To want to faint in McDonalds?

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TheLowestFlyer Mon 12-Apr-21 12:18:35

DH has slowly introduced a regime of positive reinforcement that, for a wide range of reasons, means I have to take the DC to McDonalds once a month for a sit down meal. This produces a physical response in me that makes me want to, first, gag and then faint. I assume it must be the vaporised oil in the air, the terrible food odours and weird and discoloured plastic decor (and the hyperactive and frankly unappealing toddlers screaming around whenever we go?). Whatever it is, it triggers a really intense response from me and I basically dread these scheduled outings and have to choke back vomiting for the whole meal.

Unfortunately the DC have become really emotionally invested in these going to MacDonalds (to what I think is a really unhealthy level) and DH's schedule means that I am unquestionably the only one who can take then. How do I extricate myself from going to McDonalds? Has anyone else weaned their DC from depending fast food? They genuinely love it, especially the earth-killing toys they abandon minutes after leaving sad

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Histrionicz Mon 12-Apr-21 12:20:41


Choice4567 Mon 12-Apr-21 12:21:25


TheKeatingFive Mon 12-Apr-21 12:21:33

Why did you agree to it if youโ€™re so profoundly against it?

Your description of your response seems very overblown. What would trigger such an extreme reaction?

sunflowersandbuttercups Mon 12-Apr-21 12:21:38

Sorry, but what the fuck are you talking about?

Soubriquet Mon 12-Apr-21 12:21:46

Get your dh to take them and you stay home

TheKeatingFive Mon 12-Apr-21 12:22:15

Sorry, but what the fuck are you talking about?


TellerTuesday Mon 12-Apr-21 12:22:42

Well you haven't been able to sit down in MacDonalds for months so I'm totally baffled

vodkaredbullgirl Mon 12-Apr-21 12:22:52

Bit dramatic reaction to macd. Simple answer is you oh takes him and you stay at home.

DustOnTheWind Mon 12-Apr-21 12:22:54

How do you feel about The Sistine Chapel?

CoffeeRunner Mon 12-Apr-21 12:23:11

Once a month? Really?

Where do you live that sitting in a McDonald's is even possible?

PicsInRed Mon 12-Apr-21 12:23:22

Is it the McDonalds, or is it a response to a controlling husband's order that you go to McDs on a fixed and unchangeable schedule?

Does the thought of saying "no" to him make you anxious?

LividLiving Mon 12-Apr-21 12:23:32

I think you need to clarify your obvious issues if you want sensible responses here, OP.

Whatโ€™s the backstory?

vodkaredbullgirl Mon 12-Apr-21 12:23:39

They been close for sit down for months.

FilledSoda Mon 12-Apr-21 12:23:58

You say No.
Your dh isn't your boss.

NameChangedForThisFeb21 Mon 12-Apr-21 12:24:08


Get your DH to take the kids?

Try the Drive Thru?

Find other means of positive reinforcement?

They havenโ€™t been open for sit down meals for the vast majority of the year anyway so surely the kids habit has been broken?

dementedpixie Mon 12-Apr-21 12:24:23

McDonald's hasn't been open for sit down meals in the UK

Wankerchief Mon 12-Apr-21 12:24:29

Ive got so many questions


JeffTheOracle Mon 12-Apr-21 12:24:42

Go through the drive thru and make them eat it at home? Stand outside and watch through the window? Hang around outside and try to persuade a youth to go in and buy the meals for you?

smartiecake Mon 12-Apr-21 12:25:01

Let your H take them and you dont go

Awwlookatmybabyspider Mon 12-Apr-21 12:25:02

Why is it you that has to take them. Your DH introduced this regime.
He should be the following it through. He sounds very controlling to be honest. I personally think this goes much deeper than McDonald's

smartiecake Mon 12-Apr-21 12:25:15

Or go through the drive thru

SillyBub Mon 12-Apr-21 12:25:38

YANBU Weird and discoloured plastic decor always leaves me terribly frail grin

Macncheeseballs Mon 12-Apr-21 12:26:04

I love a maccy d's, unfortunately my kids won't go near one

BeeUffy Mon 12-Apr-21 12:26:11

Lol. It's not quite screaming at the Michelangelo but you get credit for trying (very hard).

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