To be upset after hairdresser visit

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carlottavaldes Thu 22-Apr-21 12:48:45

I've been going to the same hairdresser for 3 years and we've always had a good relationship. I went in today for a consultation before my haircut and colour next week. I'm dark blonde and want to go lighter so I asked for balayage - I had it done by her two years ago for £200 so was expecting a similar price. Instead she quoted me £300. She also said that if I paid less it would look unfinished, blocky, dry, not shiny, and I would be disappointed - which made no sense, as I paid less last time.

I told her that, but she kept pushing and didn't suggest any alternatives (e.g. highlights) - it was basically "pay £300 or have crap hair". I know she's trying to recoup the money she lost during lockdown, and to make the most of people's desperation for haircuts at the moment, but a 50% price hike is ridiculous.

I had been really looking forward to treating myself and being pampered and instead I found myself being pressured and manipulated and told that my budget was no good, which was upsetting as £200 is a lot for me. I don't want to go back, even for a cut, but I'm struggling to find an appointment elsewhere.

Has anyone else experienced hairdressers hiking their prices to make the most of people's need for post-lockdown haircuts? I have a feeling it might backfire for them.

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DazzlingHaze Thu 22-Apr-21 12:53:06

I've noticed an increase in price but not by that much! And £300 for balayage is a lot I think! I go to a really popular salon in a trendy bit of Glasgow and only pay about £200 including cut, blow dry and olaplex! Might be a bit more now after covid but I doubt it would be £100 more!! If possible I'd find somewhere else with good reviews and a better price and just wait for the appointment.

carlottavaldes Thu 22-Apr-21 13:47:10

Yeah I think you're right - I will sit tight for a bit longer and wait for an appointment elsewhere. I can't afford £300 and I don't even want to go back there for a cut as I know I'll feel tense, and for me half the point of getting my hair done is to feel relaxed and pampered.

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MoChridhe Thu 22-Apr-21 13:49:28

Angrypregnantlady Thu 22-Apr-21 13:55:25

That is alot. But then, so is 200. My hairdresser does a fantastic job and I can be there hours for 60-80 quid.

Has anyone else experienced hairdressers hiking their prices to make the most of people's need for post-lockdown haircuts?

I don't like this though, they're trying to stay afloat, they've gone months without an income while having nearly all the same expenses, they need to increase their prices a bit and in 2 years the price would have gone up anyway, and then lockdown has pushed it up further. I'm guessing your hair isn't in as good condition if it hasn't had anything done for a while so will take more work.

Sunshineandflipflops Thu 22-Apr-21 13:56:42

Some of the prices I see on here astound me! I have balayage and a cut/dry and style for £ was £50 pre-covid! I've been going to my hairdressers for years and always get compliments on my hair before anyone says it must be a bad job! Not a chain or anything though, an independent hairdresser who rents a seat in a local salon (midlands).

Hell would freeze over before I pay anywhere near £300 for my hair!

Aprilx Thu 22-Apr-21 14:02:59

I find it weird that she has said pay £200 for a rubbish job and £300 for a good job. But I don’t think it is reasonable to argue over her prices, she is entitled to set her prices, set increases and it is for the customer to decide if they want to pay it.

user1471457751 Thu 22-Apr-21 14:09:57

So really you were asking her to give you a 33% discount and you wonder why she wasn't keen?
If you last had it done 2 years ago how can you be sure the new price is due to covid anyway?

oldegg123 Thu 22-Apr-21 14:12:41

These prices seem crazy to me

I'm booked into a popular salon in oxford and am being charged £158 for cut, balayage and blow dry

yellowspot Thu 22-Apr-21 14:14:41

I have extremely thick hair that's very long. I have balayage done too which can leave him in the hairdressers for up to 4 hours and I have never been quoted £300!

I pay my current hairdresser (self employed from a home salon) £120. That Includes the bleaching/ balayage, toner, wash, dry and cut. When I went to a a salon before finding her I never paid more than £180.

She's definitely taking advantage

Mydogisagentleman Thu 22-Apr-21 14:16:08

No idea what a balayage is, my lovely hairdresser was very apologetic about adding £2 onto her prices.

carlottavaldes Thu 22-Apr-21 14:17:22


These prices seem crazy to me

I'm booked into a popular salon in oxford and am being charged £158 for cut, balayage and blow dry

Hi oldegg123, can I ask which salon that is? Oxford is not too far from me.

