To refuse to sell this lady a puppy?

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ensete Tue 11-May-21 14:42:26

I have a litter of working golden retrievers, i collated a waiting list before I had our bitch mated and I spent a long time speaking to interested parties to find the best homes I could do - this is how I have dealt with previous litters.
Both parents are working gundogs and I stated that whilst I didn't need working homes I would only consider active homes with the space to accommodate a large working breed.
One of the families who is on my list contacted me today just to say "hi, my husband and I have decided to split up, I will still be wanting the puppy but my address will now by Flat4a XYZ Town"
I messaged back to enquire what sort of set up it was and she confirmed it's a flat on the top floor with no garden or outside space. I've confirmed with her that I'm not happy to sell a puppy to a home without any outside space and I will refund her deposit immediately and advertise the puppy. She's refusing to give me her bank details and says she wants the pup and will take legal action if required. My argument is that the home I vetted is no longer the home she's offering and therefore I'm not willing to sell her the puppy. To me, changing the home on offer isn't dissimilar to her changing the amount of money she is willing to pay for the pup. The homes I find for puppies are very important to me, I'm not a big breeder, I've just had a litter for my own purposes to keep the next generation and I need to know my puppies are going to the right sort of home.

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Nightmanagerfan Tue 11-May-21 14:43:55

Send a cheque to the new address she has given you with a letter outlining what you’ve said to her. Cheeky cow!

Orangeinmybluelightcup Tue 11-May-21 14:44:13

Well I agree with you! But you probably want someone with something more useful to say smile

RottieMum21 Tue 11-May-21 14:44:44


She can complain all she wants, but they're your puppies when all is said and done

visit her new address with a cheque

Dullardmullard Tue 11-May-21 14:45:25

Write her a cheque and send to her address by recorded delivery.

Your pup your choice who you’d be selling too.

I’d be the same and I have a giant breed

Dentistlakes Tue 11-May-21 14:46:05

YANBU, she’s no longer in a position to offer he puppy the home it needs. It’s a shame, but a top floor flat with no access to a garden I no place to bring up any dog, let alone a working breed. It will lead to misery for both her and the pup.

MSQuinn Tue 11-May-21 14:46:16

Cheque to new address with a receipt from the post office. You’re absolutely right and a working breed in a flat is far from ideal.


WeeWelshWoman Tue 11-May-21 14:46:19

YANBU. You're being a responsible breeder.

LolaSmiles Tue 11-May-21 14:46:44

The fact she's still pushing the issue suggests she isn't going to be a responsible owner either as a responsible owner would understand a breeder wanting to safeguard the dog's welfare as best as possible.

LadyWhistledownsQuill Tue 11-May-21 14:47:03

Of course YANBU. I'd make the same decision.

As you're returning the deposit, she hasn't got a legal leg to stand on. If she wants to take you to court, that's fine - she won't get far.

NotTheMrMenAgain Tue 11-May-21 14:47:18

YANBU - tell her she can take legal action all she pleases, but it's cruel for a working breed to be kept in a flat so under no circumstances will she be buying a pup. I've no idea what 'legal action' she thinks she might take, but it sounds like a load of rubbish to me - did you have a contract? Breach of verbal agreement? Either way, her living arrangements have changed and are now not suitable.

RottieMum21 Tue 11-May-21 14:47:42

Just to add:

we spent MONTHS communicating with the breeder of our new beautiful puppy

and they could have changed their minds about us any time they liked and we'd have been able to do precisely nothing about it!

be firm and don't let her bully you, you have to do the right thing for the puppy

Oh, and good for you for being a decent breeder

Mamamamasaurus Tue 11-May-21 14:47:48

I'm not even a dog person and hell would freeze before I sold (or even gave) her a dog.

YANBU. As PP have said, send her a cheque and obtain proof of posting, possibly even send it registered.

RickJames Tue 11-May-21 14:48:16

Good for you, OP. Send her a cheque and a letter. She's probably not thinking straight - a big, hairy dog in a little flat with no garden would be awful for her too, if she thinks about it.

cupsofcoffee Tue 11-May-21 14:49:05

YANBU. Good for you for doing the right thing by the pup.

AnUnoriginalUsername Tue 11-May-21 14:51:49

Nope she definitely doesn't get a puppy. I guess I'm a bit of a bitch though because I wouldn't send her a cheque. You offered a refund, requested her details, she refused to provide them, end of. She won't take you to court.

Igmum Tue 11-May-21 14:52:11

YANBU and well done. It's so good to see responsible breeders really looking out for their pups

MaybeNew Tue 11-May-21 14:55:44

You are right.

Can we please see some puppy pictures? I just love GRs and would love to see the pups.

Kpo58 Tue 11-May-21 14:56:22

What is the area like around this woman's flat? If it's a 5-10 mins walk to a large park or countryside and and is retired or works at home, then it's probably not a problem.

Floralnomad Tue 11-May-21 14:57:37

YANBU but you shouldn’t have taken deposits off people until the pups were born .

LadyWhistledownsQuill Tue 11-May-21 14:59:28


What is the area like around this woman's flat? If it's a 5-10 mins walk to a large park or countryside and and is retired or works at home, then it's probably not a problem.

I used to have a dog in a flat with only an insecure, communal garden, after a series of unexpected events.

DDog was already house trained, and even then it was a pain in the arse - no letting him out the back door for a quick wee.

Trying to housetrain a puppy in a flat with no immediate access to outside space would be hell.

1WayOrAnother2 Tue 11-May-21 15:00:35

A rescue place wouldn't allow her to rehome such a dog in her present situation. You are right to refuse.

Your puppy is the priority (and still your property, not hers - despite the 'holding ' deposit).

IntermittentParps Tue 11-May-21 15:00:53

I think you're being very responsible and, going by some of the horror stories one hears about unscrupulous breeders, thank heavens people like you exist!
I don't know what kind of legal action she imagines she can take.
I would only say, though, echoing Kpo58, that it's possible she has access to open space that would make having the dog reasonable. Could you vet the new home?

Cheeseandlobster Tue 11-May-21 15:02:32

Her attitude tells you everything you need to know. If she had said "Oh but I live near a park and i will take her out 8 times a day etc" I would be inclined to have more sympathy. But even then you would still be right to say no. Yanbu

Newkitchen123 Tue 11-May-21 15:03:10

Absolutely the right thing to do

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