 24-Jun-21 09:16:08

Haha, my now 11yo has chosen sleep over breakfast for years now. I drag him out of bed half an hour before we have to leave and make sure he has a good lunch 😂

FortunesFave Thu 24-Jun-21 09:16:10

I’ve told her to tell her teacher exactly why she hasn’t had breakfast

Why would she need to tell the teacher though? It's breakfast for ONE day not a week of starvation.

Bouledeneige Thu 24-Jun-21 09:17:10

Yeah its not ideal - but then not getting to school on time isn't either. I'm surprised about that really - I can understand being late because you forgot something but not being 25 minutes late because she wouldn't get out of bed. I think you really need to get on top of this as she will have you run ragged if you can't get her doing what she is told to do. There do need to be some rules - like going to bed and getting up for school. Getting out of bed for school is non-negotiable.

And that's from someone who is frequently accused of trying to be a 'cool mum' on here!

LittleBlackCat22 Thu 24-Jun-21 09:18:12

@RonniePickering I can’t physically drag her out of bed as she’s in a double cabin and I’m quite pregnant. My partner was already at work or he would have done it.

@FortunesFave I meant if she was asked why she hadn’t had breakfast, like if she mentioned it.

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LittleBlackCat22 Thu 24-Jun-21 09:19:49

This is the first time she’s refused to get out of bed btw. I know I haven’t handled it perfectly. But she like Gollum up there in her little lair and I can’t get to her.

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3scape Thu 24-Jun-21 09:21:58

A bagel and a snack!
I usually just get my non morning child to have something on the hoof (brioche roll, apple) but if she's going to be given all that food it's not a problem is it?!

FrangipaniBlue Thu 24-Jun-21 09:26:44


I'm a bit perturbed by the fact that those who have had breakfast can then have a bagel (carb city) as well as a morning snack.

Rofl that a single bagel is considered carb overloading 🤣🤣🤣🤣

LemonRoses Thu 24-Jun-21 09:28:41

I think I’d be moving her to a mattress on the floor for a week so she could be gotten up.
I wouldn’t worry about breakfast too much. It’s either game playing or she’s not a morning eater. My girls rarely ate in the morning as too early to face much. They seem to have survived well enough. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten breakfast either. Tea, but nothing solid first thing for me.

I think if you make a fuss about food, cajoling and persuading, it becomes a weapon. Just leave it. Maybe offer a smoothie, if she wants it, but the idea of a bowl of Weetabix at 7am isn’t appealing.

3JsMa Thu 24-Jun-21 09:28:50

Don't worry,my 5 year old DD is currently exactly the same.
Usually asks for cocoa in the morning or will eat a little bit of breakfast but loves her morning snack (also bagels and milk,how funny?). Teachers are often commenting that she had loads of it.

That comment is so unnecessary,pull your judgy pants up dear.

Lagomtransplant Thu 24-Jun-21 09:28:57


A moderately active 6 year old requires 1600 cal/day. A breakfast should be 25% plus 100 cal a snack, so up to 500 cal at that point. A bagel (250 cal) and a snack totals up to 350.

A single apple or a brioche 95-140 calories puts you in a neglect zone. Please consider food issues counselling.

LemonRoses Thu 24-Jun-21 09:31:03

Children need carbohydrates.
Children don’t need their calories counting or counselling - unless you want to make a real food problem. Food intake isn’t about one meal. It balances out.

DrCoconut Thu 24-Jun-21 09:31:25

My youngest has a glass of milk before leaving and some dry cereal in a tub to eat in the car sometimes. None of my kids are morning people and would happily sleep till 10.

LittleBlackCat22 Thu 24-Jun-21 09:33:46

@LemonRoses I’ve not made a fuss about food? She just usually has breakfast every morning.

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