To wonder why doctors always refer to a patient as pleasant

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Beatinghearts Wed 12-May-21 00:18:44

I find it strange these nothing particularly pleasant about me. I’m polite but not overly so.

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CaroleFuckingBaskin Wed 12-May-21 00:21:33

Because they know you are getting a copy of their letter

JackieTheFart Wed 12-May-21 00:21:49

It just means you weren’t an arsehole in your appointment. So the next doc knows you probably won’t be belligerent.

GCAcademic Wed 12-May-21 00:21:53

No doctor has ever described me as pleasant!

LittleBearPad Wed 12-May-21 00:23:01

It means you’re pretty sensible and won’t be a PITA.

Athelwulf Wed 12-May-21 00:24:03

They don't always...

JuniLoolaPalooza Wed 12-May-21 00:27:23

It's just code. I've seen letters saying a patient was "somewhat distressed". Whenever they don't say anything I always wonder how the appointment went (see a lot of medical information as part of my job).


MiddlesexGirl Wed 12-May-21 00:30:28

I seem to always be described as pleasant too. Such a dull, almost damning word!
I wonder if men are described as pleasant and if not, how are they described?!

Ginandplatonic Wed 12-May-21 00:30:54

It’s just a slightly old fashioned turn of phrase some consultants use in their standard letter. It really doesn’t mean anything at all beyond, as pp said, you weren’t an arsehole.

Gibbonsgibbonsgibbons Wed 12-May-21 00:31:42

They're not allowed to write the things they used to be grin old medical files can be a treasure trove!
Pleasant just means you weren't a PITA

Ginandplatonic Wed 12-May-21 00:32:15

@MiddlesexGirl yes “pleasant gentleman”, “delightful gentleman” etc

Welshmaenad Wed 12-May-21 00:40:05

It's just doctorese that indicates you aren't an arsehole and you've never told them they should say thanks to patients for paying their wages.

My consultant described me as "determined" in a recent write up. He loves me really, he just knows me very well! grin

QueenPaw Wed 12-May-21 00:43:16

@Welshmaenad grin mine called me wilful and stubborn blush
He came to check on me about 2hrs after my 5hr spinal op and found me wandering the hospital with a coffee in my hand. I wake up very quick from a GA!

steff13 Wed 12-May-21 00:45:41

I have read plenty of medical records for my work. They don't always refer to a patient as pleasant. They do, however, sometimes describe both men and women as pleasant.

StoneColdBitch Wed 12-May-21 00:49:50

It just means they thought you were a nice person confused

youvegottenminuteslynn Wed 12-May-21 00:51:03

I'm a "charming right handed woman" grin

rubydoobydoo Wed 12-May-21 00:53:25

I've never had that before, does that mean my consultant thinks I'm a twat? grin

StoneColdBitch Wed 12-May-21 00:56:51


I'm a "charming right handed woman" grin

Is this a neurological clinic, or orthopaedics? Hand preference doesn't get mentioned in many specialties wink

Monty27 Wed 12-May-21 00:59:26


I've never had that before, does that mean my consultant thinks I'm a twat? grin


youvegottenminuteslynn Wed 12-May-21 01:00:50


Neurologist! Didn't realise it was more common in particular fields, interesting!

MontysRoseGarden Wed 12-May-21 01:01:24

We had this recently. 13 year old ds howled with laughter when he read the consultants letter saying he had seen this pleasant young man in his clinic! His brothers took the piss out of him for days 😆

Marcis Wed 12-May-21 01:03:55

As a doctor I only use it when someone was actually a delight to see.

me4real Wed 12-May-21 01:20:07

They truly don't always- they must like your way. smile

I used to get that occasionally from them when I was younger.

NiceGerbil Wed 12-May-21 01:22:43

It's code for not difficult/ an arsehole.

Doctors notes used to be much more blunt before computerisation and patients being able to look at them etc.

ForwardRanger Wed 12-May-21 01:39:33

Just checked a letter, teenager described as "friendly and cooperative".

I was happiest with one that described me as "young-looking" 😂

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