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IHateWinter88 Thu 22-Apr-21 14:19:33

She sounds rude but you got her back up by trying to reduce the price. You should have just said OK thanks, will go somewhere else or wait a bit as I can't afford 300 right now.

lurker101 Thu 22-Apr-21 14:20:16

It sounds like a large increase, but if you haven’t had it done in 2 years there’s likely a lot more work to be done - I’m thinking toners/conditioning treatments etc. to enable the colour to take (although I’m not a hairdresser so don’t know). I imagine it’s a bit like if you don’t have your car serviced for a couple of years there will be more work required out of it, whereas if you go regularly and top up oil/tyres etc. In the meantime there’s less work required.

I know my hair is in worse condition having not had much done to it in almost a year.

AmyLou100 Thu 22-Apr-21 14:22:11

Her attitude stinks. So basically she is saying that she is capable of a crap job. I would never support her.

EasterEggBelly Thu 22-Apr-21 14:24:44

Paid £78 today at a high street chain for a wash, cut, blow dry and toner. Was there for 90 minutes and I’m happy with it.

I needed the toner because I had balayage done a couple of years ago that completely ruined my hair and cost £200! They got the sections that were bleached far too chunky and there was no blending from top to bottom. It’s taken years and a lot of toner in between to sort it out.

I’d give the balayage a miss unless it’s personal recommendation or a close colour match. If you have brown hair be prepared to spend the next couple of years dying it to cover the blonde, brassy, dry mess it leaves!

HotToddyColdSauvignon Thu 22-Apr-21 14:34:33


These prices seem crazy to me

I'm booked into a popular salon in oxford and am being charged £158 for cut, balayage and blow dry

Which salon is this can I ask? Looking for good recommendations around the oxford area!

MoreWater Thu 22-Apr-21 14:37:24

I'd say if you can't afford £300 for your hair, you probably can't afford £200!

HotToddyColdSauvignon Thu 22-Apr-21 14:39:23


I'd say if you can't afford £300 for your hair, you probably can't afford £200!

That’s rather rude More!

Just because someone has budgeted only a certain amount towards something doesn’t mean they can’t afford it. If anything it shows better financial planning because they know that’s the set amount set aside for that.

There’s a steep difference between £200 and £300 - that’s 2 weeks food shop for us!

osbertthesyrianhamster Thu 22-Apr-21 14:43:53


FlyingBurrito Thu 22-Apr-21 14:48:50


I'd say if you can't afford £300 for your hair, you probably can't afford £200!

Yes. because those are exactly the same amount of money, in other news I have 4 x £50 notes I'd like to swop for 6 x £50 notes, I assume you'd be happy to help grin

PerveenMistry Thu 22-Apr-21 14:51:29

It's quite nasty to imply she is price gouging.

Many stylists haven't worked in a year. They are perfectly entitled to charge what the market will bear.

No one is owed professional hair services at their preferred price. Don't like it, there's always box color and DIY.

BareGrylls Thu 22-Apr-21 14:55:37

I have no idea what a balayage is, presumably colour. My hairdresser came tothe house last week and charged me £10 for a cut and blow dry. I was first on her list as I had an appointment on lockdown day.

Lou98 Thu 22-Apr-21 14:57:48

Personally I think that's crazy for hair but also think £200 is a lot too!
I went from dark brown to full blonde with my current hairdresser and it was £95 which is one of the pricier ones near me. Although I appreciate this probably varies depending on area.

Although, I think that the fact it has been 2 years since you last had it done, it's unfair to say that the price hike is due to covid. Prices increase regularly anyway, and it's also likely suppliers etc have increased their prices in that time, and yes probably even more so since covid as they'll have lost a lot of business too. So if they're then having to spend more on supplies and with a slight price increase of their own and trying to recoup some money I can easily see it costing the extra.

I do think it was pretty cheeky to try get her to lower the price though, you don't want to pay it and that's fair enough (I wouldn't either) but then you choose to go somewhere cheaper, not try and get her to do it for £100 less than she would someone else

LolaSmiles Thu 22-Apr-21 15:02:17

My last hair appointment was much more expensive than last time. I've never paid £100 for my hair and did this time because I didn't think to check the price was still the same. I want to stay loyal to my stylist because I like her work, so before my next appointment I'll be researching alternatives and use it as an opportunity to overhaul to a lower maintenance style because I've not got that sort of money to spend regularly.

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