to think this neighour should not have taken kid's ball

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junipertree2 Mon 03-May-21 08:58:58

My sons were playing with a brand new football in our very small back garden yesterday when it bounced over the wall, down a path (our street is on a slope and we are the higher side) and came to rest on the opposite side of the street behind the back wheel of a neighbour's car. (The houses have no fences or gates.) Within about thirty seconds, he had raced out of his house and taken the ball.

Needless to say, my son who had just paid £17 for this ball was very upset and annoyed. AIBU to think that this man had no right to do this? He is a middle aged man who doesn't like children playing in front of his house, hates footballs and shouts a lot at boys in the street. But I am on my own and money is very tight.

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altforvarmt Mon 03-May-21 08:59:47

Knock on the door and ask for it back?

HoneysuckIejasmine Mon 03-May-21 09:00:03

So, you went and got it back, yes?

Shakirasma Mon 03-May-21 09:01:46

What was the neighbours response when you knocked his door to get it back?

DrWankincense Mon 03-May-21 09:05:15

How old are the boys?
Mine is nearly 5 and if a ball goes over the fence by accident, he knocks and asks for it back nicely.
We have nice neighbours on 1 side and horrible ones on the other but horrible neighbours also have kids and most reasonable people understand these things happen. We teach the kids to be polite say sorry, so they understand it is an inconvenience for disturbing people.
However, if it's a regular occurrence, you can see why it might get annoying? Even if he is a "grumpy old man".

Hazel444 Mon 03-May-21 09:06:56

I'm guessing the ball hit the neighbour's car and that's why he was so annoyed? What did he say when you asked for the ball back?

Planty13 Mon 03-May-21 09:08:19

Go and ask for it


WidowTwonky Mon 03-May-21 09:08:51

Drwank say sorry for what?? I read it as the ball rolled into the public road

Horehound Mon 03-May-21 09:09:19

I too think it hit the car. Go to a park to play football. There's nothing worse than hearing thud thud thud of balls being kicked incessantly especially if you're in a small garden where there's no time in between kicks. It's bloody annoying

AbsolutelyPatsy Mon 03-May-21 09:09:31

i hope he gets it back.
take them to some green space op.

TimeForTeaAndG Mon 03-May-21 09:11:15

Another one here waiting for what happened when you/your son asked for it back.

HerMammy Mon 03-May-21 09:11:59

I doubt he can hear this on the opposite side of the street from her back garden.
OP go and ask for it back, a ball rolling down the street hasn’t damaged his car, he sounds like an arse.

Freddiefox Mon 03-May-21 09:12:39

There are some really grumpy people out there, I often find it’s men who think they can bully and intimidate women and who want to own the road and everyone should live by their standards.

Go and knock for the ball. If it rolled into his car as you say it did then he just being an arse.

kowari Mon 03-May-21 09:13:04

He shouldn't have taken it, but a 'very small back garden' is not the place for a football. My neighbour's children's footballs have damaged my plants. Give the children a lightweight ball and save the football for the park.

ConfusedAdultFemale Mon 03-May-21 09:13:11

Well your son should be angry with you for not getting it back yes. I assume you didn’t bother going to reclaim it?

GiveMeTulipsfromAmsterdam Mon 03-May-21 09:14:06

I'm confused.
The ball is in a public area and a grown man races from his house and takes it.
What did he say when you or your sons asked for it back?
Did he refuse? Did you actually ask?

HappydaysArehere Mon 03-May-21 09:14:47

Kids will be kids for goodness sake. We have balls coming into our garden from the football loving boys next door. We have told them they are welcome to come in any time to retrieve them. We are old but hope not miserable.

NailsNeedDoing Mon 03-May-21 09:14:49

Go and apologise for the ball being in his garden and nearly causing damage to his car, politely ask for it back, and then tell your children that your garden is too small to play football in so from now on the ball can only be used in the park.

Freddiefox Mon 03-May-21 09:14:53


I too think it hit the car. Go to a park to play football. There's nothing worse than hearing thud thud thud of balls being kicked incessantly especially if you're in a small garden where there's no time in between kicks. It's bloody annoying

The op said it rolled.
The sound of a hall is awful and annoying but they aren’t doing anything wrong. But if it was down the road I doubt he could hear it.

bigbluebus Mon 03-May-21 09:14:58

£17 for a ball? So it was a proper heavy football which could have done some damage then not a lightweight ball that would be more appropriate if playing in a small space near property?
I suggest you send your son over to apologise, ask for the ball back politely with the promise that he will play with it in a more appropriate place in the future ie. On a field designated for ball games.

Topseyt Mon 03-May-21 09:15:14

You went to him and politely asked for the ball back didn't you? Surely you did! What did he say?

The ball is still your son's property, so help him get it back. Be apologetic, polite and firm. I once had to promise a neighbour that if it came over once more then either they could keep the ball or I would be confiscating it for the foreseeable future. All in front of the children, who had come with me to apologise too. Neighbour gave it back and it didn't go over again.

MiddleClassProblem Mon 03-May-21 09:15:38

You must have asked for it back, right?

SugarCrash1 Mon 03-May-21 09:17:10

It’s theft, but maybe the old git just wants the satisfaction of your son having to ask for it back.

motherloaded Mon 03-May-21 09:18:21

Apologise to the owner of the car and ask him for the ball back.

It's very possible he took it to have a chance to discuss his car being hit with whoever would come to collect the ball..

I would be really pissed off if a football landed on my windscreen when I am driving because kids are allowed to play where they shouldn't!

PiccalilliChilli Mon 03-May-21 09:18:52

Get a flyaway £2 ball and let your son crack on.

£17 footballs are for huge parks, not gardens.

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