To wonder what other parents do with their kids all day

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Frolickingfoam Sun 16-May-21 20:58:29

It's been raining non stop. We don't live near family. We don't have childcare help. Got two under 3.5 who wake up at 6am, and one doesn't nap at all.

Genuinely what do other people do with their kids all day? We do try to limit tv but just do not have the mental emotional or physical energy to entertain or play with them all day. If I put out an activity they might engage with it for 10 minutes, max. The hours drag on. There's only so many stories I can read/they are interested in. They play together for a bit but then it descends into fighting.

I feel like a terrible parent for hiding in the loo just so I don't have to engage with them for a minute. I give them far too many snacks because it's something to do. Am I missing some kind of amazing parenting trick? How do other people stay sane? Helllppp

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Iminaglasscaseofemotion Sun 16-May-21 21:03:00

If they will sit and watch the TV, you let them sit and watch the TV. It won't kill them for a few rainy days, and you need a break. Stop punishing yourself for no reason. Kids TV programmes can be educational and fun. Children can learn a lot from them.

Frolickingfoam Sun 16-May-21 21:07:54

Thank you 🥺 they do watch a lot of it though. Hours and hours a day! But then they do get bored of it and there's still many hours to fill. I'm not a crafty mum, but then again if I try they don't really want to do it anyway. I'm sure I could be doing 5 minute mum type games but it just seems lots of effort for little reward! Probably I just need to play with them more but it's so boring and tiring 😒

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pepsicolagirl Sun 16-May-21 21:08:40

Been raining here too. We got our wellies on and went out in it. We went to local woods (and saw a frikking DEER) and played ninja school (he is 6)

We painted a plaster of Paris cat he made last week.

He showed me around a Roblox world

We made pretzels

We had a build a rollercoaster challenge on minecraft

Today was a rare day off for me. If I was working as is usual he would have been in front of a screen all day cus needs must.

HiScore Sun 16-May-21 21:12:09

Watching this thread as I have wondered this too, we just seem to sit in our living room all day and it’s depressing.

I have a 2.5 year old and a 8 month old so doing anything DIY or housework related is difficult as they need constant supervision.

pepsicolagirl Sun 16-May-21 21:12:13

Roblox and minecraft bore the shit out of me btw but he loves both and I find when I try to engage with him it's easier with something he loves.

He got to teach me about roblox today and was 100% engaged for ages. Next time I get to choose what we do - maybe.

Sawyersfishbiscuits Sun 16-May-21 21:12:38

Will they play with open ended stuff, like a tray with cups, saucepans and dried pasta for scooping and 'making tea' etc...?
Otherwise I'd recommend waterproof suits (the ones from Lidl are brilliant) and some time in the garden.
Dance party in the kitchen
A drive out to break up the day
A long bath with lots of toys, mine used to live glow sticks in the bath at that age.


happytoday73 Sun 16-May-21 21:12:50

My kids needed to go out each day... Unless weather was horrific we would go out somewhere, anywhere, just to break the day up. Local parks and free museums were our friend..... Even at a young age....
I can't play all day... Time seems to slow down...

AnneLovesGilbert Sun 16-May-21 21:13:16

DD is two, still has a nap but it’s been a parade of play dough, drawing, stories, kitchen, walks and splashing in puddles, brief time in the garden between downpours, baking and cooking - can be messy but needs doing and she helps stirring, getting stuff out of the fridge, tries things as we go, FaceTiming family, baths, train tracks, dolls, dancing to the radio, drawing, play dough etc on a loop.

Puttingouthefirewithgasoline Sun 16-May-21 21:13:36


It's hard op, especially hard I really feel for mum's of little ones at this time of year or when it rains.

Normally, musuem for smaller dc, swimming, soft play, park.

Endless rain days, break it up, like a toddler group or nursery. Craft, paint, just give them paper and paint.


Physical play, assault course in living room made of cushions? Lava floor? Den? Something more energetic, like toddler group, sit down and sing songs! With actions!

Then TV... For a good hour, lunch time... Stretch it out.

After lunch get different toys out, a different creative activity like play dogh, try and stretch it out then a long bath...

