She seems older for her age

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Justsawagecko Wed 23-Jun-21 20:22:08

My toddler Dd. She’s almost 3 but has crazy vocabulary..using words like ‘Absolutely’ ‘Broadcasting’ ‘Besides’ etc. She hears something and it just seems to stick in her mind, she knows what it means too. Ever since she was around 1.5, her language just took off and we’ve had normal conversations ever since. She crawled & walked fairly late, but just seems so attuned to things and like an older child in a toddlers body in many ways. It worries me for the future, is this normal?

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VaguelyInteresting Wed 23-Jun-21 20:24:15

I’ve got a 4 year old like that. Extraordinary vocabulary (like, people overhear him and stop me in the street to ask if he really said what they thought). Very ordinary child in other ways. I don’t think it’s a sign of anything except an aptitude for oracy and having a mother who never stops jabbering (me!)

Letsallscreamatthesistene Wed 23-Jun-21 20:25:04

A thinly veiled brag post if ever ive seen one.

Elletine Wed 23-Jun-21 20:26:23

Why does it worry you for the future??? Embrace it!

baldafrique Wed 23-Jun-21 20:27:21

Why would it worry you?!

Comedycook Wed 23-Jun-21 20:27:22

Bless you...

NCjourno Wed 23-Jun-21 20:27:31

Meh.. I was reading the Guardian upside down at that age.

I didn't amount to much.


FrankButchersDickieBow Wed 23-Jun-21 20:27:58

You'll be accused of humblebragging OP, but my dd was exactly the same. Extremely articulate.

I have witnesses so nobody could accuse me of making it up, but when she was 2 she told us she 'was having a really bad hair day' grin

Nobody could believe the words she used and always in context too.

She has pretty much grown up using long words and she is nearly 13 now. And excellent at English in school.

I still have a video of her on my phone from when she was 4 where she made a song up on the spot and you would not believe it. I swear to god.

But definitely encourage her and be proud.

Maddox33 Wed 23-Jun-21 20:28:03

What's worrying you? Having a wide vocabulary and using it appropriately is brilliant, especially at her age. In 10 years time, if she's anything like my teen, you'll be lucky to get more than the occasional grunt in response. Enjoy her toddlerhood!

Popskipiekin Wed 23-Jun-21 20:29:08

Sounds fantastic. I echo PP: enjoy your mini thesaurus and embrace all the words. My grandmother would have said something like “slow to walk, quick to talk” - total codswallop for my DC but maybe in this case it’s true smile

Justsawagecko Wed 23-Jun-21 20:29:17

@Letsallscreamatthesistene Wasn’t meant to be that at all. I can’t say it in real life as don’t want to sound like a twat, which I’m not, I just genuinely find it quite odd, hate saying that about my gorgeous little girl, but it feels different

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FrankButchersDickieBow Wed 23-Jun-21 20:29:18


I’ve got a 4 year old like that. Extraordinary vocabulary (like, people overhear him and stop me in the street to ask if he really said what they thought). Very ordinary child in other ways. I don’t think it’s a sign of anything except an aptitude for oracy and having a mother who never stops jabbering (me!)

Yes I will also add that dd isn't an academic genius or anything. Just good with using language and words.

Patapouf Wed 23-Jun-21 20:30:18

Why is it worrying?

Justsawagecko Wed 23-Jun-21 20:30:31

@FrankButchersDickieBow @VaguelyInteresting Yes, that’s exactly it

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Singlebutmarried Wed 23-Jun-21 20:31:43

DD has always spoken very well, and still does aged 10, we put it down to talking to her normally and not in baby gibberish from when she was born.

The dogs however have no comprehension, but I do talk to them in a special doggo voice

Justsawagecko Wed 23-Jun-21 20:32:00

@Popskipiekin There could be something in that as she was slower than my friends dcs etc with walking and so on..she just talks so much, I’m fairly quiet so it’s 🙈

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HollyGarland Wed 23-Jun-21 20:32:21

Why would your child having a good vocabulary be in any way concerning…?

Whattheactualfk Wed 23-Jun-21 20:34:35

It is totally normal for a child of 3 to suddenly develop a wide vocabulary. It's a normal developmental milestone.

Ladylokidoki Wed 23-Jun-21 20:34:51

My, now, 17 year old was extremely articulate at 3 or 4.

My son was non verbal at 3. He is now 10.

When I compare him what my dd was like at 10, I would say there isn't much difference between them.

They both do quote well at school, both communicate well etc

I can't imagine it's anything to worry about. More often that as they get older it evens out.

From 14 - 16, you didn't get much above a mumble from my dd.grin

Justsawagecko Wed 23-Jun-21 20:36:04

@HollyGarland It’s just paired with the way she is, hard to explain, but she often appears bored with toddler friends of the same age (prefers playing with older girls) I’d just like her to blow raspberries or do a big trump and laugh or something, she became so sort of mature for her age more quickly than I envisaged. Maybe I have no clue, she’s an only and I have no reference point, other than friends kids and what my parents say etc

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shouldistop Wed 23-Jun-21 20:36:41

It worries you? I don't think any of those words are even particularly strange for an almost 3 year old to use.

Justsawagecko Wed 23-Jun-21 20:37:30

@shouldistop Combined with some of her behaviour and the way she is, it does

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ShinyGreenElephant Wed 23-Jun-21 20:37:41

Some kids are just great with words. My DD1 was the same and my little niece too - she talks like a little old woman but on the other hand she's still in nappies at 3 so it's swings and roundabouts. Certainly nothing to worry about, why would it be?

honeylulu Wed 23-Jun-21 20:39:14

By "worries" are you referring to possible ASD? My eldest used to use very technical, correct vocabulary from a young age (i.e. amplifier instead of "music" which my youngest preferred). He also used to talk to adults very confidently on quite grown up subjects. He was diagnosed with ASD in his teens. He seems perfectly happy though!

HollyGarland Wed 23-Jun-21 20:40:25

Do you think she’s neurodivergent?

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