Pissed off about the washing

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Jourdain11 Mon 21-Jun-21 00:28:31

I already know I'm being unreasonable, but I just want to rant... blush

DD1 was taken unwell yesterday (has underlying health issues) and I spent most of yesterday and today at hospital with her while DH looked after the younger two. He also had reports to start and finish for school (primary teacher). So I get that it was a stressful and busy weekend for him. I asked him if he could chuck some of the washing on today, not all of it, but just the essentials, uniform stuff so that DS and DD2 had something to go to school in tomorrow. I even reminded him while we were messaging. And when we finally got home, late, ohhhh no, he'd forgotten to do it because he'd been so busy. So now I'm stirring bloody underwear and school uniform around the bath and attempting to get it dry after midnight. And no doubt I will have to iron said uniform in the morning.

I mean, I get it, he was busy with other stuff. But it's not like I don't have to go to work in the morning too. It's not like I didn't have shit to get done this weekend as well (and I wasn't even home to do it, so I'll now be up at the crack of dawn trying to get at least some of it done before ironing the bloody half-washed uniforms).

Just ... Grrrr. If I speak to him before I've got it off my chest I'm going to snap really sarcastically at him!

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Nsky Mon 21-Jun-21 00:34:17

Just Chuck in the machine, and tumble dry, ok he forgot, or worst cause put the heating on

Jourdain11 Mon 21-Jun-21 00:36:33

Can't use the washing machine this late sad It will bug the neighbours!

Meh, it is what it is!

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ineedaholidaynow Mon 21-Jun-21 00:39:34

Do your DC not have spare clean underwear? With all that you have going on, I would probably be a bit grubby and as long as they had clean pants I would send them in last week's uniform, explain to school, so they don't worry if they normally come in pristine and sort the laundry out tomorrow

Merryoldgoat Mon 21-Jun-21 00:39:38

I’d send them in non uniform with a note and wash it tomorrow.

I can’t believe it would get really clean like that either.

JackieTheFart Mon 21-Jun-21 00:40:12

Meh. I would have sent them in with dirty creased uniform for a day and just hand washed two pairs of knickers if I really couldn’t use the same washing machine.

I think you’re being a bit of a martyr if I’m honest. No one will die if their uniform isn’t looking the best it could.

I do get why you’re annoyed though.

Jourdain11 Mon 21-Jun-21 00:48:46

It was a crazy week and we'd been super slack on washing, so the plan (such as it was) was to blitz it this weekend and get everything done. We were literally down to the emergency spares by the weekend!

If it doesn't get dry they'll just have to wear the least grubby uniform and hope it'll do! DD2 is properly fussy about her clothes though, so she will Not Be Happy.

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bluebell34567 Mon 21-Jun-21 00:49:41

dont you keep spare uniforms and underwear op?

Jourdain11 Mon 21-Jun-21 00:51:24

The spares got already used!

Uniform, we just moved at half term so no spares yet as they had to have everything new (different colours to their old school).

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JackieTheFart Mon 21-Jun-21 00:52:36

Ah it won’t kill her @Jourdain11 smile.

And if she REALLY doesn’t like it then it sounds like a fab opportunity for her to learn how to put a wash on winkgrin

WhoDidAndWhy Mon 21-Jun-21 00:52:52

I get the frustration but it sounds like both of you dropped the ball on the laundry all of last week as well as this weekend. You can’t reasonably put it all onto DH.

ineedaholidaynow Mon 21-Jun-21 00:53:48

I would worry about things drying in time as you are going to miss the spin in the washing machine.

EKGEMS Mon 21-Jun-21 00:58:49

@WhoDidAndWhy The OP was in hospital with a sick child-how did she drop the ball?

Freddiefox Mon 21-Jun-21 01:00:05

You will still need to spin it though, it won’t be dry enough to dry or be tumbled if you can’t spin it.

Freddiefox Mon 21-Jun-21 01:00:53

Actually, you can’t roll the uniform in a few towels, that will get a lot of the water out.

DoNotEat Mon 21-Jun-21 01:04:58

It's not hard is it. To put fucking washing in a machine.
He's not had a day any other person couldn't cope with and and still get it done.
Christ you even texted him reminders.

DoNotEat Mon 21-Jun-21 01:07:05

How old are the children he had to look after?
Over 2 then he's utterly slack.
But this is why I do washing every day. Because I know that it won't get done

KangarooSally Mon 21-Jun-21 01:09:15

If DD2 is so fussy about how she looks she sounds old enough to do her own washing. You should teach her how to use the washing machine and dryer or how to hang up washing if you haven't already.

Jourdain11 Mon 21-Jun-21 01:09:37

They're 7 and 6.
Too right yes, I know we "dropped the ball" during the week. But all he had to do was put on one wash. And I bet he didn't totally forget, he hates doing the washing hmmm...

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WhoDidAndWhy Mon 21-Jun-21 01:12:33


*@WhoDidAndWhy* The OP was in hospital with a sick child-how did she drop the ball?

The child became sick yesterday. OP admits the washing had built up all through last week. It isn’t hard to turn the machine on at any point in the last 5-7 days, including over the weekend by her DH. I just think it’s a bit rich to be so annoyed that you bother to post on MN when in fact the washing has been no ones priority over the last week.

Iminaglasscaseofemotion Mon 21-Jun-21 01:17:32

I would be fuck8ng pussed off. It takes 5 mins to get a washing on. He didn't even really need to get it dried just ateast washed. I wouldn't be sending my kids to school in old uniform from last week because my partner was too lazy and stupid to stick a washing on.

MerryDecembermas Mon 21-Jun-21 01:18:37

YABU to give a toss about the neighbours not liking your washing machine to be on!! wink

ineedaholidaynow Mon 21-Jun-21 01:22:12

@MerryDecembermas if you live in flats you might not be allowed to use your washing machine between certain hours.

Rtmhwales Mon 21-Jun-21 01:22:23

If I'd asked DH to wash it twice and he hadn't, it would not be me hand washing it at midnight, that's for sure. They're equally his kids, he's equally capable of doing the chores.

DoNotEat Mon 21-Jun-21 01:44:15

Yes he should be hand washing. Kids aren't babies.
He easily could have got uniforms at least washed. Absolutely pathetic

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