Would you pay £18 for this as a main in a posh restaurant?

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Flowerwinter Sat 12-Jun-21 22:10:23

Ordered what I thought was a salmon fillet from the mains, this is what arrived…it was £18. I’m gutted.

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GCAcademic Sat 12-Jun-21 22:12:41

That’s a starter, not a main.

dentydown Sat 12-Jun-21 22:12:47

You should have posted a picture of it before you ate it grin

CanIBeACurlyGirl Sat 12-Jun-21 22:14:06


That’s a starter, not a main.


AlexaShutUp Sat 12-Jun-21 22:15:07


What a rip-off!

SunshineSum Sat 12-Jun-21 22:15:28

Taking the piss.

Travis1 Sat 12-Jun-21 22:15:35

Did you laugh and ask where the rest of it was?


SparklyLeprechaun Sat 12-Jun-21 22:15:56

They've got their wankiness to defend, op. If you get more than 3 bites out of your meal that means the restaurant is not posh enough.

UnwantedGain Sat 12-Jun-21 22:16:09

The state of the plate!

Cottagepieandpeas Sat 12-Jun-21 22:16:09

Looks lovely as a starter.

Borisjohnsonshairbrush Sat 12-Jun-21 22:16:18


JayAlfredPrufrock Sat 12-Jun-21 22:16:30

To be fair there is quite a lot of salmon.

Keepitcleanplease Sat 12-Jun-21 22:16:59

That looks delicious but it is not a main. It is a starter. I'd be very hungry with that for a main.

ssd Sat 12-Jun-21 22:17:08

They seen you coming op

HagenDaz Sat 12-Jun-21 22:18:02

How was it described on the menu? Carpaccio of salmon? Because that actually is a starter.

Did you say anything?

LunaNorth Sat 12-Jun-21 22:18:08

I hope you ordered a big dish of new potatoes and some veg or salad with that.

and a loaf of bread and butter

Serpenta Sat 12-Jun-21 22:18:08

What's with the salmon, some dried seaweed, some basil oil and some pea shoots?

That is a starter.

I'd be peeved!

denverRegina Sat 12-Jun-21 22:18:07

Ew, on a dirty plate

WithLargeTableMouse Sat 12-Jun-21 22:18:09

The posher the restaurant, the smaller the meal. You’ll have to go to the chippy on your way home to fill up! shock

GCAcademic Sat 12-Jun-21 22:18:14

Which restaurant is it?

Sarahlou63 Sat 12-Jun-21 22:18:23

The plate looks huge! Did you eat it all?

KihoBebiluPute Sat 12-Jun-21 22:18:33

The pusher the restaurant, the more shocking the price-to-mouthfuls ratio is. If you aren't paying £35 for 3 mouthfuls then it's only medium-posh not proper-posh.

youOKhunn Sat 12-Jun-21 22:19:21

Can see your pic but where's the food?

SiobhanSharpe Sat 12-Jun-21 22:19:52

There are just six, SIX bite size pieces of salmon.
Total rip off.
If i cook a 120 gram salmon fillet I get more than six bites from it.

Ostara212 Sat 12-Jun-21 22:20:39


You should have posted a picture of it before you ate it grin


Did you say anything?

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