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Theladypatience Thu 06-May-21 17:22:20

Average day for an 17 month old:

One weetabix with milk and half a banana plus 3-4 Cheerios (while he waits!)

Cup of whole milk later in morning

Snack of two homemade pancakes and some fruit or three baby rice cakes with hummus

Rice and fish or a sandwich with some puffs or fruit and hummus rice cakes

Afternoon snack babybel with 1 homemade porridge finger or flapjack with veg grated into it or a homemade lentil bite made with veg and a bit of cream cheese

Dinner of spag Bol with veg mixed in or lamb and couscous or tuna pasta or Turkey risotto with veg and some kind of yogurt or baby custard pudding

Bedtime milk

He’s big at 12kg at 17 months but very active and rarely sits down.

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hibbledibble Fri 07-May-21 11:10:09

I have read the evidence, and the health risks involved with eating meat and dairy, especially a diet high in meat. People have their own agendas, including that they just like meat, or are prejudiced against a plant based diet. This doesn't mean that a plant based diet is not the healthiest option. The 'malnutrition' is a myth: there is not a single medically documented case of protein deficiency in a calorie sufficient diet. Eating excessive calorie dense food also contributes towards childhood obesity.

As for the B12 argument, the only reason meat and dairy has it is because the animals are given B12. It's no better to eat a dead animal that has been given B12, than to eat plant based fortified foods.

hibbledibble Fri 07-May-21 11:13:55

People do some to be jumping on my post, because of prejudices they have.

In short, I understand converting to a completely plant based diet is too much for many, but for health reasons, it is worth considering reducing meat consumption. Eating meat for nearly every meal is definitely not healthy, and there is extensive evidence to back this up.

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