Busybody neighbour asked me to move stuff off my drive as its in her line of sight

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Bobbiebigbum Tue 18-May-21 10:58:04

Silly cow. It's a kids bike, a carriage and a dog blanket. They were out as I was cleaning the boot of the car. IABU to tell her to feck off? We're in a cul de sac. She has nothing better to do than look out of her window. Clearly.

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HumunaHey Tue 18-May-21 11:00:08

Yanbu. She needs to get a life. How ridiculous "in her line of sight"hmm. Wouldn't a car parked on your drive be in her line of sight?

FadedRed Tue 18-May-21 11:03:15

A carriage?

BarbaraofSeville Tue 18-May-21 11:08:31

If it bothers her, she should stop looking at it then? Problem solved.

bumpdownthestairs Tue 18-May-21 11:09:35

People are so bloody odd 🤣 think I would have told her to look the other way!

NoProblem123 Tue 18-May-21 11:15:29

Laugh in her face and say ‘yeah, gud one 😂’

Also ‘carriage’ ??

KarmaStar Tue 18-May-21 11:17:13

Ha ha she's batshit!!


lurker69 Tue 18-May-21 11:21:25

i think you should put more things out there for her to look at grin

nellly Tue 18-May-21 11:27:04

I think we need a picture of the carriage to decide grin

Bobishere Tue 18-May-21 11:28:03

Draw her a pretty picture and stick it on the said items....

HollysBush Tue 18-May-21 11:28:11

Baby carriage?

Seeline Tue 18-May-21 11:29:12

I thought you meant something was blocking her view when trying to get out of her drive, in which case it would be neighbourly to move it.

But it would appear that she can see something on your property when she is looking out of her window, in which case I would just laugh!!

Please can I see the carriage too

Dullardmullard Tue 18-May-21 11:30:05

Simply tell her no and walk away sorted

People are weird at the best of times.

Mamamamasaurus Tue 18-May-21 11:30:59

Please, PLEASE stack shit up on your drive so she can't see anything


And yes, we need pictures of this carriage!

Perching Tue 18-May-21 11:31:08

What did you say to her request?

ElsieMc Tue 18-May-21 11:33:03

Neighbour in nearby courtyard told me he wanted my hedge cut down because he wanted an "unrestricted view of the sky" from his living room. He is about 100 m from my hedge and the only thing it obstructs is him looking into my garden. So much fussy moaning over the years and we are really not bad neighbours, just not the type he feels are his due.

Bet he is kicking himself now. New nightmare neighbours who are also "business people" like himself have built the world's ugliest house alongside his cottage, sort of black metal like a mobile home house and parked their huge silver caravan right by it obstructing everything. Tbh I feel a bit sorry for the pedantic old sod as this is beyond the pale. I think they are trying to drive him out.

The moral of the story is if you want help and kindness from your neighbours, treat them the same.

Thelnebriati Tue 18-May-21 11:33:08

what kind of carriage?

999Alex Tue 18-May-21 11:34:57

Ok what exactly was said from both her and you?

I'd have been pleasant enough to start with but fuck off might have come soon enough 😆

Faranth Tue 18-May-21 11:35:20

I think I'd create a 'scene' for her to enjoy. I'd use DCs largest teddies and whatever props I can find and create something completely over the top. Then wave at her grin

eatbroccoli Tue 18-May-21 11:35:23

Put a sofa on the drive!!

rainbowandglitter Tue 18-May-21 11:35:53

What's a carriage?

Faranth Tue 18-May-21 11:37:25


MyCrowd Tue 18-May-21 11:37:41

Seems like a huge overreaction, especially as you were only leaving the stuff there for a while.

Unless it's an under-carriage in which case YABU.

nancywhitehead Tue 18-May-21 11:38:48

Lol this is so odd.

Could you tell her to move something out of her garden because it's in your line of site and you don't like it? Maybe she has some plants/ flowers that you find offensive because you don't like the colour pink?

What a weirdo.

TokyoSushi Tue 18-May-21 11:39:36

Here for the carriage clarification!

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