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Is Gay kissing, On Emmerdale, before 7.30pm o.k. ?

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Oblomov Thu 15-Nov-07 11:29:42

It's just that Dh & I thought it was a bit 'full on', at that time, and were thankfull that ds was already in bed. Ds is 3.9 and normally goes to bed at around 7pm. But sometimes it is nearer 7.30 and he has seen glimpses of Emmerdale before.
The other night he was already in bed. And I know that gay scenes have been on other soaps in the past. Its just that I thought it was very explicit and I thought it was a bit too much for prime-time pre 7.30pm tv.
Or is that I should just make sure that any child is not exposed to tv at this time.
Did anyone else think it was a bit too much, or was it just me?

hunkermunker Thu 15-Nov-07 11:30:40

Would you be objecting if it was a neterosexual kiss?

Dropdeadfred Thu 15-Nov-07 11:31:03

would any full on kissing disturb you or jusy gay kissing?

RosaTransylvania Thu 15-Nov-07 11:31:32

What makes gay kissing different from any other kind of kissing?

Dropdeadfred Thu 15-Nov-07 11:31:38

x posts

oliveoil Thu 15-Nov-07 11:32:13

when you say 'explicit' what do you mean?

kissing is not explicit imo


but tbh, I wouldn't let me children see any soaps, depressing pile of shite the lot of them

everyone argues and hates each other, far worse to see that than 2 men kissing imo

themildmanneredjanitor Thu 15-Nov-07 11:32:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hunkermunker Thu 15-Nov-07 11:32:41

Um, heterosexual, not neterosexual... I think that's more like cybersex.

oliveoil Thu 15-Nov-07 11:32:43


tiredemma Thu 15-Nov-07 11:32:55

We dont have a problem with gay kissing. we have a few gay pals/relatives and the boys dont bat an eyelid at this.

MascaraOHara Thu 15-Nov-07 11:33:12

My dd is 5, I have no problem with her witnessing gay kissing on TV or in RL tbh. We were in a restraunt a while back and there was a gay couple in the booth opposite.. dd started asking me questions and I told her the truth.. she seemed a bit confused to start with but asked lots of questions 'can they get married?' etc now she's fine with it. It might have helped that she does have a story boook about a couple of gay penguins lol

MascaraOHara Thu 15-Nov-07 11:33:31

oh x-posts with everyby lol

moljam Thu 15-Nov-07 11:33:57

hmm.i know others have said it.but if it was man and woman would it be ok?personally i think dc of that age shouldnt be up watching soaps at that time anyway-carcrashes,nastiness,fighting etca kiss is least of problems.

IntergalacticWalrus Thu 15-Nov-07 11:34:22


That sort of attitude is why there is so much prejudice against homosexuals.

morningpaper Thu 15-Nov-07 11:34:40

lol @ neterosexual

I'm sure I would be far more horrified to see my PARENTS kissing than random actors

But agree, I wouldn't let my littlies watch soaps - worry they would be upset by shouting/violence/horridness

moljam Thu 15-Nov-07 11:35:55

MascaraOHara after finding out same sex marriage is ok ds has decided he wants to marry his friend.which i find sad as it was me he wanted to marry for so longgrin!

lucy5 Thu 15-Nov-07 11:36:12

I haven't seen Emmerdale but a similar topic came up on The Simpsons the other day. Dd started asking all sorts of questions. Questions that i really didn't want to answer just yet, she's only 6. I have nothing against homosexuality. When hetrosexuals kiss on tv dd is at the urrgh I don't want to watch it stage.

I also had to turn Eastenders off the other day as it was really violent, dd normally doesn't pay attention and it is just on in the background but it was so noisy, she was drawn to it.

God I sound like Mary Whitehouse.

Saturn74 Thu 15-Nov-07 11:36:33

My DSs didn't bat an eyelid.

FioFio Thu 15-Nov-07 11:37:17

Message withdrawn

Dropdeadfred Thu 15-Nov-07 11:37:27

I wouldn't have soaps on whilst the lo's were in the room...

MascaraOHara Thu 15-Nov-07 11:38:11

lol moljam.

I probably should point out dd goes to bed at 7 so wouldn't have seen this but to be honest.. I think the more homosexuality is on the TV the more 'normal' (for want of a better word) it would become IYKWIM

Oblomov Thu 15-Nov-07 11:38:31

o.k. IABU.
Maybe ds would not even have taken any notice. It is not soemthing that we have talked about, so far.

Threadworm Thu 15-Nov-07 11:39:03

My tolerance levels for DSs' exposure to gay kissing are exactly the same as for straight kissing, i.e. I've no problem with it at all unless it gets too sweaty and panting. Both my boys understand and are utterly at ease with homosexuality.

Even if the issue hadn't come up for any other reason I would have needed to explain it to my sons in any case because there was a vile phase at their school when the word 'gay' was being used as acompletely random insult, so mean 'pathetic', 'weak', or some such.

oliveoil Thu 15-Nov-07 11:39:08

dh was doing the red button thing on BBC1 the other day and Neighbours was on

there was a fight and dd1 was staring at the screen and saying 'that's not very nice' and so I turned it off

far worse to see that

IntergalacticWalrus Thu 15-Nov-07 11:39:53

But they are going to encounter homosexuality at some pount in their lioves, be it on TV or RL.

None of us wnat our babies to grow up, but the fact is, that's what is going to happen.

O'd rather that my kids encouneted homosexuality at 5 and have it explianed properly by me than to form some sort of prejudice against ity when they are older, or worse, not feel conmfortable telling me that they are gay because they think I think it's wrong.

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