£10.60 for qualified nurse-stay or walkout

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user1471462428 Sun 20-Jun-21 12:30:54

I’ve been in my new job for a couple of weeks, I had asked the company to clarify my wages when I first started but the manager was unable to. She did state the generally paid around £14 an hour (this is low for nursing but I was willing to accept it). I’ve just got my first wage slip and it’s £10.60 an hour, it feels like an insult I have to pay a registration fee to be a nurse and once that is deducted I won’t be far off the minimum wage. I have over a decade nursing experience and I will only be paid a pound more than their health care assistant. I’m wondering whether I should walk out? I haven’t been given a contract and feel I’ve been deceived.

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LemonPeonies Sun 20-Jun-21 12:33:10

Fellow nurse here. I would feel insulted too and personally would walk.

FedUpAtHomeTroels Sun 20-Jun-21 12:33:36

They should be ashamed of themselves paying so low.
Take the payslip to your boss and tell them they got your pay wrong.
Then tell them you'll be looking elsewhere.
Where I work the nigh nurse earns £22 an hour and day nurses earn anywhere from £17 to £20
You for another job

TreeLeaf4 Sun 20-Jun-21 12:33:40

I’d assume this is a care home. The issue is that many care homes are under huge financial pressure atm. They are therefore having to reduce costs wherever possible.

A care home near me has reduced staffing and implemented wage cuts in order to be more efficient. I would just accept it for the moment.

GertrudePerkinsPaperyThing Sun 20-Jun-21 12:33:55

Can you start applying for other jobs while still there? That way you aren’t without a wage?

It does seem very low to me, and also wrong and underhand of them not to tell you the pay. I wonder if they’ve broken any rules there?

Crappyfridays7 Sun 20-Jun-21 12:34:04

Not a chance, I’m 15 years experience and they are taking the p tbh, surely there are plenty places who pay an experienced nurse a decent wage on level or more than nhs? I wouldn’t work for that as a registered and trained nurse.

Could it be a mistake? Speak to them and depending on the outcome you can decide your next move.

Motnight Sun 20-Jun-21 12:34:13

That is awful, Op.


CoRhona Sun 20-Jun-21 12:34:14

If you have another job to go to on the higher salary, or won't have a problem finding that, then yes, I would leave.

If no, I'd find one and then leave.

FudgeSundae Sun 20-Jun-21 12:35:01

Yes seems low, but I just can’t understand how anyone starts a job without knowing how much they’ll be paid?

Lampzade Sun 20-Jun-21 12:35:41

YaBU to not have seen and signed a contract before starting a job
YANBU to be annoyed at being underpaid.
I would walk

RickiTarr Sun 20-Jun-21 12:35:44

Query it. It sounds insultingly low but they might have some pitiful excuse like a probationary rate for a month, or it could be a mistake? Otherwise you might be able to negotiate it to something reasonable by being upfront that you just cannot accept a care worker’s wage as a qualified nurse? If you can get an increase, at least while you job hunt, wouldn’t that be smoother? If they so no, then just resign. It’s taking the mickey.

What’s the job like generally? Working conditions and environment?

vodkaredbullgirl Sun 20-Jun-21 12:36:00

Blimey, I'm on more than that and I'm a senior carer, working nights.

TheQueef Sun 20-Jun-21 12:36:08

Very suspicious.
Can you clarify with manager now you have a payslip?
Either they pay what you agreed or you walk.
Don't undervalue yourself.

DamnUserName21 Sun 20-Jun-21 12:38:02

Should have clarified wage before starting but raise it with Manager ASAP. If rate does not change, do not go back.

Egeegogxmv Sun 20-Jun-21 12:38:30

It sounds as if they are going about things in an underhand way!

user1471462428 Sun 20-Jun-21 12:38:54

It’s not a care home but it is private. They look to be doing well looking at their public accounts @FudgeSundae I know it sounds naive but I’ve never worked in the private sector before and just expected her to tell the truth.

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Bessiebigpants Sun 20-Jun-21 12:39:21

Just join the bank at your nearest hospital Why would any qualified nurse work for that I once interviewed for a vv posh boarding school as a nurse, they were offering minimum wage and expected me to work agency in the holidays to make a living wage The generous holidays that were the attraction of the job in the first place I don’t think we do ourselves any favours by not expecting to be paid to role!

titchy Sun 20-Jun-21 12:40:16

Surely you've had an offer or contract which states your salary? Why on earth did you start the job without those?

HerbivorousRex Sun 20-Jun-21 12:40:48

I would definitely speak to the manager before walking out, sometimes you don’t get paid in full for the first month if you started after the payroll deadline (if this is the case you’ll get those hours paid the following month). It might also be that they’ve made a mistake and accidentally put you on the wrong contract etc.
Does the company you work for have a HR or payroll department you can speak to- they should have all the information regarding pay etc.

If the £10.60 per hour is correct then it does seem quite low and depending on your experience you could probably earn more (and have more flexibility) doing bank shifts. I’d probably work my notice and then leave.

TreeLeaf4 Sun 20-Jun-21 12:42:00

It may well also be the case that the employer is temporarily paying a lower rate of pay over the pandemic period.

A lot of organisations have hiring freezes in place with recruitment only permitted if the employee will accept a low wage.

Snookie00 Sun 20-Jun-21 12:42:28

@TreeLeaf4. why would the OP accept such an insultingly low wage if she can earn more elsewhere? If nursing homes can’t pay trained staff a decent wage then they shouldn’t be in business. It is not up to the OP to suffer because of a fucked up care system

SarahBellam Sun 20-Jun-21 12:44:13

Were you recruited to an experienced nursing post or to a healthcare assistant post? If you were recruited to carry out healthcare assistant duties then the £10.60 is fair regardless of your qualifications. If it is the former and they require you to carry out nursing duties then you should be paid a nurses salary.

Thedogscollar Sun 20-Jun-21 12:44:22

I'd be walking. With all the training both past and ongoing that nurses and midwives have to do to stay on the NMC register that is an insult of a wage. Taking into account your NMC fees £120 per year and RCN fees you are working for min wage. It would be a No from me.

x2boys Sun 20-Jun-21 12:44:28

That's very low I have was on over £14/ hr basic rate before I left nursing seven years ago,that was before enhancement,s etc .

UppermillSarah Sun 20-Jun-21 12:44:48

I'm a nurse and I'd not work for that. Walk

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