Underrated places in the UK

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MaMaLa321 Wed 12-May-21 17:56:05

I enjoyed reading the thread on overrated places (so strictly this is a TAAT, sorry) but would love to know where in the UK people think is underrated.
Mine is Nantwich. I'd live there like a shot.

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looptheloopinahulahoop Tue 18-May-21 13:47:34

I think any of the northern cities are probably underrated (usually by southerners who've never been further than Watford (Gap)): Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Hull (well maybe Hull is pushing it but I've never been so I don't know).

Dunkeld is a lovely place. Plus any of the Scottish border towns really like Melrose, Jedburgh, Kelso, they've all got something to offer the visitor.

Countrygirl38 Tue 18-May-21 13:29:43


Gladimnotcampinginthisweather Tue 18-May-21 13:24:53

Eyesofdisarray not the same as living there.wink

Eyesofdisarray Tue 18-May-21 10:55:17

Awww @Gladimnotcampinginthisweather my dog loves Hornsea 🐶
Great fish n chips too

ReginaEvilQueen Tue 18-May-21 01:36:06


Castleford. I liked the market, and people were so friendly. It seemed bustling, unlike so many towns nowadays.

Whoohoo grin
NC as I'm a frequent poster on MN and don't want to out myself lol but pleased to see this on first page!
YESH to Castleford, people might be oh it's Cas Vegas and take the piss but the indoor market is amazing, and there's a good, full outdoor one as well several days.
Also friendly community

Vivana Tue 18-May-21 00:15:02

Bridgwater and chard I agree are not that nice but we have beautiful countryside and lovely villages and it's really a lovely county. I specially love West Somerset


Gladimnotcampinginthisweather Mon 17-May-21 20:56:15


Eyesofdisarray Mon 17-May-21 20:44:07


DenisetheMenace Mon 17-May-21 20:41:36

Bridgewater is horrible.

Heyha Mon 17-May-21 19:29:38



Even Chard? 😬

Vivana Mon 17-May-21 17:59:34


fatimashortbread Mon 17-May-21 17:53:41

Dumfries and Galloway particularly the Rhinns and around Newton Stewart

numberoneson Sun 16-May-21 01:22:53



Yeah, I agree. Another vote for Tod!

Keepyourdistance000 Sat 15-May-21 15:49:44

North Yorkshire, Tyne & Wear, Teeside, Northumberland.

The countryside and villages around the A68 towards the A1M are really beautiful and untouched by time.

Weesweetiewife Fri 14-May-21 23:22:23


LadyCatStark Fri 14-May-21 22:49:56

The countryside around Blackpool. Blackpool is minging and then 10 minutes down the road and you’re in some beautiful villages.

Love Liverpool too, it’s my favourite city.

Chillychangchoo Fri 14-May-21 22:26:06


I don’t know, possibly. Even houses here are quite expensive now (for what you get and the areas etc). Lots of my friends and family have bought outside of Coventry now as they were priced out.

TheNinny Fri 14-May-21 22:08:20

Dumfries and Galloway. Aleays thought this was a really boring part of scotland but had a lovely few days there last summer and looking forward visiting a different part soon too

crystal1983 Fri 14-May-21 21:53:04

Portsmouth- big beach, good food and drink scene, museums and the historic dockyard, surrounded by nice countryside, decent housing stock

linsey2581 Fri 14-May-21 20:50:17

@keggy1313 I was in Aberfeldy yesterday swabbing people. Lovely little place, we stopped at a little tea shop to pick up a cuppa for the journey back (we are based in Dundee).

Gladimnotcampinginthisweather Fri 14-May-21 20:43:14

Bridlington south beach. Many happy memories of visiting Brid when staying in Hull (where it's never dull!)

Hippee Fri 14-May-21 20:32:36

I love Saffron Waldon. When I lived in Cambridge, it was my favourite place to go for a day out - quirky shops and nice cafes.

Wafflewombat Fri 14-May-21 18:17:56


Coventry is fine for a day trip!

I live here and have done forever. I’m under no illusions about the place, and if I didn’t have such solid roots here, I would be off.

Coventry is expensive though and many of my friends and family can’t afford to live here anymore. Priced out. I have no idea why it’s so expensive.

The universities? Student accommodation was expensive, even when the houses were cheap.

Poorlykitten Fri 14-May-21 18:01:43

Malton has a big drug problem. Not that nice once you skim the surface.

Daisymaybe60 Fri 14-May-21 18:00:11


Re my post, I think I might need to defend my choice of Bradford!
Yes its sister Leeds is all hard and shiny and glossed over, and the money is there, but Bradford has some wonderful Victorian buildings, a massive piazza with watery accents, an ice rink ( still I think?) the Media Museum ( even though getting rid of the film and photography exhibits was criminal) great Indian/ Bangladesh food, hills and vistas of the surrounding dales. It's a place with lots of history and the people are nicer than them in Leeds wink

I was a student in Bradford back in the early 1970s, IfNot, when Bradford was still thriving and Leeds was completely down and out. smile Bradford has had massive problems since then, but I feel it's on the up. Apart from what you've mentioned, it has a fantastic Literature Festival every year and there are some great new bars and cafes. And the best South Asian food (two people can eat well for a tenner at the Kashmir, where I had my first ever curry).

I'll bang the drum for Halifax as well, Littlecaf. The Piece Hall is just amazing, as is the Square Chapel and the Minster. History galore, and all the Gentleman Jack connections, including Shibden Hall where she lived, with its lovely park.

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