To think that it's Unfair for a Child to be punished when they hadn't done anything wrong??

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Heathercob Thu 13-May-21 23:14:54

When I was in school my friend was coming home with me for a sleepover after school one Friday. We had planned everything - pizza and chocolate cheesecake for tea, baking chocolate chip cookies, sleeping downstairs and having film night, and the obvious midnight feast with chocolate and biscuits before going shopping and to the cinema on the Saturday.
However, on the Friday my friend got into trouble and her parents were called into school (another girl 'said' that she'd stolen her folder and chucked her English work in a bin).
The result was that the sleepover was cancelled and even though I hadn't done anything wrong, I didn't get to do any of the fun things planned 😡😡😡! Boring chicken, potatoes and veg for tea, bed at normal time and homework and food shopping the following day 😭😭!
AIBU to think that my friend's punishment (if she had even done what the girl had accused her of), could have been postponed until after my sleepover?

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user1471517900 Thu 13-May-21 23:16:37


flashylamp Thu 13-May-21 23:16:37

This is ridiculous. It wasn't about you. I understand it was disappointing for you as a child but surely as an adult you can see why the kid wasn't allowed to come to the sleepover?

NameChangeAgain2 Thu 13-May-21 23:17:55

YAB completely U.

Also how old are you? You must live a fantastic life if this is a bad enough childhood memory for you to be asking about it years later.

SmidgenofaPigeon Thu 13-May-21 23:18:09

Blimey, have you considered therapy ?

paralysedbyinertia Thu 13-May-21 23:18:20

Well, I understand that this was disappointing for you as a child, but it's just one of those things. It seems a little unusual for you to still be holding on to this as an adult. Are you ok?

user64325 Thu 13-May-21 23:18:57

Was this recently OP? How do you remember so much detail?


vodkaredbullgirl Thu 13-May-21 23:21:25


Branleuse Thu 13-May-21 23:21:34

Aw some things just really stick with you.

Mumoftwoinprimary Thu 13-May-21 23:22:15

There are occasional threads on mumsnet called along the lines of “What do you still hold a grudge about?”

Most of us have something technically really small that still annoys us years later.

(Swimming gala - one of the other girls did a false start - she dived in long before the whistle - and they did nothing about it!)

ilovesooty Thu 13-May-21 23:23:19

How many years ago did this happen?

SucksToBeYouHun Thu 13-May-21 23:27:17

Is this all you have got to worry about? Bless 🤗🙄

MadMadMadamMim Thu 13-May-21 23:28:50

If this is all you've got in life that has traumatised you then you are massively privileged, frankly.

I can't get distraught about the fact that you only got chicken, potatoes and vegetables for tea. If that's your idea of a dreadful childhood then you definitely need therapy.

transformandriseup Thu 13-May-21 23:30:05

Surely you had more sleepovers together since then (year 7?)

LouiseTrees Thu 13-May-21 23:31:14

You weren’t punished you just didn’t get a special treat. Punished would be if you’d rather been grounded because of your association to the bad girl.

KaptainKaveman Thu 13-May-21 23:32:17

Chocolate cheesecake? Is that an actual thing? It sounds repulsive.

bunburyscucumbersandwich Thu 13-May-21 23:33:12

YABU to let this bother you still!

PurpleDaisies Thu 13-May-21 23:34:07

How long ago was this? Are you still in school?

Stichintime Thu 13-May-21 23:35:11

You remember the exact planned menu and what you had for dinner instead? Are you reading old childhood diaries, or did this happen quite recently?

Pamelaaaaa Thu 13-May-21 23:39:20

Oh no a murderer has been sent to jail and they were meant to be at my party next week. Can't they let them be free for another week and send them to jail afterward?

Now do you see how silly you sound?

babbaloushka Thu 13-May-21 23:51:33

How old are you OP/

viques Thu 13-May-21 23:54:52

No, I think it is a positive experience that strengthens you morally and emotionally. I bet your friend is well on their way to becoming a senior member of the Church of England and the best selling author of a well regarded self help book due to be made into a major film starring Tom Hanks and Judi Dench.

Lysianthus Thu 13-May-21 23:56:55

I can’t find the biscuit. Please, OP, let it go. Breathe deeply.

SionnachRua Fri 14-May-21 00:31:29

Funny, in school I learned that the Earth revolves around the Sun. Must've been wrong because you seem to think it revolves around you?

ViciousJackdaw Fri 14-May-21 01:00:13

OMG, what an absolute COW!!!!! That's soo unfair, god bloody adults think they can tell us what to do, well when I leave school I'm going to get my own flat and I can stay up for as long as I want and I'll have Dominos for tea every night.

That girl you told us about is such a liar, OMG she's a big meff. Don't listen to anything she says, we all know that she got off with Chantelle's boyfriend behind the Co-Op but she was going out with Ryan at the same time and I know that is a FACT because you know Kerry from the drama group, well her sister's best friend saw it with her own eyes.

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