Job interview after years of sahm, bitten off more than I can chew.

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CletusVanDamme Tue 20-Apr-21 15:21:12

Have an interview for a cafe management position within a charity shop. They are expecting new ideas for generating income and want a first 90 day presentation as well as a role playing thing.
I have seen the cafe, it has a domestic toaster/ kettle , a table too 2 ring job and a table top single oven. 10 tables?
It appears to be higher management level interview style for a somewhat primitive operation.
I am flummoxed, I have worked pt in cafes and bars and operate largely on smiles and offering great customer service.
I no nothing of corporate speak and other such stuff, where the feck do I start?

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CletusVanDamme Tue 20-Apr-21 15:21:56

Should say table top 2 ring hob.

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TweeterandtheMonkeyman Tue 20-Apr-21 15:23:52

Blimey! They are asking a lot aren’t they!? Hope the salary is good! ?

PinkCookie11 Tue 20-Apr-21 15:24:30

🙈 what kind of cafe is it!?
Way to generate income;
Weekly deals
Taxi driver deals (these work amazingly round my area)
Facebook competitions
Is it situated near any big companies? Do deals with them to get staff in.
I’m not good at presentations but hopefully afew ideas for you

JoysexrenovationFingerFumble Tue 20-Apr-21 15:24:41

They are expecting new ideas for generating income

Oh they are, are they? hmm I’m sure most cafés would like the same as we come out of lockdown.

Sorry but if they don’t even have a coffee machine it all sounds a bit ridiculous. I’d be worried that they’re wasting your time.

Not helpful I suppose but I think it’s important to invest your energy wisely!

CletusVanDamme Tue 20-Apr-21 15:24:42

Full time min wage.

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Chilver Tue 20-Apr-21 15:24:47

Sounds like they are trawling for ideas rather than staff......

RandomMess Tue 20-Apr-21 15:24:57

Are you wanting ideas to suggest as part of the presentation?

I'm rubbish at ideas but how about themed weeks or days?

Can items be cooked of premises and brought in?

How about a panini press?

What is their current menu and pricing?

CletusVanDamme Tue 20-Apr-21 15:25:34

Oh yes sorry they do have a coffee machine, looks quite small though.

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RandomMess Tue 20-Apr-21 15:25:56

Coffee filter machine would be a start!

You could do a loyalty scheme?

IWantAllTheDogsInTheWorld Tue 20-Apr-21 15:26:26

Sounds to me like they are looking for ideas with no guarantee there will be a job at the end of it for you.

DungeonKeeper Tue 20-Apr-21 15:26:37

Are you sure they aren’t just wanting idea to steal....

CletusVanDamme Tue 20-Apr-21 15:27:04

No items cooked off premises.
Vegetarian only.

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JoysexrenovationFingerFumble Tue 20-Apr-21 15:27:29


Oh yes sorry they do have a coffee machine, looks quite small though.

OK that’s slightly better grin

I stand by my comments though. Full time minimum wage doesn’t get you what they’re asking. They don’t sound like they know what they’re doing.

CletusVanDamme Tue 20-Apr-21 15:28:46

Oh and I can spell know when my fingers are working properly.

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skirk64 Tue 20-Apr-21 15:29:40

They're taking the piss. I wouldn't bother to turn up for the interview.

CMOTDibbler Tue 20-Apr-21 15:30:25

First 90 days - decent coffee machine investment, panini grill, chilled display for salads.
Develop weekday morning and lunchtime menu based on analysis of footfall and unmet needs locally - is it oldies looking for tea and plainer cakes, bacon butties for taxi drivers or mum and toddler meet ups?
Social media and local paper publicity
Special deal to start bringing in customers initially - is it a snack box for toddlers, an over 60's meal deal, 2 for 1, loyalty card, buy cake and get coffee free between 9.30 and 10.30

sorryforswearing Tue 20-Apr-21 15:30:48

If cafe management is on minimum wage what are other staff on? If they are expecting more from the manager it needs to be reflected. Sounds like a lot of jobs now which expect more than they’re willing to pay for.

CletusVanDamme Tue 20-Apr-21 15:31:06

I've been in as a customer pre covid, it had a lovely little vibe, I thought it must be nice to work in. Now I'm just thinking wtf?

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HavelockVetinari Tue 20-Apr-21 15:31:10

They'll be after cheap ideas to bring more folk in. Stuff like setting up a mum and baby group (pick a time when it's normally quiet like 10am on a Tuesday, use toys from the shop). Or OAP discount/offer 2.30pm-4pm.

Cooking stuff to order is tough and the margins are small unless it's things like things on toast or paninis/toasted sandwiches.

Get more kettles or (assuming sufficient numbers of covers) a hot water heater with a tap. People like fresh coffee nowadays, and cafetieres are v cheap - offer real fresh Fair-trade coffee? Get a milk frother so you can offer latte and cappuccino too.

Is there a catering college or school nearby? Could you offer work experience? Could the students use you as a project (how to increase takings through food/marketing/appearance)?

Sparklfairy Tue 20-Apr-21 15:31:29

Be careful. I've seen this a lot (and this trick has even been mentioned here). Interviewers ask for 'ideas' and just use them without giving them the job.

Interviewees work really hard because they want the job and get ripped off, company gets multiple free marketing consultants hmm

Susannahmoody Tue 20-Apr-21 15:32:03

Veggie? All food cooked off site? No clue how to operate?

You're better off at Costco for a job

sorryforswearing Tue 20-Apr-21 15:35:12

Think I would be withdrawing my application and telling them why.

Eyevorbig0ne Tue 20-Apr-21 15:36:00

Don't waste your time.
They're preying on you having been out of employment for a while.
Cheeky buggers 🙄

JensonsAcolyte Tue 20-Apr-21 15:39:05

They are massively taking the piss. Minimum wage? Fuck that.

I agree with others, they are rinsing interviewees for ideas. And, sorry to be blunt, they are hoping that people happy to take a minimum wage for a management job are so desperate that they’ll fall for it.

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