Dr breached my confidentiality

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wishes1111 Wed 14-Apr-21 15:42:01


I have a long history of being fed up with this doctor, since I was 16 and went to him with a bad cough and he told me I was depressed, I ended up in hospital that night with pleurisy.

I have depression and anxiety anyway and when I was 18, he accused me of buying diazepam off the internet (something I have never done). Growing up with addict parents, I am very careful and have never taken drugs that have not been prescribed to me.

After this, I requested that he didn't contact me again.

I put a request in last week online for some propanalol which I have on a repeat prescription and I gave the reason as "anxiety".

My regular dr gave me a call to check I didn't need anything stronger as I have been under the community mental health team. I said I was okay and just needed some more propanalol, she was happy with this and sent my prescription through as requested.

I went back onto my work calls and whilst I was working I had 4 missed calls from my DH. I called him back and he was panicking as he said the Dr (the one I had trouble) with called him whilst he was out at work and said "I can't get hold of (name) and she put a request in for anxiety medication". I hadn't spoken to DH about this as my anxiety wasn't severe and it was just my usual prescription request.

I am angry that he called DH, his number is not on my file as confirmed by a receptionist but he is listed underneath my address. There is no consent given for him to be contacted to discuss on my behalf and the receptionist said the Dr must have searched my surname and address to obtain his phone number.

Am I right to put a complaint in about this? I wouldn't know where to start. Is it a breach of my data protection? AIBU?

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DartmoorDoughnut Wed 14-Apr-21 15:43:19


boredinthouse Wed 14-Apr-21 15:43:57

Yes it's absolutely a breach of data protection. YANBU

Alsohuman Wed 14-Apr-21 15:44:04

Complain. Complain. Complain. That’s outrageous.

osbertthesyrianhamster Wed 14-Apr-21 15:45:37

Yes, this is a breach.

Lou98 Wed 14-Apr-21 15:45:52

Definitely complain! YANBU!

It had already been dealt with by another doctor, why did he even feel the need to contact you about it? Especially when you've previously put in a request not to deal with him! I'm not usually one for complaining but in this case I definitely think you should

sadpapercourtesan Wed 14-Apr-21 15:45:53

Ugh, he's an arrogant patronising twat. I had a GP like this who would spill things about me to DH (not that there is anything I wouldn't tell him myself, but it's the principle!) and when I pulled him up on it, gave me a high-handed speech about how he believed in "family medicine".

Definitely complain.

LadyCatStark Wed 14-Apr-21 15:46:16

Yes it is, something very similar to this was used as an example for our GDPR training. Report them.

minou123 Wed 14-Apr-21 15:47:06

Yes, complain.

Is the "old" rubbish Dr still at the same GP practice as your new Dr?
Just wondering how he found out.

Sosigsandwich Wed 14-Apr-21 15:47:07

WTF how did he even think that was remotely acceptable?! Surely the only time this would be vaguely ok was if you were a danger to yourself. Even then the police/ambulance seems more appropriate.

BuggerBognor Wed 14-Apr-21 15:47:43

GDPR and (more importantly) professional duty of confidentiality towards patient.

AnnieAnoniMouse Wed 14-Apr-21 15:47:51

The incompetent arsenal needs to be handed his marching papers & this won't happen until enough people complain.

I'd happily detail every grievance I'd had with him over the years, ending with this one.

bubblebath62636 Wed 14-Apr-21 15:48:08

Definitely put a complaint in.

I remember going to the doctor for my 6 week postnatal check up. He was horrible and mocked my stretch marks saying I had far too many for a first pregnancy.

I was 18 and left crying. He was struck off a few years later for unprofessional behaviour including data protection breaches. I wish I'd of bloody reported him!

amusedbush Wed 14-Apr-21 15:48:28

Complain. That’s outrageous.


Definitely complain

ChaToilLeam Wed 14-Apr-21 15:52:33

Absolutely you should complain. This is terrible.

PoppyWoods Wed 14-Apr-21 15:57:01

Yes, put in a formal complaint and copy in your local CCG.
Within your complaint ask what measures will be put in place to stop this happening again and what further training the GP will undergo.

It's outrageous your privacy has been violated in this way, and it can't be undone.

CuriousaboutSamphire Wed 14-Apr-21 16:04:23

Practice manager and CCG. PALS and anyone else you can think of.

Questions you want answered

Why was he checking your notes: he is not your GP and you have asked for him not to be involved in any treatment

Why did he call your DH?

Why did he reveal your medical details to your DH?

Basically if he is not your GP, is not involved in your treatment the has no right to look up your notes. He can't just look at any and every patient he wants to. He has to have a legitimate reason.

From what you have said, even without the history, he had no reason to do so. You are being treated by another GP

Even if he checks all repeat prescriptions as part of his practice role he had no reason to call your DH, there was no emergency. And you have every legal right to confidentiality, even from your DH.

So yes, complain. Loudly.

CuriousaboutSamphire Wed 14-Apr-21 16:07:36

Oh, and your DH could also complain as his records were also searched and he feels he has no right to the medical information he is now privy to. The GP has put him in an untenable position with you.

viagrafalls Wed 14-Apr-21 16:08:36


Definitely put a complaint in.

I remember going to the doctor for my 6 week postnatal check up. He was horrible and mocked my stretch marks saying I had far too many for a first pregnancy.

I was 18 and left crying. He was struck off a few years later for unprofessional behaviour including data protection breaches. I wish I'd of bloody reported him!

Definitely report! How awful for you Bubble flowers

Notoriouslynotnotious Wed 14-Apr-21 16:08:59

Jesus that is so weird. You are not even his patient. It sounds like he is very controlling over patients if that is how he goes on. Mad stuff.

PurpleMustang Wed 14-Apr-21 16:15:47

So this doctor didn't even contact you he went straight to your husband.
If he for whatever reason he can fathom had an issue, why did he not go and speak to your actual doctor.
That is beyond weird.
Calling your husband is not the only issue with what he did. That was the final step.

SwedishK Wed 14-Apr-21 16:28:27

Definitely complain. There could be many reasons you don't want you medical situation to be shared with your partner.

PomBearWithoutHerOFRS Wed 14-Apr-21 16:31:22

And if you can, let the prescribing GP know that their colleague is undermining them professionally by second guessing and interfering with their work.

HowManyToes Wed 14-Apr-21 16:32:37

I’d be SO furious in your shoes. Definitely complain and complain LOUDLY

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