Vendor wont let me back into property until exchange of contracts, need some advice

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Charlhewittt Sun 20-Jun-21 15:00:44


I'm in the process of buying my first property with my boyfriend and need some advice on whether we should proceed or just general thoughts.

The vendor is refusing any visits until exchange of contracts because I wanted an electrician to price up some jobs for me and to make sure the house doesn't need a rewire as the electrics appear to be fairly dated.

We have had our survey but all they come back to say the electrics appear to me in working condition but will require an rcd.

I feel as long as I know about the electrics and if it is going to cost me some money then I'm totally fine with that. But im worried it may need a full rewire and cost me thousands in which I would want to negotiate that with the vendor.

Theres been a few hiccups along the way as there are no building regs on the garage and extension. The main bedroom has a dip in the floor but the ceiling downstairs doesnt appear to bow.

The vendor has agreed to get an electrical test certifcate but I fear his builder son may do this and we know he cuts corners as he built the extension with no regulations.

Would you proceed with the sale based on this information?

Sorry its long but im in two minds and just need some advice.

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SprayedWithDettol Sun 20-Jun-21 15:03:25

This sounds like a nightmare house. Unless you have plenty of cash to do a lot of work once you own it, I would walk away.

I am betting they have something to hide.

thecatneuterer Sun 20-Jun-21 15:06:45

What sort of survey did you have? I believe there are two types - the mortgage valuation basic one and the full structural survey type. (It's decades since I bought a house so things could have changed). If it wasn't the full structural survey then, if you decide to proceed, you should at least have that. It does sound like a nightmare though. Is it much cheaper than similar houses on the market?

wasthataburp Sun 20-Jun-21 15:08:54

Usually the buyer would make an offer with a qualification that it is subject to the electricians survey.

ThisIsStartingToBoreMe Sun 20-Jun-21 15:09:50

How many times in total have you viewed the property. I'd be happy to let someone back in for a second viewing but after that i'd probably refuse.

TooBored1 Sun 20-Jun-21 15:12:10

Totally unreasonable to refuse access to trades before exchange.

MilduraS Sun 20-Jun-21 15:16:12

A lot of vendors dread having to renegotiate a sale price when solicitors have already incurred fees so they are probably avoiding letting you go back for the same reason you want to go back. It's tough but you can't force them to let you visit. You can either pull out or get a rough ballpark figure for requiring the whole house and decide whether you can afford it.

We had a full survey that pulled up some issues (flashing on porch needed replacing, fences had seen better days etc). It was nothing unusual for the age of the house (1960s) but in the past 5 years we've spent about £8,000 on repair works for what was generally a well looked after house.


KatieB55 Sun 20-Jun-21 15:17:22

The vendor is being unreasonable!

IntoAir Sun 20-Jun-21 15:22:46

You did get the full house holder’s one didn’t you? Anything lesser (just the bank’s valuation survey) is a false economy.

If so, trust your survey.

SchrodingersImmigrant Sun 20-Jun-21 15:25:24

That sounds like a money pit tbh. I would keep looking

Freddiefox Sun 20-Jun-21 15:25:53


How many times in total have you viewed the property. I'd be happy to let someone back in for a second viewing but after that i'd probably refuse.

I think that’s not enough, I understand where you are coming from. I looked at my house, than had a second viewing with children. My solicitor was fairly adamant that I hound have a 3rd viewing the day before exchange, firstly to be completely sure that tenants had left and also to make sure it was all ok.

Wimpeyspread Sun 20-Jun-21 15:26:14

Lack of building regs sign off on the extension would put me off buying

therocinante Sun 20-Jun-21 15:27:22

As PP's have said, full structural survey is key on pretty much any house but especially one with immediately obvious potential structural issues.

Honestly, I'd walk away from this property. They sound either like they know there's a lot that could cause you renegotiate price or they know any proper tradesperson is going to tell you to run a mile from looking at it.

LovelyGirlCompetition Sun 20-Jun-21 15:28:01

Sounds like a potential money pit to me. The clues are there. If you haven't got loads of money to throw at repairs, I would -run- walk away now.

shockthemonkey Sun 20-Jun-21 15:32:56

I'd walk away. You didn't give instructions for voting so I didn't click on either YABU/YANBU but I would say the vendor is being unreasonable and dodgy

LadyEuphemia Sun 20-Jun-21 15:33:41

I’m more concerned about the extension and garage. What do you mean they have no buildings regs? Did they need planning, have they been signed off? What has your solicitor said about this?

If you’re still set in that house (frankly I’d be thinking of ditching it) and they won’t give you access for the electrical check. Ask a couple of electricians how much a re-wire will roughly cost for a house that size. And then tell the vendor you offer that much less, they will then probably let you have access.

DogsSausages Sun 20-Jun-21 15:36:13

Walk away, I would be more concerned about the lack of building regs and the dipping floor. You could end up falling through the ceiling.

Blossomtoes Sun 20-Jun-21 15:38:04

The lack of building regs would do it for me. I wouldn’t buy it. There’s nothing to stop you insisting that you choose the electrician for the test certificate. If they refuse, you know what to do.

Trevsadick Sun 20-Jun-21 15:39:13

I think its reasonable if them to not consistently let you have access to the property.

They do have lives and it's their home.

However, on this property I would have walked away.

Its sounds like a nightmare and buying it without building regs AND all the other stuff, would be a really bad idea.

Even if they allow access, I would walk away anyway.

KihoBebiluPute Sun 20-Jun-21 15:40:24

That definitely sounds as if they have something to hide that they are hoping you don't find out about before it is too late. I think it is ok to be firm that either you get to satisfy yourself on the condition of the property before exchange of contracts, or you walk away.

Branleuse Sun 20-Jun-21 15:40:42

is it your dream house? Or is it a real bargain?

DansMaPoche Sun 20-Jun-21 15:41:08

I suspect they think you will try to knock down the price or drop out if you find expensive work needs doing. I think perhaps if you were concerned about the electrics you should have asked to get them looked at before making an offer and having it accepted, so I can see both sides of the argument.

If you are prepared to lose the house over it then tell the agent to tell them that you will pull out if this is not allowed as you are losing confidence that it's a good buy. But be prepared for the sale to fall through if you give them ultimatums.

SapatSea Sun 20-Jun-21 15:41:23

You will likely have problems selling the house should you want to move if you don't get sign offs on the extension/garage sorted (have the vendors offered you an indemnity insurance?).

UpTheJunktion Sun 20-Jun-21 15:43:12

It is 100% normal to allow various surveyors in as part of the buying process - a damp co, structural engineer, and for an electrics test.

I would walk away. Given the lack of building regs sign off and unexplained dip in the floor.

They sound like right cowboys and there is no knowing what you might find when you move in.

Though if you feel very confident about other aspects of the house, you could take the suggested tactic of reducing your offer by the cost of a re-wire.

cittigirl Sun 20-Jun-21 15:43:46

Walk away. Building regs. Dip in floor. Vendor refusing access. Say no more

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