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Meme69 Sat 08-May-21 18:46:27

I recently bought some Chicago Town Loaded Tomato pizzas as they were on offer in the local shop, I'm not normally that keen on frozen pizza so I cooked it for the kids and just saved myself a sliver.... Omg it was amazing. I had to go out and buy 3 more. When I was buying it the checkout lady said. "have you tried these, it's the best pizza ever?".

I gave my neighbours a slice each and unprompted they said it was the best pizza they have ever had!!

What unexpectedly amazing food have you tried recently... I need new good food in my life!!

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Meme69 Sat 08-May-21 19:14:10


Come on now, there’s no way that a Chicago town pizza can be the best pizza ever! I can’t stand frozen pizzas.

Bags of mini saucisson from Waitrose. Used to buy similar bags from supermarket in France when I worked there, so very happy to find them here!

I know @sinkgirl I can't belive it either. I hate frozen pizza

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skittleslover1 Sat 08-May-21 19:14:30

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Meme69 Sat 08-May-21 19:14:42


It’s a bit weird to give a bit of frozen pizza to your neighbours. What do you do, knock on the door with a bit in a kitchen roll? I’d think you were nuts.

We were chatting over the fence!! 😂

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Marcydarcy7867 Sat 08-May-21 19:17:33

Chocolate covered digestives with cheese (as in cheese and biscuits)

Marcydarcy7867 Sat 08-May-21 19:18:52

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GertrudePerkinsPaperyThing Sat 08-May-21 19:18:55

Cheap Turkish olives


PeteWicksSexyPirate Sat 08-May-21 19:21:12

I proper snorted reading your post imagining all the neighbours coming out their houses going mad for the worlds best pizza you’re dishing out 🤣🤣

Jumpers268 Sat 08-May-21 19:24:12


It’s a bit weird to give a bit of frozen pizza to your neighbours. What do you do, knock on the door with a bit in a kitchen roll? I’d think you were nuts.

Proper laughed 😂😂😂😂

isseys4xmastinselcats Sat 08-May-21 19:24:31

aldis Chiller cabinet sourdough wood fired pizzas are very good i get the basic cheese and tomato one and add extra choritzo sliced peppers and mozzarella to make it posh

AwaAnBileYerHeid Sat 08-May-21 19:24:33

Chicago Town frozen pizza is amazing!!

Jumpers268 Sat 08-May-21 19:30:38

@SmidgenofaPigeon still laughing. I made mince hotpot tonight. Can't imagine going into my garden and telling both neighbours how great it was and offering them some and then going back inside and getting some for them 😂😂😂. Too funny.

SunshineCake Sat 08-May-21 19:31:24


I used to love pizza that asda did with chicken and some sort of red pepper on it. They don’t do it anymore sadly.

Asda sell a Goodfellas chicken pizza which the kids say is nice.

user648482729 Sat 08-May-21 19:32:24

Aldi chocolate cake is surprisingly good. Also their posh range of pizzas is really good!

iklboo Sat 08-May-21 19:32:41

Yes to the Aldi fresh pizzas. The ham one is gorgeous.

mogloveseggs Sat 08-May-21 19:34:15


Aldi do a cheese bake in a little terracotta dish. There’s one with chorizo in too and it’s lovely.

I tried this the other day it's delicious!

TheresNothingIWantMore Sat 08-May-21 19:34:59


Being coeliac, I get ridiculously excited when I find a really decent gluten-free alternative.

A recent discovery has been Warburton’s GF crumpets. They shit all over other GF crumpets (which are barely edible). Not great for the waistline though!

The best gluten Free pizza I've found by far is the £1 Asda own - I'd pick it any day over either Dominos or Pizza hut offerings regardless of price.

Youdontknowwhatyoureonabout Sat 08-May-21 19:37:46

Suspect OP of being paid to promote Chicago town

That’s what I was thinking grin
it’s so sweet and sugary I can’t believe anyone thinks it’s ‘the best pizza ever’

Alittlebitofthis Sat 08-May-21 19:37:50


DS’s favourite is the Aldi sourdough pizza with the little balls of buffalo mozzarella and roasted cherry tomatoes and globs of pesto on. He’s OBSESSED. I’d never really shopped in Aldi before and was pleasantly surprised!

I think these pizzas are so nice. My favourite one is the chicken and mango. It's my 8 year old sons favourite too

scrappydappydoo Sat 08-May-21 19:38:38

I know some people don’t like Dominoes pizza but we do. Last week we tried the Tesco pizza deal - 2 pizzas, 2 sides and dips for £10. Was surprisingly close to Dominoes and obviously cheaper.

CallMeCleo Sat 08-May-21 19:39:02

Morrisons white Stilton with mango and ginger. An explosion of taste on the tongue!

SonnyWinds Sat 08-May-21 19:41:39

Those Chicago Town pizzas are unbelievably good but for the love of GOD do not let them defrost before cooking - absolute disaster. We didn't have space in the freezer once so I left it on the side for a couple of hours before dinner...nightmare. It's because the dough is raw (which is why they're so good). Y.U.M.

Icancelledthecheque Sat 08-May-21 19:41:55

In fairness I do agree that they’re pretty good and I’m not keen on frozen pizza.

They’re made with raw dough rather than precooked bases, so the dough tastes fresh and rises in the oven. The crust is nice and crispy and the DC prefer tomato stuffed crust to cheese now. There’s lots of tomato sauce on and tons of cheese which helps too.

The only down side is I find them a bit soggy in the middle.

whensmynexthol1day Sat 08-May-21 19:43:29

Aldi frozen flat bread pizzas are also amazing- they do a salami one with something sweet- maybe candied bacon? which is amazing and there is a chicken and mango one which is also super yummy. I normally hate chicken on pizzas but this one is a huge exception to the rule.

MintyCedric Sat 08-May-21 19:43:44

Chicago Town Deep Dish Hamburger pizza...

And I say that as someone who is normally a strictly thin crust, authentic toppings person!

Anotherdayanothernight Sat 08-May-21 19:43:44


Fragata tinned stoneless manzanilla olives are the best olives in the world.

I agree, have recently discovered these and go through a couple a tins per week, so addictive

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