I only poo once a week. Please help me go more often

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Cheeseandlobster Wed 14-Apr-21 20:36:10

I should be going more often. A typical days diet involves - no breakfast, lunch is a spicy scrambled egg but really more like vegetables binded together with 1 egg ( courgette, mushroom, pepper, spinach and jalapenos) followed by grapes. Dinner is usually a mega salad with chicken, fish, quiche. Small bar of chocolate, another fruit portion and maybe a yogurt. I drink at least 1.5 litres of water daily. Do Hiit training for 20 mins daily.

Yet the only thing that gets me going is having a beer at the weekend and then I think I poo for the whole week, though only once so its uncomfortable and unpleasant.

I have tried a colonic. The lady told me I will be more susceptible to bowel cancer (jeez thanks lady)

I really don't want to become dependant on laxatives but I think I might have to .

Can anyone advise me please?

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Northernsoullover Wed 14-Apr-21 20:38:15

You need oranges. Tangerines are my go to. I have similar issues and found that they work wonders. Apples too. They are good at getting things moving.

Marmite27 Wed 14-Apr-21 20:39:58

I’ve found I need 2 small slices of Wholemeal toast and an orange and a kiwi in the morning to keep me regular.

I really struggle to drink, but a decaf coffee in the evening helps too.

MinnieKat Wed 14-Apr-21 20:41:09

Bran muffins! I make mine with hazelnuts and caoco nibs. They’re the only thing that get me moving.

Youdontknowwhatyouronabout Wed 14-Apr-21 20:41:16

Spend a couple of weeks having a sachet of this every other evening before bed.

and make some dietary changes

Passthecake30 Wed 14-Apr-21 20:41:32

Dark chocolate, kiwis, cabbage work for me. I couldn’t see any whole grains on your list? Brown rice, brown bread, cereal?

Martinisarebetterdirty Wed 14-Apr-21 20:41:36

Coffee - Americanos from costa or equivalent. Sugar free haribo. Or if you have a chicken shop near you - dirty chicken strips help.
If you want to be healthy, try the F plan diet - I have never had such regular and healthy bowel movements.
Fizzy water and walking can help too - good luck!

Standrewsschool Wed 14-Apr-21 20:42:03

My thought reading your food diary is you’re not actually eating much, so there is nothing to poo out, so to speak. Also, there’s very little, almost none, fibre.

Lumene Wed 14-Apr-21 20:42:31

Is this new or always been an issue?

If new, might be worth checking with your GP.

Passthecake30 Wed 14-Apr-21 20:42:47

@MinnieKat is the recipe for the muffins online?

TheSpottedZebra Wed 14-Apr-21 20:43:35

Are you eating a specific low carb diet?

FarTooMuchWashing Wed 14-Apr-21 20:44:08

The two things that make me go are beetroot and prunes - either of these in any quantity and I’m off.
Might be worth trying.
(I ate prunes to wean myself off laxatives following the birth of DC1. Other dried fruit was helpful, but prunes were the most effective.)

WellIWasInTheNeighbourhoo Wed 14-Apr-21 20:44:20

Magnesium citrate tablet at bedtime helps, as does a morning coffee, ducolax when its uncomfortable.

Cheeseandlobster Wed 14-Apr-21 20:44:24

I am trying to low carb and also doing 16:8 but I was like this even when I was eating brown bread.

I do eat more at weekends but probably consume a bit less veg

Apples and tangerines I dont really eat but they are on my shopping list now.

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AgnesNaismith Wed 14-Apr-21 20:44:43

A mocha from Starbucks helps me when nothing else will (other than medication)

Porridge with dates is another good one!

I have empathy though, I am the same

travailtotravel Wed 14-Apr-21 20:45:06

Add flaxseed to your yoghurt. Fibre is your issue. Bowl of bran flakes once a week?

AtrociousCircumstance Wed 14-Apr-21 20:45:14

Take high dose vitamin C. Loads of it, the powdered kind - have 5000 mg in a glass of orange juice.

That’ll do it.

gamerchick Wed 14-Apr-21 20:45:31

Prune juice. Sent from Satan himself that stuff.

Cheeseandlobster Wed 14-Apr-21 20:45:35

I have tinned prunes in my cupboard. They look scary grin

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Elieza Wed 14-Apr-21 20:45:56

Add special k for breakfast accompanied by prune juice.

You will have no problems going. You just don’t seems to eat very much. Keep increasing the veg and fibre until you’re going more regularly.

littlepattilou Wed 14-Apr-21 20:45:57


LAXIDO. Try Boots, they sell it for about five to six pounds.

Pooing once a week is not good. You should be going every day really, or at least 5 times a week!

Cassilis Wed 14-Apr-21 20:46:01

I’m low carbing at the moment and only going once every 5 days. In my case I know it’s the lack of fibre, because when I have a slice of bread there’s movement soon after.

Are you low carbing?

aintnocoffeebigenough Wed 14-Apr-21 20:46:21

Cut out scrambled egg and quiche, I think eggs can lead to constipation if consumed everyday by those susceptible. And two kiwis with skin on!

wandawombat Wed 14-Apr-21 20:46:32

Big bowl of porridge, pears, sourdough bread...more food...

That looks an awfully clean diet, when I eat like that it knackers my digestive transit.

Cheeseandlobster Wed 14-Apr-21 20:46:37

Flaxseed is now on my list. Where would I get orange powder?

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