Loud FaceTiming on hospital ward (7 hours and counting....)

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QwertyBert Mon 19-Apr-21 21:39:44

I don’t know if I’m being unreasonable because I’m tired, fat and stressed. Would very much welcome opinions.

I’ve been admitted to antenatal ward and will probably be induced/ c section in a day or so.

Currently in a 4 bed ward with one other women. Other women has been on extremely loud FaceTime calls with various people since 2.30 this afternoon. There has been no let up other than to record voice notes. Its continued through 3 midwife/ doctor reviews. No headphones, very loud both sides of the conversation. It’s driving me mad and I can’t get any escape (on bed rest).

I have tried to speak to her but there is a language barrier. Staff have tried to ask her to have calls outside the ward but no joy.

I’m getting a bit ratty but her husband isn’t here and mine has been so it’s probably unfair to be a total bitch about this. She’s waiting for a c section tomorrow. It’s just so loud and I find this kind of thing really annoying on trains and stuff.


YABU - chill out stressarella, she can do what she wants

YANBU - it’s a long time to be on calls and no polite when staff have asked you not to.

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Incywincyspinsters Mon 19-Apr-21 21:40:55

That would drive me insane.

YellowTwinklyStar Mon 19-Apr-21 21:42:02

I would keep asking the staff. Especially now it's night time you need to rest.

eviesmum Mon 19-Apr-21 21:42:51

Would get right on my tits too.

Goblin74 Mon 19-Apr-21 21:43:02

Ugh. I had my little boy last July and was stuck in the hospital for a week after. My third roommate was constantly on the phone and it drove me mad. I actually had to ask her at 1am to stop calling cause myself and my son needed to sleep.

Sympathy, op. It's rude and inconsiderate to be facetiming that much

Ritasueandbobtoo9 Mon 19-Apr-21 21:45:19

There was a woman like this on the postnatal ward. It traumatised me. I was so tired as had been there longer and she kept me awake. She was so thoughtless.

RosieCockle Mon 19-Apr-21 21:45:32

Grab the phone and throw it out the window.
Not really. But you can dream.

Hankunamatata Mon 19-Apr-21 21:45:54

Nope I would be exactly the same. Some people are just rude. Reminds me of having my second. Was in a room woth another ladt as post ward was full. Her husband stayed the entire night. They were either talking or he was snoring. Mw took one look at me wide awake at 2am and moved me to a delivery room that was vacant. I could have kissed her

someoneiou Mon 19-Apr-21 21:47:01

This would drive me nuts.

Has happened to me in hospital before. Soul destroying when you're trying to rest/sleep!

Holly60 Mon 19-Apr-21 21:47:34

On a practical note- could you ask for some ear plugs?

ChampionOfTheSun Mon 19-Apr-21 21:47:41

You have my complete sympathy, I was an inpatient for 8 days before my baby was born and this happened ALL THE TIME, so frustrating. I was supposed to be resting but between the 3 hourly obs and the various women who stayed a night but spent that entire night on the phone to various people, I really didn't get much rest at all! I was then in for a further week after DD was born but I was in a private room then fortunately. Please keep complaining, you matter too! flowers

DiscordandRhyme Mon 19-Apr-21 21:49:10

I feel you.

Was send back to postnatal on day 7 as DS had jaundice.

Two nights in there both nights with 3 people in the ward and with loud/complaint driven calls.

I do empathise. 💐

YellowTwinklyStar Mon 19-Apr-21 21:49:34


There was a woman like this on the postnatal ward. It traumatised me. I was so tired as had been there longer and she kept me awake. She was so thoughtless.

I had similar and my hormones were playing games so I had mega rage and tears. I managed to find a sympathetic midwife but only once it was late.

CrotchetyQuaver Mon 19-Apr-21 21:50:37

I'd just keep telling her to shhhh, shut up be quiet etc etc.
If you get really arsey with her, then I reckon they might split you up and hopefully you'll get a bit of peace.
Whether she understands English or not, she'll be able to get the gist of why you're pissed off,

ConnieCaterpillar70 Mon 19-Apr-21 21:50:41

I'd say standing in front of her putting your finger to your lips and sounding SSSSHHHHH would transcend any language barrier.

Propagandalf Mon 19-Apr-21 21:51:09

Language barrier? Learn the bloody language of the country that you reside in!

If I went to France on holiday, I would be expected to know a few phrases to get by. E.g. counting money, telling where a taxi driver to go to, ordering from a menu etc. Then if I was living there or long term, then I would be expected to learn the language.

JayAlfredPrufrock Mon 19-Apr-21 21:51:18

Trip and spill a jug of water over her phone.

Or start sobbing loudly and rocking back and forth.

Boph Mon 19-Apr-21 21:51:51

Worst thing about hospitals is other patients. Actually there is one thing worse, other people's visitors. I see no need for visitors unless you are in hospital a long time.
The staff should insist she uses headphones.

AnotherCupOfTeaVicar Mon 19-Apr-21 21:52:16

Bloody hell, I'd be a pain and keep calling the nurses. She's not in a private room and you need rest
There are loads of ways to say no with a language barrier. It can't be the first time they've encountered this. You need to really make a fuss, It's not the nurses fault but she is making it their problem

MyMushroomsInATimeSlip Mon 19-Apr-21 21:53:40

This happened to me too. Some people are so inconsiderate and there is no longer any respect for staff who request less noise. Why hospitals think its acceptable to room share when you need rest I do not know

Justmuddlingalong Mon 19-Apr-21 21:54:10

Go to the nurses station, if you're able and ask repeatedly to be moved. That's really not on, selfish behaviour. 💐

Redkatagain Mon 19-Apr-21 21:54:47


I I can sympathise. I spent a considerable period of time last week in hospital with a child listening to Peppa Pig very loudly for four hours.By the end of it I was wishing that I could turn pepper into a nice pack of friable bacon.
The parent who had put Peppa Pig on,Put the DVD in and took her child elsewhere and just left it. It was among the most irritating four our periods of my life.

TwittleBee Mon 19-Apr-21 21:56:10

Oh I understand you completely OP!

During my lengthy hospital stays the loud video calls were unbearable.

Are you able to sneak off and have a bath on the ward? Is there one available to you? That's where I lived when on bed rest on an antenatal ward

Angrypregnantlady Mon 19-Apr-21 21:56:41

Keep pressing the call button until they fix it. Or, put some loud music on so she can't hear the call. I don't know how you've coped, I'd by losing it within 2hrs

SpringtimeSummertime Mon 19-Apr-21 21:58:32

Keep complaining.
As someone else said, there is nothing worse than other people’s visitors but this comes close second.

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