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MaMaLa321 Wed 12-May-21 17:56:05

I enjoyed reading the thread on overrated places (so strictly this is a TAAT, sorry) but would love to know where in the UK people think is underrated.
Mine is Nantwich. I'd live there like a shot.

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Gladimnotcampinginthisweather Tue 18-May-21 13:24:53

Eyesofdisarray not the same as living there.wink

Countrygirl38 Tue 18-May-21 13:29:43


looptheloopinahulahoop Tue 18-May-21 13:47:34

I think any of the northern cities are probably underrated (usually by southerners who've never been further than Watford (Gap)): Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Hull (well maybe Hull is pushing it but I've never been so I don't know).

Dunkeld is a lovely place. Plus any of the Scottish border towns really like Melrose, Jedburgh, Kelso, they've all got something to offer the visitor.

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