To wonder if this Zara model is a healthy size?

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MondayYogurt Sun 20-Jun-21 21:34:07

Most models are tall and slim but something just made me stop and look at these pictures for longer, wondering.

Is it just photoshop?

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Landlubber2019 Sun 20-Jun-21 21:36:34

Gosh she is very slim and I am hoping photoshopped (badly!)

BramStoker Sun 20-Jun-21 21:36:57

Hard to say

She does look extremely slender but some people are naturally built that way

Longtalljosie Sun 20-Jun-21 21:36:57

She’s very borderline thinpso, isn’t she? I agree, it’s irresponsible…

DisgruntledPelican Sun 20-Jun-21 21:37:10

She is very slim, but fairly standard for a model, and Zara’s known for its smaller cuts. I’m a 14-16 and would never buy anything from Zara, no point.

There may be a bit of photoshopping on the pink smock/dress picture, or it may just be the effect of the sand ripples in the background.

PersonaNonGarter Sun 20-Jun-21 21:38:45

She looks alright- not too thin.

TigerBreath Sun 20-Jun-21 21:40:17

I agree.


callmeadoctor Sun 20-Jun-21 21:41:40

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wanderedlonelyasacloud Sun 20-Jun-21 21:41:40

I do think the first model looks too thin, like the pp said bordering on thinspo.

2nd photo looks ok to me but that's not the same model is it? Or am I being face blind

CoastAlong Sun 20-Jun-21 21:43:02

I think she looks way too thin. Not a healthy size.

MondayYogurt Sun 20-Jun-21 21:44:13

On closer inspection I think the thing that triggered my yikes button was her wrist bones in the hand resting on the car. But perhaps that's just the light and bones are just like that?

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Loubiemoo Sun 20-Jun-21 21:44:22

She looks fine. Just lanky.

PicaK Sun 20-Jun-21 21:45:44

I'd honestly say that she's got that medical condition where limbs are super elongated.

IdblowJonSnow Sun 20-Jun-21 21:46:29

They look far too bony to me. I hope they have been photo shopped for their sakes.

HarrisMcCoo Sun 20-Jun-21 21:46:56

Needs a good feed.

WorraLiberty Sun 20-Jun-21 21:47:32


She looks fine. Just lanky.

That's what I was thinking.

I've been watching Peter Crouch's show and he's always looked skeletal, even at the peak of his physical fitness.

Some people are just built that way. Or it could be Photoshop - whatever 🤷‍♀️

coronaway Sun 20-Jun-21 21:48:56

She is built like an ex of mine - very lanky. Some people are naturally built like that. I'd be concerned if every Zara model looked like that but as a one off I don't see an issue.

Oldpeoplesprinting Sun 20-Jun-21 21:49:17

Not so worried about car girl’s size, more how freakishly long her arms are?! No-one’s arms look like that! Bad editing job for sure.

Girl number one just has very skinny legs - some people do.

CassandraCross Sun 20-Jun-21 21:49:54

The arms in the picture in the car look seriously weird and out of proportion, bad photoshop I think.

Londoncatshed Sun 20-Jun-21 21:51:17

Who knows. It could very well be she’s naturally tall and lean. My neice is just the same. Naturally small build, but tall, all arms and legs. Still young though. You can usually tell in their face. Often models still have a healthy looking face as they are just built that way.

I saw an old photo of the beautiful Grande girl today. I thought she was just naturally tiny, but she used to be much bigger. Not big, but ordinary size. It’s impossible to tell who is dieting and who is naturally.

Do bear in mind though that some women and girls are naturally long and lean. It’s awful to label them all with an eating disorder.

gemloving Sun 20-Jun-21 21:52:40


Hard to say

She does look extremely slender but some people are naturally built that way

I agree! My brother is so slim and has always been. He's been skinny shamed so many times, he's always wanted to be bigger/heavier.

BearPie Sun 20-Jun-21 21:53:01

Zara is known for the ridiculous photoshop - see also the models in their Barbie collaboration.

WhenISnappedAndFarted Sun 20-Jun-21 21:53:39

Threads like this make me so angry.

I'm this thin, naturally this thin. Have spent my whole life being judged and told to 'eat' when in fact I eat a ton and don't put on weight.

Mistyplanet Sun 20-Jun-21 21:54:32

She looks ill.

Undersnatch Sun 20-Jun-21 21:56:59

First picture looks unwell to me.

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