To never know how to answer this!

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Mum233 Thu 13-May-21 17:08:43

When you are being interviewed and they ask about hobbies.
I’m obviously massively boring. I like reading but everyone says that!

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Meowchickameowmeow Thu 13-May-21 17:11:54

Do you have any hobbies?

Doona Thu 13-May-21 17:14:40

It's okay to be boring in a job interview. Aim for the personality equivalent of a generic display home. Most companies will select against creative or interesting people. Unless you happen to match the exact hobby that the interviewer loves, but that's unlikely by chance.

EvilOnion Thu 13-May-21 17:18:59

I'm the same.

No actual hobbies - I like reading, listening to music, watching TV and true crime documentaries/podcasts... I'm not sure what kind of job that would get me hmmgrin

Meowchickameowmeow Thu 13-May-21 17:29:26


Do you have any hobbies?

Half of that is missing! It was meant to say do you have any hobbies you're interested in cultivating?
I think it's perfectly valid to say you like reading or watching TV, not everyone is going to have the time, money or inclination for a lot of hobbies.

Mum233 Thu 13-May-21 17:29:33

At weekends I like spending time with my children, going for a coffee, mooch round charity shops, exploring other places (pre Covid!), None of which are real hobbies as such!!

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parietal Thu 13-May-21 17:42:20

why on earth do interviewers ask such silly questions. it is not relevant to your skills & ability to do the job, so they should not be asking.

just say something neutral like travelling & spending time with friends.


lavenderandwisteria Thu 13-May-21 17:45:09

For that then I would say that you love spending time with your family, you have a real interest in travelling, especially in the U.K., and you are developing an interest in vintage design wink

Anordinarymum Thu 13-May-21 17:48:30

It's almost as if it's a trick question.. i.e.. if you don't have any hobbies then there is something morally wrong with you... or are you inventing a hobby simply because the question was

Anything you enjoy is a hobby OP. Eating chocolate is a good and satisfying hobby, as is squeezing spots smile

Now I come to think of it.. posting on 'Mumsnet' might get you the job !

LostInTime Thu 13-May-21 17:58:54

I've never been asked about hobbies at a job interview.

Rae36 Thu 13-May-21 18:12:55

I've been on interview panels where this has been asked and it's good for helping you to remember candidates later on, makes you more of an individual and less of just another candidate with skills. Sometimes if you've interviewed 5 people on the same day it gets hard, but you'll remember that candidate number 3 liked knitting for example. The last in person interviews we did we interviewed 5 women who all turned up in white shirts, black skirt suits and had their hair tied tightly back. I'm not good with faces at the best of times so it's handy if you can say something that sticks in the interviewer's mind.
We don't necessarily give the job to the person with the most interesting hobby, it's never had any bearing at all. Some you ask the question and the person waffles on about their hobby for way too long, we only want a brief answer. Sometimes it relaxes a person who you can tell is tense if they can talk about something not related to the job. But the question just to help you relax, not so we can judge you on your hobby. But I can see now that it might make you even more stressed....

Rae36 Thu 13-May-21 18:13:21

Sorry, that's a massive answer, I'm bored waiting for dp at the train station

mainsfed Thu 13-May-21 18:14:51

Read the hobbies thread started today and steal a few for your next interview!

mainsfed Thu 13-May-21 18:15:43

I'm bored waiting for dp at the train station

I thought this was your hobby for a second! Waiting for hubby! grin

WaltzesWithSnobs Thu 13-May-21 18:25:28

You could tailor your hobbies to the position. If it's a job in the creative industry 'I enjoy creating distinctive pieces that are timeless and effortless'.

For a financial position 'I spend a lot of my free time doing soduko puzzles and I am branching out into making soduko puzzles. I hope to have one published soon.'

If it's an upper management role 'I regularly enjoy bossing people around working with people to cultivate solutions. I currently manage a diverse team of family members and my latest achievement is organising my five year old to be capable of putting on a load of laundry. Of course with some supervision.'

lljkk Thu 13-May-21 18:28:47

I've never been asked about hobbies at a job interview.(too)

CrumpetsForAll Thu 13-May-21 18:29:36

Just lie and say you run or swim. Subtext that you’re so healthy you’ll never be off sick

IEat Thu 13-May-21 18:35:01

Reading is a good one. They ask do you have any hobbies and blather on an on about your favourite author/genre/ nest nook ever for a few minutes and the interview ends

Marvellous way to waste a few minutes

DrHWeasley Thu 13-May-21 18:39:56

Just say something funny like 'watching murder documentaries and drinking wine'. That would make me lol and want to offer you the job. Except I'd never ask that question!

SchrodingersImmigrant Thu 13-May-21 18:45:43

Don't make some stuff like "spending time with friends" up.

Just say reading. It's fine if it's "boring". Hobbies range from quiet and alow tempo things to adrenaline sports. Either is fine.

I would say "I like to read crime fiction and I am currently enjoyin a really nice book by Kathy Reichs. It's a good way to relax after a busy day"

funnylittlefloozie Thu 13-May-21 18:46:04

I was taught that you ask the question to see how the interviewee comes across when they're talking about something they're really enthusiastic about. In my last interview, I talked about my carnivorous plants. The interview panel was amazed (I think), but they gave me the job anyway.

maddiemookins16mum Thu 13-May-21 18:48:42

Make them up (but have a good story to back it up).
Gardening - I also grow veg/fruit to make my own jams and chutneys.
Musical Theatre - the last show I saw was blah blah blah
Etc etc

Meowchickameowmeow Thu 13-May-21 18:59:45

Don't make anything up, you risk tripping yourself up. So you say you love cage diving (as an extreme example obviously) then the interviewer goes 'wow, me too', you just end up looking stupid and a liar.

tanstaafl Thu 13-May-21 19:06:27

Maybe flesh ‘reading’ out by explaining which authors you prefer?
Explain it’s a chance to relax in an otherwise busy day.

DogInATent Thu 13-May-21 19:08:34

Have you got any hobbies?

Yes, I enjoy reading. I normally read <genre, author> but as a change I recently finished <title> by <author> and it was <really good, not what I expected, etc>. I've now started...

Hobbies/interests are as interesting as you make them. "Reading" and "gardening" are dull as dishwater until you add a little extra detail.

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