TV, dinner and bed.

pepsicolagirl Sun 16-May-21 21:13:45

My daughters favourite game when she was 6 was cinderella.
I was the wicked stepmother and she had to tidy what I told her to.
Excellent game 9/10

Puttingouthefirewithgasoline Sun 16-May-21 21:14:45

A long time when I was desperate I followed a similar thread and the advice to make a time table!!

cupsofcoffee Sun 16-May-21 21:15:46

Don't let the rain keep you indoors - small children are like dogs - they need a good run about grin

Hellocatshome Sun 16-May-21 21:15:55

Well I sent mine to nursery and went to work as I just couldn't do it. They had fun, did all sorts of things I never would have thought of and then I got to just do feeding ducks and other toddler stuff on the weekend.

Onceuponatime1818 Sun 16-May-21 21:16:24

From tomo indoor places will be open so that opens up so many more options.

When it’s super wet and they need to blow off steam I take them to the local mall and they run around there! Desperate times.

Swimming is great, tires them out!

We go train spotting - boring but they love it

Coldwine75 Sun 16-May-21 21:17:42

Hide and seek is fun, the playing on.the floor with them I get, boring as hell.
I'd say go for a walk, pick leaves , stones, make a picture with the leaves.

Baking or colouring?

Some TV time won't hurt x

OhTheIronyOfItAll Sun 16-May-21 21:18:17

ADHD/ASD child who used to sleep so little and never nap in the day.
We used to put waterproofs and wellies on and go out for woodland walks to try to wear him out, we would make shelters in the wood and have picnics. We were out everyday no matter what the weather.

Playing toy cars
Constantly on the go, it was exhausting!

Frolickingfoam Sun 16-May-21 21:18:48

Really good suggestions, thank you. I think it hasn't helped that I've been feeling under the weather and have even less enthusiasm than usual! Have signed up for nursery for one of them in September...

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KatherineOfGaunt Sun 16-May-21 21:19:48

Wellies on, puddle suit on, umbrellas ready and we're off for a walk! As long as its not torrential for hours, there's no reason why you can't go out for a bit.

We also have a playpen (one attached to the wall) and DS is content to play in there if we're not in the same room. So he goes in and I sit in the next room on the sofa with a book and the doors open for 20 mins.

Frolickingfoam Sun 16-May-21 21:19:52

Normally we do get out I think it's just been so very wet and being a bit ill hasn't helped. I'm sure things will feel better tomorrow...

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RIPworkingmums Sun 16-May-21 21:20:19

I often wonder this too. I feel such a failure as a mum sometimes. I have 3 aged 7, 5, 2 and sometimes I just don’t know what to do with them when at home. If the older two head off to play Lego or something the younger one follows them up to destroy everything, it’s SO draining keeping them apart/trying to find things they can all do/trying to spend some time with older 2 who are at school most of the time. Youngest is an absolute terror as well, he doesn’t seem to like doing ANYTHING sad. Hate to admit I’ve introduced iPad to him just so I can cook/tidy without him annoying his siblings.

Lockdown has been incredibly tough for us as we always did activities outside of the home so I’ve had to change my parenting as such and not enjoying it at all tbh.

MarshaBradyo Sun 16-May-21 21:20:22

I have a 3.5 year old and we do still do walks in the rain as this week it’s raining every day and we’d both go stir crazy if not

Other stuff is playing with toys, did some baking today (rare) and siblings played

inmyslippers Sun 16-May-21 21:20:31

Play to your strengths. I'm outdoorsy mum, will take him out to parks, skate parks, local walks, play centres, swim lessons, toddler groups ect prior to lockdown obviously. Can't stand role play stuff. Will begrudgingly do arts and crafts to ease my mum guilt on occasion. This year has been very tough. He watch's more tv and tablet then what I would ever care to admit.

hassletassle Sun 16-May-21 21:21:11

-Tuff tray (ours is used daily)
-Get them out (unless weather is really really bad). Mine love wading in puddles.
-Mine are 2 and 3 and if feeling brave I can take them to a cafe on my own. I have to bribe them to be good with the promise of cake at the end.
-I find the grounds of country houses are good - gardens and playgrounds.
-don't worry about tv at all. Mine also live playing little toddler games on my phone when I'm really desperate.
-baking - easy things like flapjacks are good
-put music on and get them to dance. Mine love dancing in circles around an object!

inmyslippers Sun 16-May-21 21:22:01

Raining can be turned into an activity. Wet suits and wellies for puddle jumping. Then home and early bath time with food colouring and bubbles

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