AIBU to put up a fence against neighbours' wishes?

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bigbluecup Wed 23-Jun-21 19:41:54

Long story short, I've wanted to change my 4' flimsy wire fence for a 6' solid wood panel one for a while. I finally have the funds for it, and an even bigger falling out with neighbours next door recently has led me to seriously go for it. I currently have no privacy in my garden, and after they have removed all of the trees and hedges on the other side of my fence my dog is now more than capable of jumping over the 4' wire fence. I would also love to be able to sit in my garden without them staring at me as they currently do (retired couple who seem to live in their garden)

The current fence is 100% mine, no doubt about it. I've looked up rules and I'm perfectly allowed to put up a 6' solid fence without need for planning permission.

However, they witnessed someone I had over to give me a quote for this new fence and they went BALLISTIC. They're claiming that their garden will be darkened and that the only reason they just cut down all the trees and hedges on their side of the fence were to give them extra light.

AIBU to still be strongly considering putting up this fence?

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TheLightSideOfTheMoon Wed 23-Jun-21 19:45:02

Put up the fence.

You deserve a nice fence.

flumposie Wed 23-Jun-21 19:45:26

Go for it. If it's your boundary they can't do anything about it. Everyone around me has 6ft fences. No lack of light etc.

Notaroadrunner Wed 23-Jun-21 19:46:23

Put up the fence. Its so much nicer having privacy, especially from unreasonable neighbours.

Brogues Wed 23-Jun-21 19:47:18

Put the fence up. Remind them good fences make good neighbours.

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Wed 23-Jun-21 19:47:20

Definitely put up the fence. If they try to stop you, make sure it is slightly your side of the boundary, so it is all on your land, and they won’t have a leg to stand on.

StoneofDestiny Wed 23-Jun-21 19:49:00

Put up a fence, sounds like you've several good reasons for doing so!


nzborn Wed 23-Jun-21 19:49:18

Another vote for a Fence.

BingBongToTheMoon Wed 23-Jun-21 19:49:24

Do it. They can’t stop you.

Daphnise Wed 23-Jun-21 19:49:42

Do the fence and be calmly prepared for some reaction, which you must simply ignore.

ComDummings Wed 23-Jun-21 19:49:59

Go for it, love my 6 foot board fence, every garden m in my area has one and I do agree that good fences make good neighbours!

DahliaMacNamara Wed 23-Jun-21 19:50:24

You need to keep the dog in. Perhaps they'd like to pay for something more decorative that lets the light through? Otherwise you'll have to go with your own budget.

Suzi888 Wed 23-Jun-21 19:50:57

How big is the garden that a 6ft fence reduces their light?

Twistered Wed 23-Jun-21 19:51:38

Jesus get that fence up quick!

Floralnomad Wed 23-Jun-21 19:52:41

Put the fence up just make sure it is completely on your side of the boundary line so they have no grounds to complain .

ABitOfAShitShow Wed 23-Jun-21 19:53:02

Fence. No questions

SaltAndVinegarSandwiches Wed 23-Jun-21 19:54:13

Them being aware of the person coming to give a quote and going mad would only convince me of the necessity of the biggest possible fence.

SheldonesqueTheBstard Wed 23-Jun-21 19:54:15

Put it up.

MadMadMadamMim Wed 23-Jun-21 19:54:36

Definitely do it. If they say anything else give them a polite face and grey rock them.

Oh dear. Unfortunately it's to keep the dog in.

Don't engage.

Justgettingbye Wed 23-Jun-21 19:55:18

We had a pathetic encounter recently with 2 neighbours (our garden backs onto various other peoples, odd layout). We told everyone in advance our plans and they would be benefiting. One was angry as she 'was shocked to come home to find her fence down and didn't know it was happening' and the other insisted we attach our fence to his which in total was about 3 ft.
People can be strange! But yes another one for just doing it!

purplecorkheart Wed 23-Jun-21 19:59:57

Fence up. Just make sure that it is within your property and not on the property line. Then they cannot object. Ignore the complaints etc.

OhWhatFuckeryIsThisNow Wed 23-Jun-21 20:00:04

Make it ten foot (or whatever the limit is)

queenMab99 Wed 23-Jun-21 20:01:25

You need a decent fence if you have a dog, my neighbours have put a lovely solid 7 foot fence between us, it does cast a shadow on that side but the peace of mind is worth it, knowing that my dog cannot escape. They should be grateful.

GeorgiaGirl52 Wed 23-Jun-21 20:01:56

Put it up and then plant a row of even taller trees, bushes, bamboo inside the fence.

hellogem Wed 23-Jun-21 20:03:02

Put the fence up. You don't need their permission for it. You have every right to have privacy in your garden. Everyone pretty much has atleast 6' fence these days. Ignore them. Let the work commence.

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