To call the police if this happens one more time

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PlentyPlenty Fri 16-Apr-21 15:24:54

I am so sick of our fucking neighbours they just have absolutely no respect for anyone.

There have been a few issues but my biggest annoyance recently is that they and their friends just seem to think it's fine to use our driveway all the time. They have a front garden, we have a drive. They are separated by a fence but there is a gap at the top to get bins in and out of the back of the houses.

Their friends are always riding motorbikes up and down our drive, or even just pacing up and down it taking phone calls. I have gone out and asked several times that they don't do this because it sets off our dog and often wakes our baby from his naps either by the dog barking or the noise from the bikes.

They have just done it again and woken up the baby, so I went out, crying baby in my arms and asked them to stop (politely) and to use their friends front garden if they wanted to get their bike out.

I just received a load of abuse back and he continued off down my drive.

AIBU to think this is cheeky as fuck and to ring the police if I see one person from there step foot on my property again when they shouldn't be?

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PlentyPlenty Fri 16-Apr-21 15:26:39

Funnily enough it only happens when my husband's car isn't there (mine is) I imagine because they wouldn't speak to him in the way they just did to me.

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Fro93 Fri 16-Apr-21 15:29:27

I know you are probably really pissed off and upset but I’d say sit with a cuppa, and have a think if you can seal off the top part they are using for access, put bin elsewhere (if that’s possible!)

Civil trespass probably isn’t a police matter and you risk having a poor relationship with your neighbours (worse than it is now) and the police have more important things to worry about at the moment. Verbal abuse on the other hand isn’t on!

As it was his friend who said it you might be able to go round when everyone’s gone and explain politely, after you’ve calmed down, why it inconveniences you. And suggest you close the gap if it doesn’t stop

Angrypregnantlady Fri 16-Apr-21 15:30:37

Block off the access. Trespass isn't a police matter so they can't do anything.

PlentyPlenty Fri 16-Apr-21 15:32:18

We put the bins in the gap a while ago because it kept happening. They just move them. They know full well we have asked them to stop and have even tried blocking the gap with our bins but they wait until my husband isn't here and do it anyway.

I have tried explaining politely before, multiple times now.

This is just the last thing in a long list of things we've had trouble with. They don't care about asking politely.

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PlentyPlenty Fri 16-Apr-21 15:33:22

It probably isn't a police matter I know. I'm just so angry.

How cheeky do you have to be to give someone abuse when you are the one trespassing?!

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Pupster21 Fri 16-Apr-21 15:33:30

Diagram please

RandomMess Fri 16-Apr-21 15:33:43

Can you draw a diagram?? Is any of the bit they are using shared?

If not out a gate on and lock it.

DayBath Fri 16-Apr-21 15:35:10

Can you draw a diagram, I'm struggling to picture this. Why can't you block the gap for the bins, surely they should take their bins across their own frontage to the road?

PlentyPlenty Fri 16-Apr-21 15:35:48


Can you draw a diagram?? Is any of the bit they are using shared?

If not out a gate on and lock it.

No the bit they are using is not shared and they know full well it isn't.

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AvonCallingBarksdale Fri 16-Apr-21 15:36:26

God how stressful for you sad Are the houses attached? As PP have said, could you block off the gap - with more than bins?

blissfulllife Fri 16-Apr-21 15:36:32

Infuriating isn't it! There's a shared path between mine and neighbours house and they cut across our garden all the time, or their sons friends ride bikes across and even lean them up our front window and leave them there to go inside. Damaged our side door ramming a bike into it too. Probably wouldn't bother most people but it upsets my ASD daughter and sends her into meltdown or she will be very on edge pacing around banging herself on her head. They couldn't give a shit.

I blocked it off eventually.

Like previous poster has said the police won't do anything.

Hope you sort it out x

MusicWithRocksIn1t Fri 16-Apr-21 15:37:21

You need a gate with a padlock on it, do they have a right to use your land for access for their bins?
Why would anyone drive motorbikes up and down their friends neighbours drive!?
In the mean time can you park your car in a way that they can't get past it?

BlueDahlia69 Fri 16-Apr-21 15:37:55

Brick it up

Mrgrinch Fri 16-Apr-21 15:38:50

Why is the access still open to them if it keeps happening? Get a wall/fence/gate whatever is necessary to secure your property.

DayBath Fri 16-Apr-21 15:40:16

If fencing is too expensive get some extremely prickly bushes. That will make them think twice!

PlentyPlenty Fri 16-Apr-21 15:41:23


They KNOW it's not joint though, it in no way looks joint in any way shape or form. They just don't want to drive their bikes down their own garden.

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PlentyPlenty Fri 16-Apr-21 15:41:36

Sorry attached now.

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Handsoffstrikesagain Fri 16-Apr-21 15:41:56

Can you install a gate and lock it? Can your DH go round and tell the dickhead that lives there that if it happens again the police will be called?

AvonCallingBarksdale Fri 16-Apr-21 15:42:21

Does anyone not have neighbours that they dislike after the past year? grin I now want to live at least a mile away from anyone else (and quite often I include my family in that!)

Handsoffstrikesagain Fri 16-Apr-21 15:42:36

Put a gate there on the diagonal with a padlock x

HollowTalk Fri 16-Apr-21 15:42:42

If they won't do it when your husband's in, why not send him around to tell them to stop doing it?

PlentyPlenty Fri 16-Apr-21 15:42:56


Does anyone not have neighbours that they dislike after the past year? grin I now want to live at least a mile away from anyone else (and quite often I include my family in that!)

Oh trust me, I didn't like them from before this either 🤣

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beginningoftheend Fri 16-Apr-21 15:42:56

Is ANY of the route they are using shared?

You need to fence off your private property.

But I would avoid calling police if you own as you may want to sell - this annoyance would make me think about moving.

Pupster21 Fri 16-Apr-21 15:43:32

Yeah I’d install a gate there and keep it locked. If you find a joiner they only cost about £120 (north west)

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