To think this is really cruel?

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RosieGuacamosie Sun 16-May-21 09:02:16

My friend got a lockdown puppy hmm last summer and is now having to go back to work in the office and is planning to leave her dog in a crate whilst she’s at work. I offered her the details of my dog Walker but at £15/day apparently that’s too expensive. I understand £75 a week is a lot of money but surely that should have been thought of at the time she got the dog?

I think it’s bad enough leaving a dog in the kitchen for 8 hours on it’s own, but to leave it in a crate seems extra cruel.

Am I being precious and the dog will actually sleep most of the time which is what everyone else seems to be saying? Friend pointed out it’s no different to leaving the dog downstairs whilst she sleeps for 8 hours.

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PurpleSunrise Sun 16-May-21 09:04:22

Friend pointed out it’s no different to leaving the dog downstairs whilst she sleeps for 8 hours.

But she’s doing this twice a day so some days 16 hours in a crate? 5 days a week? Poor dog. What breed?

Soubriquet Sun 16-May-21 09:04:45

No it’s cruel

No different to leaving the dog downstairs whilst she sleeps...yeah. But now it’s an additional 8 hours so it’s more like the dog is being left alone for 16 hours whilst she sleeps

PeachAzalea Sun 16-May-21 09:05:05

Friend pointed out it’s no different to leaving the dog downstairs whilst she sleeps for 8 hours.
So she’s actually leaving him alone for 16 hours in every 24.

Not ok

BettyUnderswoob Sun 16-May-21 09:05:36


That’s horrific. Poor doggo.

I’d report this irresponsible twat if I were you. Being locked up all day is tantamount to cruelty.

RosieGuacamosie Sun 16-May-21 09:07:05

It’s a cockerpoo I think. Who could I report to?

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KidneyBeans Sun 16-May-21 09:07:15

She's treating her dog like a battery chicken
Under the animal welfare act she has a legal responsibility to provide for the dog's behavioural needs
Why does she have to lock it in a crate?


Quickchangeartiste Sun 16-May-21 09:07:24

Few dogs, especially when younger, are happy spending hours in a crate.
My second dog was rehomed to me, primarily because this was an unsustainable lifestyle for her, and her original family, causing behavioural issues and a lot of unhappiness.
You are right that it’s cruel but sadly, not a lot you can do about it.

LactoseTheIntolerant Sun 16-May-21 09:08:46

Yes that's cruel she shouldn't have got the dog if she knew she would be returning to the office and leaving it alone all day poor thing. We have a spaniel and I think he would literally go insane if we did this to him he needs so much exercising and attention!

RosieGuacamosie Sun 16-May-21 09:08:54

She seems to think the crate is it’s “safe space” and therefore it’s more likely to settle down and sleep and not whine all day. I suspect there’s an element of not wanting her house chewed too.

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Yokey Sun 16-May-21 09:08:57

No quality of life for that poor dog. It will be distressed and confused. Please report this neglect. Some people are selfish, unfeeling twats.

Wavypurple Sun 16-May-21 09:09:03

When I was a teenager I visited a friend’s house, they kept their Staffordshire terrier in a cage for the entire time their parents were at work (around 8/9 hours). Upon my friend releasing the dog from the crate it ran and attacked me, badly. Looking back I don’t actually blame the dog, I wouldn’t be too pleased if I was kept in a crate for 8 hours a day.
Your friend is in the wrong and seriously needs to rethink this. It’s cruel and dangerous.

4PawsGood Sun 16-May-21 09:11:13

She could leave the door open if she is just using it as a safe space.

4PawsGood Sun 16-May-21 09:11:39

Plus it’s too long without a pee/company break.

fruitloop2021 Sun 16-May-21 09:12:05

So the dog will be in the crate for 16 hours a day?! That's cruel. I'd be ringing rscpa.

DenisetheMenace Sun 16-May-21 09:12:15

If the crate were the dog’s “safe space” she would leave the door open and allow the poor creature to come and go as it pleased.

As I understand it, crating is not allowed in farming anymore. To force that on an intelligent animal 16 hours each day is wrong.


ThankYouHunkyJesus Sun 16-May-21 09:12:26

Report it to who?! Why is Mumsnet first reaction always "report it"!

DenisetheMenace Sun 16-May-21 09:13:10

To the RSPCA. The clue is in the name.

Bluntness100 Sun 16-May-21 09:14:21

You need to call the rspca . Do it when she’s at work and rhe dog is crated. This is appalling cruelty.

FrangipaniDeLaSqueegeeMop Sun 16-May-21 09:14:22

So many of us on MN said it this time last year - all the lockdown puppies will be in shelters or leading miserable lives right about now sad

SchrodingersImmigrant Sun 16-May-21 09:14:54

I find ythe crate thing in UK weird and quite cruel in general. This is a different level and I would be rethinking the term "friend" in her case.

FrangipaniDeLaSqueegeeMop Sun 16-May-21 09:15:42

Word of warning - the RSPCA are shit and will do fuck all. Well actually they might call you a few days later to ask for a monthly donation but don't expect to do anything about the dog

flashylamp Sun 16-May-21 09:16:14

The RSPCA won't be interested in a dog with a indoor sleeping space and access to food and water.

'Cruelty' to animals is much more than leaving them in a crate for house at a time. While I don't agree this is acceptable, the RSPCA won't act here.

RosieGuacamosie Sun 16-May-21 09:17:17

I have no doubt the rspca will do absolutely fuck all from bitter experience!

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FrangipaniDeLaSqueegeeMop Sun 16-May-21 09:17:57

My friend has "crate trained" (whatever that means) her lockdown mongrel cockapoo...I'm not quite sure what the benefits of this are because when he's let out he jumps up all over me, all over the sofas, jumps around the back of the sofas landing on people's heads, barks in your face if you love, chews everyone's shoes... and she will sit there saying "isn't he such a well behaved dog" confused

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