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Meme69 Sat 08-May-21 18:46:27

I recently bought some Chicago Town Loaded Tomato pizzas as they were on offer in the local shop, I'm not normally that keen on frozen pizza so I cooked it for the kids and just saved myself a sliver.... Omg it was amazing. I had to go out and buy 3 more. When I was buying it the checkout lady said. "have you tried these, it's the best pizza ever?".

I gave my neighbours a slice each and unprompted they said it was the best pizza they have ever had!!

What unexpectedly amazing food have you tried recently... I need new good food in my life!!

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Morgan12 Wed 19-May-21 14:44:55

The best cheap pizza is the Tesco cheese (not frozen). Its about £1.20ish. Then add own toppings and more grated mozzarella.

Morgan12 Wed 19-May-21 14:43:14

So this thread made me want a Chicago Town pizza since I hadn't had one for years and I'm so disappointed. I used to love them but it wasn't nice at all.

psychomath Wed 19-May-21 14:38:09

Agree about Asda create your own pizza. The ones with barbecue sauce are AMAZING, and I'm not even a fan of barbecue sauce generally. They've been an unfortunate victim of the covid restrictions in my local Asda though sad

Meme69 Wed 19-May-21 14:30:35


This had best be nice grin

Oh. I've not seen that one... Was it nice

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QueenPaw Sun 16-May-21 14:14:28

This had best be nice grin

GabsAlot Fri 14-May-21 23:50:43

i must second lidl potato salad nicest ever i cant eat any other now


EachandEveryone Fri 14-May-21 04:01:15

Iceland Salt and Pepper frozen chips.

Sexnotgender Tue 11-May-21 15:33:22

I bought the CT pizza today in Lidl. Very underwhelmed 🙁

SunshineCake Tue 11-May-21 15:32:20

This needs to be on my list for shopping grin.

mathanxiety Tue 11-May-21 03:57:00

@magicstar1, we're all Aldi chocolate fans here too.

ResIpsaLoquiturInterAlia Tue 11-May-21 00:00:47

Hawaiian poke

Peruvian ceviche

Kobe beef

Orange wine

Japanese green tea matcha

Taiwanese boba bubble tea

Thelnebriati Mon 10-May-21 23:28:39

The herb wraps from Lidl.

thenightsky Mon 10-May-21 22:13:04


Tesco's already made Spanish Tortilla, really nice hot or cold

Oh yes, this.

magicstar1 Mon 10-May-21 22:12:47


magicstar1 Mon 10-May-21 22:10:24

I always buy Aldi chocolate... Moser Roth range is lovely. I saw Tony Chocoloney recommended on here and got a small bar for about €3. It was okay, but nothing special.
Lidl have their own version of it now which is far superior. It’s even got the strange shapes to break off instead of squares, but tastes so much better. It’s fairtrade too.

Titsywoo Mon 10-May-21 20:01:22

Tried the Chicago town pizza tonight - sorry it is a no for us. Might try it again with the cheese stuffed crust - way too tomatoey for me. Base was quite nice though.

susiebluebell Mon 10-May-21 19:59:25


I think i need to write an aldi shopping list after reading this

I DID write an Aldi shopping list after reading this, and bought a sourdough pizza (chicken + chorizo + roquito) and a bar of the milk chocolate. Both very good!

CaveMum Mon 10-May-21 19:38:05

Aldi chocolate is indeed amazing.

On the last Aldi Shopping List thread someone mentioned their garlic & herb dipping sauce which I can confirm is just as good as Dominos’!

At Christmas their chocolate covered Lebkuchen Hearts are divine - I start buying them as soon as they appear, 2 packs each week so that we have plentiful stocks for Christmas!

HOkieCOkie Mon 10-May-21 19:32:21

I love a Chicago town pizza! It’s been a while might grab some.

00100001 Mon 10-May-21 18:58:16


This chocolate from Aldi

It's amazing. Tastes expensive. grin Best of all there is no palm oil in it!

I concur! Good chocolate!!

PamelaEwing Mon 10-May-21 12:23:02

I second the Lidl frozen panko crumb calamari, great cooked for 10 mins in the air fryer! 😋

Jannetra17 Mon 10-May-21 11:29:21

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0ntheg0again Mon 10-May-21 09:57:13

Tesco's already made Spanish Tortilla, really nice hot or cold

Confusedandshaken Mon 10-May-21 09:52:25

We had friends over last week. Because we had to eat outside I wanted something simple to serve. We ended up having a green salad, roast potatoes and rare roast beef served with béarnaise sauce. It was meat and 2 veg essentially. The simplest thing ever with no last minute prep but SO delicious. So delicious in fact that although I had deliberately over catered so we could have leftovers the next day, there was nothing left but the pattern on the plates.

Buggersticks Mon 10-May-21 09:27:46

Aldi Salted Caramel and Praline ice cream. Utterly amazing.

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