Am I wrong to be upset I missed my son opening his birthday presents? 😭

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BellaFranksLily Sat 15-May-21 12:37:15

Its my sons 7th Birthday today. I was up late wrapping his presents, decorating and generally making it nice for him. I woke up to find my partner wasn’t next to me in bed, & went downstairs to find he had let my son open all of his presents without me. I’ve never missed any of my kids opening presents on Birthdays or Christmas. I’m not going to ruin today being upset, but was on the verge of tears when I realised. My son asked me where I was, and my partner is acting like it’s not a big deal. Feel gutted 😭

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sparemonitor Sat 15-May-21 12:37:59

That is a shit thing for your partner to do.

MishMashMummy Sat 15-May-21 12:40:44

That’s shit. Sorry, but your partner is a prick.

Peanutbutterandbananatoastie Sat 15-May-21 12:40:59

So you did all the work and he took all the glory? Yeah no big deal hmm I would be furious. So difficult as you don’t want to argue in front of your son on his birthday.

Does stuff like this happen often?

Vetyveriohohoh Sat 15-May-21 12:41:11

That’s shit of him, I’d be really upset. Is he usually so thoughtless?

countbackfromten Sat 15-May-21 12:41:27

Did your partner do an equal amount towards it? I’m guessing not and now he has had all the enjoyment. That is so utterly rubbish!!

Graroug Sat 15-May-21 12:41:32

Is your partner normally this thoughtless and selfish? You basically did all the work and he enjoyed the fun part. Cruel


VimFuego101 Sat 15-May-21 12:42:09

Yup, that's shitty.

WoWsers16 Sat 15-May-21 12:42:15

That's terrible! Literally feel your pain sad I just don't understand his thought process???

Desmondo2021 Sat 15-May-21 12:42:52

I'd be really upset as well but it just wouldn't happen in a million years in my house. We don't do presents until everyone is up and ready.

MrsDoctorDear Sat 15-May-21 12:43:01

He must be a prick in other ways, this won't be a one off.

Snakeprint Sat 15-May-21 12:43:28

No wonder your upsetangry

KatherineSiena Sat 15-May-21 12:43:40

How nasty. So you slog away doing all the prep and hard work and he swoops in to take the glory.

SpringSparrow Sat 15-May-21 12:44:26

Aw, you aren’t being unreasonable to be upset. Can’t understand why your dp would do that! Going forward, I would be clear that everyone is around and awake for present opening!

Hankunamatata Sat 15-May-21 12:44:28

Wow. What an arse

user648482729 Sat 15-May-21 12:45:20

I would be raging at my DH for that

WorraLiberty Sat 15-May-21 12:45:25

YANBU at all

What a shit thing to do.

lockdownalli Sat 15-May-21 12:45:25

Kill him. angry

summerdodododododo Sat 15-May-21 12:45:31

I'd kick his arse, what a dick!

NotaCoolMum Sat 15-May-21 12:45:57

Is your partner your DS father? Either way- he’s a prick!!!

BeGreen Sat 15-May-21 12:46:30

Your partner is a dick. Did he also want to take credit for everything you’d done for your son’s birthday? Jerk.

Ninkanink Sat 15-May-21 12:47:04

That is extremely shitty of him. Is he always such a twat??

maddening Sat 15-May-21 12:47:20

What a shit partner, so sorry!

Ninkanink Sat 15-May-21 12:47:34

Also flowers for you! Enjoy the rest of your day.

SunIsComing Sat 15-May-21 12:47:36

Why is your dh a c?

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