To not put a tv in an Airbnb?

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PutTheCakeDOWN Fri 16-Apr-21 14:34:03

Pondering going find the Airbnb route. There’s no tv in the place we’d do it and it would be a right faff putting one in. I don’t watch loads of tv, and I know lots of people watch on tablets etc anyway.

For context, it’s a couples/single adult space in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

YANBU - tv not needed
YABU - get a tv you cheapskate

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Mylittlesandwich Fri 16-Apr-21 14:35:41

Is it an entire home/place or just a room? I'd expect a tv in a whole flat or house, I'd like one in a single room but would be ok without one. I would however mention it in the listing to prevent bad reviews.

PatrickBatemann Fri 16-Apr-21 14:36:53

YABU. I think most people appreciate a tv

rubyslippers Fri 16-Apr-21 14:37:38

I’ve voted YABU
I think as a family crowding round a tablet or laptop to watch a movie on a holiday isn’t great
For many guests, a TV is a basic requirement so if you don’t do it, then you should make it super clear on the listing

ErickBroch Fri 16-Apr-21 14:38:21


FizzyPink Fri 16-Apr-21 14:38:21

For us if we book an AirBnB it would be necessary along with WiFi. I generally book somewhere like that because I want to eat in some nights and it would be a very long evening with nothing to watch.

katy1213 Fri 16-Apr-21 14:38:23

It wouldn't bother me. What's the point of going away to spend your evenings watching the same rubbish as at home?

Changingwiththetimes Fri 16-Apr-21 14:38:25

If you go without one definitely say do. Is the Internet good there? People could watch on their computers/laptops/ipads. Good Internet trumps tvs.

LeSquigh Fri 16-Apr-21 14:38:53

I wouldn’t book one without a tv. I may not always use it but it’s very nice to have.

emmathedilemma Fri 16-Apr-21 14:39:08

if it's rural then wifi isn't always good enough to watch on tablets.

Kaptain Fri 16-Apr-21 14:39:24

YABU. I'd like the option to watch TV. If you don't put one in, you must point that out.

Kaptain Fri 16-Apr-21 14:40:07

I don't take my laptop when I'm going away, and hate watching on my iPad.

LadyCatStark Fri 16-Apr-21 14:40:20

Most people would At least want to watch the news or a bit of TV to chill out to in the evenings or for children before bed or if they get up early.

FallenSky Fri 16-Apr-21 14:40:44

I wouldn't book somewhere without a TV. It's nice to be able to relax and watch something in the evenings or morning. I'm sure there would be people who would be perfectly happy without one though I'm guessing they're in the minority.

PutTheCakeDOWN Fri 16-Apr-21 14:41:06

No the internet is shit.

Not the responses I was hoping for 😂😂 thank you though, very helpful!

It’s quite a remote area, popular for walking and it’s lakeside so very picturesque. I think it would be a shame to sit in and watch The Bill but horses got courses!

I could always try it and see if people mention it...? As long as it’s super clear on the description?

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PutTheCakeDOWN Fri 16-Apr-21 14:41:33

It’s one bed so no room for children really

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notacooldad Fri 16-Apr-21 14:42:49

I am not an avid TV at home.
However I often go away by myself. I can spend the whole day out but in the evening I like to watch a bit of telly if I'm in an airbnb or hotel.( or whatever)
When I used to go away with my boys and children it was great in the evenings.
If it came down to your place and on with a TV I'd probably pick theres.
I know you say it's a faff putting one in but it's a one off faff. Its not like you are installing every week.

Tinkywinkydinkydoo Fri 16-Apr-21 14:43:50

You’re thinking of nice dry days but what about when it’s pouring with rain or dark outside and people just want to come in and relax with the news, especially if the wifi is bad they won’t even be able to use their devices!

PutTheCakeDOWN Fri 16-Apr-21 14:44:34

Well that’s fairly unanimous!

Thanks very much smile

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kittykarate Fri 16-Apr-21 14:44:36

I'd want a TV if there wasn't good internet, even if just to check the weather forecast.

sunflowersandbuttercups Fri 16-Apr-21 14:45:19

It’s quite a remote area, popular for walking and it’s lakeside so very picturesque. I think it would be a shame to sit in and watch The Bill but horses got courses!

What about days when it's pissing with rain?

YesItsAPeacock Fri 16-Apr-21 14:45:30

I like to go walking AND watch TV of an evening. People aren't going to be out enjoying the picturesque views at night, and not everyone likes board games and jigsaws. If the internet is bad a TV is even more important.

sunflowersandbuttercups Fri 16-Apr-21 14:45:44

Oh, and if the internet is shit, then even more reason to put a TV in.

StealthPolarBear Fri 16-Apr-21 14:45:48

I started a very similar thread when we started Airbnb. The consensus was a tv but doesn't need an aerial - we provide a guest netflix account. Everyone seems very happy with that and obviously we don't need a licence..

Happy Airbnb ing. I really enjoyed it when we did it. Happy t answer questions if you have them.

ClarkeGriffin Fri 16-Apr-21 14:45:58

In the words of joey, you don't have a TV? what's all your furniture pointed at? grin

Get a TV. It may be a pain, but you'll reduce the amount of people who will book if you don't.

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