Does anyone here actually like their husband?

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Womendohavevaginasnick Sun 20-Jun-21 16:34:54


Seems to me there's so much husband bashing going on on here, makes me wonder why some people are even together!

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alwayswrighty Sun 20-Jun-21 16:36:21

Yep, not to sound cliche but we're best friends as well as husband and wife. We were friends for 24 years before we started a relationship and got married though.

Toebean Sun 20-Jun-21 16:36:33

I like and love my Dh but then hes not a wankerconfused

Hemsbyboc Sun 20-Jun-21 16:36:59

I can't stand the fucker

prettyvisitor Sun 20-Jun-21 16:37:13

Varies day to day!

BastardGoDarkly Sun 20-Jun-21 16:37:57

Yes! Hes away working today/tonight and I really miss him confused

Comedycook Sun 20-Jun-21 16:37:58

I used to prefer him when he wasn't I cannot bear him.


LittleRedPill Sun 20-Jun-21 16:38:23

People are hardly going to start posting saying everything in fine and they’re very much in love with their partner though are they? By definition, it’s when the relationship is in trouble that the OP needs advice.

Trevsadick Sun 20-Jun-21 16:38:46

He isn't my husband but I love my partner.

You need to remember that people are generally looking for advice. No one is going to randomly post about how great their husband is.

Also people like to have a moan. So on the more lighearted ones, you may get people having a moan about dome habit their husband has. But the relationship is good and they do love each other.

UnwantedGain Sun 20-Jun-21 16:39:37

Mine can be useful.

QuadrupleCarbs Sun 20-Jun-21 16:40:07

Your going to see the negatives on forums, who apart from smug twats is going to start a thread about let me tell you all about my amazing relationship

WorkingOnMaStride Sun 20-Jun-21 16:40:10

Yes I do.

There are times when I don't particularly like him right then and I'm sure he feels the same about me sometimes, but generally speaking and in the whole I absolutely like and love him smile

ThatOtherPoster Sun 20-Jun-21 16:40:12

Usually yes, I love him to bits, but he’s massively getting on my tits at the moment.

Dillydollydingdong Sun 20-Jun-21 16:40:17

Mine isn't perfect but he'll do for me halo

Bksjshsbbev2737 Sun 20-Jun-21 16:40:26

I do although he also annoys me at times. I think it’s obvious though that posts are going to be biased to negative on here though as people post either to rant or ask for advice; there’s not much point in posting just to say I’m happy type thing. When you read peoples responses it’s normally quite balanced

LemonTT Sun 20-Jun-21 16:40:57

I think it would be a step up for some to like their husband. Quite a few hold them in utter contempt. I’m particularly bemused and by the posters who can’t stand to have their husband in the house with them.

The rage and anger is frightening at times. It must be horrible to live in those families.

OffRampHilton Sun 20-Jun-21 16:41:05

Mine is brilliant.

JorisBonson Sun 20-Jun-21 16:41:28

Yeah, he's top.

Subeccoo Sun 20-Jun-21 16:41:48

I really like my husband, and love him!
He's very cool and very interesting. But also quiet when he feels like it which suits me.
Yep, definitely a fan of his star

frugalkitty Sun 20-Jun-21 16:42:21

Oh mine drives me nuts at times but he's a thoroughly decent bloke and my best friend so yes, I do like him most of the time!

goose1964 Sun 20-Jun-21 16:43:51

Most of the time, like most marriages ours has ups and downs.

Jellyred Sun 20-Jun-21 16:45:19

Yes, we adore each other hence why there’s no reason to post about our 20 year+ relationship.

I did post many many moons ago when we had some specific issues but with the help of MN and counselling we overcame them.

LemonJuiceFromConcentrate Sun 20-Jun-21 16:46:09

I like and love DP very much anyway, but reading on here about what some women put up with makes me extra grateful for how lovely he is.

My views on him are far too soppy for MN though and it would seem smug, so generally I don’t post about him. I imagine it’s the same with the rest of the husband-likers.

LucilleTheVampireBat Sun 20-Jun-21 16:46:31

Men won't like you any better for starting threads to show how cool you are and how you're "not like other women".

Ladybee28 Sun 20-Jun-21 16:47:28

There was a LOVELY thread last year about the little things everyone's DPs do for them that make them feel happy / special and it brought tears to my eyes more than once.

Some posters on here have married absolute winners.

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