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Meme69 Sat 08-May-21 18:46:27

I recently bought some Chicago Town Loaded Tomato pizzas as they were on offer in the local shop, I'm not normally that keen on frozen pizza so I cooked it for the kids and just saved myself a sliver.... Omg it was amazing. I had to go out and buy 3 more. When I was buying it the checkout lady said. "have you tried these, it's the best pizza ever?".

I gave my neighbours a slice each and unprompted they said it was the best pizza they have ever had!!

What unexpectedly amazing food have you tried recently... I need new good food in my life!!

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Inaquandry19 Sun 09-May-21 00:09:29

I came on to say the aldi cheese bakes but see there already been mentioned by numerous people. Coop own brand white and bran bread makes bloomin fantastic toast. Also Aldi salted caramel brownie but they seem to have stopped stocking them.

Mamanyt Sun 09-May-21 00:18:37

Over here (US) there is an organic bread called "Dave's Killer Bread," and OMG! I love the stuff, especially the "Good Seeds" bread! Unfortunately, it costs about 10 times what my "store brand" bread does, so it is an occasional treat rather than my "go-to."

FaintlyMacabre Sun 09-May-21 00:27:48

We just made what felt like a really strange recipe from Delia for dinner that was unexpectedly delicious- silken tofu cut up on a plate and sprinkled with soy, chilli, spring onions and sriracha. Then heat sunflower and sesame oil until smoking hot and add finely sliced leek and let it brown. Then pour the boiling oil over the tofu. It was so tasty and different.

purplebagladylovesgin Sun 09-May-21 00:30:40

I love Lidl Creme fresh potato salad. Unexpectedly good.

deardia Sun 09-May-21 00:35:21

Chicago is our favourite. I had my siblings over and made that for them once, the absolutely loved it, they are known for hating frozen pizza, they now always buy that pizza

JullyNea Sun 09-May-21 00:49:15

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mathanxiety Sun 09-May-21 01:10:20

@spaceghetto, that recipe is very good.
I believe the crust recipe here is more like Lou Malnati's though - it's a true butter crust and it ends up layered and flaky thanks to rolling it into a log and then flattening:

Lou Malnati's pizza is well worth trying if you're in Chicago.

I make my deep dish pizza in a greased, preheated cast iron pan. If you use Italian sausage or if you're tempted to make your own sausage for a truly authentic Chicago pizza experience, add some fennel seeds to the sauce (or to your sausage) if there isn't fennel in the sausage - the fennel flavour to the sausage is a Chicago specialty.

RainingZen Sun 09-May-21 01:26:21

@Chicchicchicchiclana you are spot on, I go out of my way to Sainsbury's to buy the lentil Dahl soup. There is nothing like it in any other supermarket. Sadly it often sells out, if I find it in stock I usually buy 4 or 5 as it lasts for ages in the fridge.

I really want some. Haven't thought about it in a while but might plan a detour to Sainsburys next week!

JackieTheFart Sun 09-May-21 01:35:08

I don’t know what they put in their pizzas but it’s those small microwave ones I like. They’re like crack. I could easily eat four in a row. I’d feel sick as a duck afterward but I could do it!

SteppinOutwithMyBaby Sun 09-May-21 03:43:28

I have been buying Papa Giuseppe's (a local Australian brand, dirt cheap on sale) Panini, which is actually a split frozen baguette covered with various cheeses and diced tomatoes. Cooked till the baguette is nice and crusty, then the anchovy paste added to the top – food of the gods.

SteveArnottsCodeine Sun 09-May-21 03:57:34

These chargrilled calamari with black pepper and red pepper seasoning. They’re fucking amazing and from M&S here.

Meme69 Sun 09-May-21 06:17:56

I had that last week, so (being a cheapskate) I took it back to Aldi and they swapped it for me....but they are smaller now!! FYI the bowls are fab for Yorkshire puddings

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WallpaperLady Sun 09-May-21 07:48:32

I just googled it. Not a pizza fan myself I don't really like anything but mozerella on pizza. Sounds like my worst nightmare FOUR CHEESE LOADED PIZZA 🤢

Nothing from the shops but I've discovered a takeaway joint in my local town that does AMAZING chicken pittas! I may order one later actually now im thinking of it!

WallpaperLady Sun 09-May-21 07:49:29


I don’t know what they put in their pizzas but it’s those small microwave ones I like. They’re like crack. I could easily eat four in a row. I’d feel sick as a duck afterward but I could do it!

Maybe MSG in the ingredients ...?!?!?!

LilyMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 09-May-21 08:27:59

Hi all

Just swinging by to say OP has been with us for years and we don't suspect advertising.

Also, the carbonara ready meal in the fridge section at Aldi - even Gordon would remove his hat and take a bow, I reckon.

Meme69 Sun 09-May-21 10:47:10

Oh I've seen those @lilymumsnet I'll have to try them. I'm definitely not a marketer, was just stunned how nice a frozen pizza could be!! 😂

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IJustLikeBiscuitsOK Sun 09-May-21 12:14:04

ASDA own make Orange and Pineapple dilute squash, SO much nicer than Robinsons and lasts forever. Not very exciting but honestly, so good for cutting down on my fizzy pop addiction.
M&S Red onion chutney, improves ANYTHING. The tomato one is good too.

PumpkinPiloter Sun 09-May-21 12:24:00

Asda does a great pasta sauce which is in a small jar and mixed with mascarpone and it's lovely. Other recent finds are Itsu gyoza all varieties and their noodle miso soups are very good as well.

EachandEveryone Sun 09-May-21 12:53:37

I think i need to write an aldi shopping list after reading this

NoMoreBananas Sun 09-May-21 17:48:04


Being coeliac, I get ridiculously excited when I find a really decent gluten-free alternative.

A recent discovery has been Warburton’s GF crumpets. They shit all over other GF crumpets (which are barely edible). Not great for the waistline though!

Have you tried Mark's and Spencer's GF pancakes? They're delicious toasted.

Thisistherhythmofthenight Sun 09-May-21 17:51:08

I love the little chicago town pizzas that you can do in the microwave. My fave is the pepperoni. I have to have 2 though so it's more like a whole pizza lol

DroopyDaff Sun 09-May-21 18:01:47

I love the Chicago Town BBQ Jackfruit Pizza. I’m a veggie and get bored of the same old pizzas but thought it might be a bit weird. Pleasantly surprised that it’s so nice.

I make special trips to Asda for their crustless roasted vegetable, mozzarella and pesto quiche. Bloody gorgeous.

I came across Tesco’s Hoisin Dipping Sauce when I was looking for a stir fry sauce. I mix it half half with light soy sauce and a few spoons of honey to make a sticky chicken stir fry sauce. Everyone comments on how nice it is.

BigHuff Sun 09-May-21 18:07:38

Nomo caramel bars. Grabbed one on impulse at the checkout once and now I buy them every time I see them. Incredibly sweet, but very tasty.

Linda McCartney Lincolnshire sausages are surprisingly excellent - much better than all the other LM sausages, imo.

Yourcatisnotsorry Sun 09-May-21 18:10:48

Chicago town pizzas are actually really nice! We like tiger crust

Thingaling Sun 09-May-21 18:11:06

I am very keen on M&S’s new invention of Dinky Cheese & Marmite Pinwheels

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