Sitting sobbing at work

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sleepismyhobby Wed 16-Jun-21 02:33:12

A bit of background I'm a agency nurse and go around different nursing homes and hospital wards .
I'm working in a place I've never been before and I heard sniggering going on between the Care staff. This male carer came in and said have I ever heard of Austin powers as I look like him!
I told him he was really rude he's now went back to his unit . I'm sat in the nurses office sobbing , I've been having real self esteem issues lately due to putting on some weight during look down. And to be told I look like a character with bad teeth was the final straw ( I look nothing like him )

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musthavebeenlove Wed 16-Jun-21 02:35:07

I’m sorry OP that was a nasty thing to say, attacking a woman over her looks is speaking volumes about what kind of man this is, nasty creepy creature.

flowers for you

And please complain about this vile man.

Toilenstripes Wed 16-Jun-21 02:36:59

You can change your looks, he can’t change his evil soul. Tell him that. Then treat yourself after your shift. 💐

sleepismyhobby Wed 16-Jun-21 02:43:50

Aww thank you for your kind replies . What a vile thing for him to say I really don't know what gets into people!
I'm usually very think skinned but I've never had a personal insult since high school . I thought at 46 I wouldn't have to put up with school boy bullying

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IAmDaveTheSerialShagger Wed 16-Jun-21 02:45:18

I think he was joking, pull yourself together and go check on your residents.

BettyBurntBuns Wed 16-Jun-21 02:46:14

Night shift isn’t kind. Please try and continue your work x

IAmDaveTheSerialShagger Wed 16-Jun-21 02:47:46

Sorry to be harsh but I am the same age as you and also a nurse, I have had more insults working in this profession than anywhere else, if he is a carer pull him to one side, reprimand him then document the incident, but with respect stand up for yourself.


BettyBurntBuns Wed 16-Jun-21 02:50:39


Sorry to be harsh but I am the same age as you and also a nurse, I have had more insults working in this profession than anywhere else, if he is a carer pull him to one side, reprimand him then document the incident, but with respect stand up for yourself.

You aren’t sorry.
Pull people up do they have the strength, don’t say “with respect”.

Torvean Wed 16-Jun-21 02:51:32

I'd bet he's probably insulted any female bank staff he can. But it's unacceptable.

I just hope he is kinder to the residents. It might be worth mentioning to the bank agency that yiu were verbally mocked. If it's a common event there, then it's time they inform the nursing home manager.

Hurr8cane84 Wed 16-Jun-21 02:51:51

Bloody hell! How rude, never in my professional life have I ever heard of anyone being made fun of for their looks. That shit stays in school! Really sorry you had to put up with this. I would have cried too! He's a twat! Dust yourself off and leave it behind, it's not worth the energy.

sleepismyhobby Wed 16-Jun-21 02:52:39

The residents are just fine as I am a professional and do my job. I've been called many a name but patients but at the end of the day most don't know better as have no filter he was just think he was hard in front of his colleagues.
And yes he will be getting reprimanded and reported I'm not a total sap

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Frownette Wed 16-Jun-21 02:53:42

What a complete weirdo OP - definitely put in a complaint.

Hope you get through the rest of the shift OK flowers

sleepismyhobby Wed 16-Jun-21 02:54:20

I'm back to my normal professional self now I just needed a minute to compose myself . And before anyone asks I am on my break just now .
Doesn't stop me being shocked how he thinks that was every acceptable

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BrimfulOfBaba Wed 16-Jun-21 02:55:25

What an absolute nob that guy is. As PP have said it speaks volumes about his character! Take pride in knowing you would never intentionally make anybody feel that way, OP.

sleepismyhobby Wed 16-Jun-21 02:56:44

Thanks all
I would never ever speak to anyone that way, I'll be keeping a close eye on him as pp have said he may speak to residents that way as well and that just wouldn't be on

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IHateCoronavirus Wed 16-Jun-21 02:57:14

flowersbrew he was rude and childish.

Frownette Wed 16-Jun-21 03:03:16

I hope you've had a nice hot drink and feel a bit better

sleepismyhobby Wed 16-Jun-21 03:08:36

Hi I am feeling better . I think it just triggered memories when I was Really badly bullied at school by a group of boys , yet again about my looks .
Thanks again for the support, nightshift can be really lonely especially when you don't know any staff . Roll on 8am and I won't ever have to come back to this place again!

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Backtoblack1 Wed 16-Jun-21 03:09:49

What a horrible thing to say to you. Definitely pull him
Up on it and report him. Shocking behaviour. X

TortolaParadise Wed 16-Jun-21 03:09:54

Childish twit in an adult body.

lightlypoached Wed 16-Jun-21 03:14:26

And I bet he was a real Adonis, eh?

Stupid prick.

I bet you're lovely 😊 (more like Foxy Cleopatra! )

Put on some lippy, wipe your eyes and go get 'em grin

Awwlookatmybabyspider Wed 16-Jun-21 03:24:18

Id be putting in a complaint. He had you reduced to tears that's abuse.
No one and certainly not NHS workers get paid enough for that.
I'd also be putting in a complaint about those other idiots giggling like 14 year olds.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Wed 16-Jun-21 03:25:45

Does he stop traffic with his dashing amazing orgasmic perfect looks.

LunaTheCat Wed 16-Jun-21 03:26:14

Oh that is so so unkind.
You are an amazing woman doing a hard job.
Yes , I would report - if he is that vile to you imagine what he can be like to vulnerable patients.
It’s ok to sob at work sometime - I have .

HelgaDownUnder Wed 16-Jun-21 03:43:07

Disgusting creep.

I'm sure there is nothing wrong with your looks, unlike his personality, which is clearly defective.

It's horrifying to think that a person of such low character has vulnerable people at his mercy.

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