To never go for a walk again for the rest of my born days?

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Sheeeeeep Sun 11-Apr-21 15:38:05

Never ever ever.

Weekends and holidays will be spent doing anything that does not involve Going For A Walk.


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SummerHouse Sun 11-Apr-21 15:41:01

But... what will you do? I love a walk. Unless children are involved.

Foolintherain Sun 11-Apr-21 15:43:06

I hate going for a walk. Well I don't mind so much if I'm walking to a pub or the shops. But I never ever go just for a walk.

Ilikeviognier Sun 11-Apr-21 15:43:07

No way are you being unreasonable. But I’m saying that with a fighting 5 and 6 year old who basically complain about going for a walk and then fight the entire way on the walk....sigh.

Sheeeeeep Sun 11-Apr-21 15:43:14

What will I DO?

The zoo, the farm, swimming, shopping, go to the pub, a cafe, a restaurant, go to the gym, the fair, theme parks, flying lessons, scuba diving, concerts, horse riding, coffee, hairdressers, get my nails done, soft play, play dates ...

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Eachpeachpears Sun 11-Apr-21 15:44:44

Swimming sounds delightful op!

If I never utter the words "go for a walk" again, it will be too soon!

GloveFromAbove Sun 11-Apr-21 15:45:06

With you on this one OP. I am SO SO bored of walking and I live in a place with easy reach (5 mins walk) of beautiful coastline. Sick of walking and being cold, walking and being rained on (or snowed on today), walking and trying to stay out of people’s way, just totally fed up of it!

Sheeeeeep Sun 11-Apr-21 15:45:31

Go to the library, a bookshop, museums, art galleries, go to a city just because, watch a ballet, a musical, a play ...

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Forgothowmuchlhatehomeschoolin Sun 11-Apr-21 15:56:36

Yep l am walked out too!!

Same4Walls Sun 11-Apr-21 15:59:26

I'll quite happily go for another walk but only if it's a walk somewhere in a lovely foreign country in beautiful sunshine. A walk anywhere within a 20 mile radius of my front door, never again!

maddiemookins16mum Sun 11-Apr-21 16:00:15

I think I must be in the minority that I haven’t been for one ‘walk’ throughout the last 13 months.

Glitterblue Sun 11-Apr-21 16:01:07

My mother is obsessed with going for a walk EVERY day. She complains if they have one day when they don't go for one and she asks me every single day if we've been for one and gives me a lecture if we haven't. It's at the point now where I always, always say yes even if we haven't just to avoid the lecture about fresh air and exercise 😂

Sexnotgender Sun 11-Apr-21 16:01:54

God yes.

We went for a drive yesterday 😂 I was like, oh no, we’ve become people who go for a drive.

In my defence I’m 9 months pregnant and walking isn’t super fun.

ChubbyLittleManInACampervan Sun 11-Apr-21 16:02:23


You are assuming this is the last lockdown grin it really sad

Better hold on to those walking shoes and that walking spirit wink

Whereiswarmth Sun 11-Apr-21 16:02:29

Same op!!

Beamur Sun 11-Apr-21 16:03:16

Never is a long time!
Although having some more variety will be nice. I'm looking forward to going to the cinema again.

Sheeeeeep Sun 11-Apr-21 16:03:42



You are assuming this is the last lockdown grin it really sad

Better hold on to those walking shoes and that walking spirit wink

You - !!!! grin

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sunflowersandbuttercups Sun 11-Apr-21 16:03:59

I can't wait until all the lockdown walkers bugger off grin

Bargebill19 Sun 11-Apr-21 16:04:02

Yep. Walking is fine if it’s to get from a-z, or walk the dog, or at work (I walk miles). But otherwise walking, just because, nope - not for me.

serin Sun 11-Apr-21 16:05:12

Even our dog is sick of going on walks.

Lofu Sun 11-Apr-21 16:05:33

I have a toddler so when I say 'let's go for a walk' he hears 'let's take an age to get as far as the neighbor's house then you should throw yourself on the ground and refuse to move'.

Fuck walks.

Ragwort Sun 11-Apr-21 16:05:38

Agree .... well, I probably will but just so bored of walking, I walked to the shops this morning (hour's round trip) and was going to have another walk this afternoon but secretly pleased that it seems to be raining heavily grin.

TheTurn0fTheScrew Sun 11-Apr-21 16:08:13

I am so sick of my two, huge, beautiful local parks. For a few weeks I've been medically unable to drive, so can only do walks from the door. Can't wait for a hilltop coastal walk with a pub at the end though.

Harrykanesrightsock Sun 11-Apr-21 16:11:12


I can't wait until all the lockdown walkers bugger off grin

It will be bloody bliss when most of the lockdown walkers stop invading our village, I walk the dog at 5.30am at weekends now

peak2021 Sun 11-Apr-21 16:13:50

If you are going to places that will be open, wearing face coverings where required, and not going short distances by car, then YANBU to never go on a walk other than to get to a place such as these again.

More space for dog walkers, even the dog who did not like me this afternoon.

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