Your baby's name is 'so weird' ...?

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brandnewcoffee Mon 03-May-21 07:57:10

Due with our baby girl in just a few weeks. It took us a long time to pick a name that will flow nicely with the middle name as well as the surname and a name we both love equally. My nan texted me this morning and ask if we've picked a name yet so I told her that we have and told her the name we chose is Esmé. Her response was simply 'such a weird name'. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm gobsmacked and don't know what to say back. I know it doesn't matter what others think about the name we chose for our baby girl but it really got me doubting myself and now I'm sat here worrying whether we picked the right name. AIBU?

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AfterSchoolWorry Mon 03-May-21 07:59:18

Just text back; Rude.

It's a lovely name OP.

steff13 Mon 03-May-21 07:59:22

It's a perfectly normal name.

Alfxn Mon 03-May-21 07:59:29

Esme is a beautiful name and not weird in the slightest! But this is why they say you should never share the name in advance of your baby's birth - with anyone. People feel much more free to criticise at this stage and put you off.

Alarae Mon 03-May-21 07:59:51

I wouldn't consider that any where near the sphere of weird names.

SwanShaped Mon 03-May-21 08:01:12

It’s not weird.

Tibtab Mon 03-May-21 08:01:29

Agree with @Alfxn, people don’t tend to say mean things about the name when it is an actual baby in front of them (there are obviously exceptions and some people have no filter).

MrsGulDukat Mon 03-May-21 08:01:54

People will have opinion on a baby name no matter how nice it is.

It's a lovely name so stuck with it.

Mummadeze Mon 03-May-21 08:02:38

No, not weird. Elegant and pretty.

Tibtab Mon 03-May-21 08:02:48

Also Esmé is a nice name smile

lioncitygirl Mon 03-May-21 08:02:48

It’s not weird - it’s just not ‘traditional’.

2pinkginsplease Mon 03-May-21 08:03:05

THe most important thing is that you and your partner love the name.

When I was due my grans 6th great grandchild she said, can you pick a normal name for this one! 😂😂😂

The grandchildren all have normal names they just aren’t traditional names like David, John, Ann or Mary.

Still makes us laugh to this day!

21Flora Mon 03-May-21 08:03:08

We called our daughter Elspeth, I know it isn’t to everyone’s taste but my family all told me how much the disliked it before birth. Now she’s born and we gave her that name nobody has said another word about it. I’d honestly just ignore it and do what you want!

Kangaroobill Mon 03-May-21 08:03:09

Esme is a beautiful name, not weird at all. It’s pretty, suits a baby and a grown up, I think of a successful, kind woman.

brandnewcoffee Mon 03-May-21 08:03:23

Ah, thanks all. That makes me feel so much better! I don't see us changing it at all but it did upset me. Oh well, at least I know not to share the baby's name before birth next time shock

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wishing3 Mon 03-May-21 08:03:42

Not at all weird. Weird that your Nan is so rude!

Treacletreacle Mon 03-May-21 08:04:33

That's my daughters name so I will of course tell you its a beautiful name.

EssentialHummus Mon 03-May-21 08:04:38

Not weird, but this is why you don’t tell people the name until the baby is here. I’d be texting back “I didn’t ask for your opinion Gran, thanks”.

TenThousandSpoons Mon 03-May-21 08:05:21

It’s a lovely name. I would just not reply.

CastleCrasher Mon 03-May-21 08:05:33

Not even remotely weird, and increasingly popular. There are two in dc1s class, one in dc2s and another in their asc. It's a lovely name.

Sparklingbrook Mon 03-May-21 08:05:35

Very normal name. How strange she thinks it's weird.

HappyGoPlucky Mon 03-May-21 08:07:06

Esme is a lovely name! Grandmas sometimes reserve the right to be really rude - she'll get worse as she gets older, I promise.
Just text back - Cheers, Nan! - and forget about it. It's not her decision. What would she choose anyway? Probably something you'd think was weird.
There's nothing weird about Esme - it's a beautiful name.

WhatTheFlap Mon 03-May-21 08:09:21

I’d be telling her how rude she is without a doubt, I don’t feel she should be allowed to get away with saying something like that without being called out shock

Esme is a beautiful name and not at all weird!

Piemam Mon 03-May-21 08:09:36

Bit rude of Gran! Glad you're sticking with Esmé, doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Sidenote: it's nice and my beautiful boy was delivered by an Esmée (same pronunciation, diff spelling).

Bitofanexpert Mon 03-May-21 08:09:44

Really nice name. If you are in England I would think about the accent on the ‘e’ though- I can see that practically being a pain throughout life even though it does look nice. If I’m being kind- are you sure she wasn’t referring to that?

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