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Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tinker Tue 06-Nov-07 19:44:08

I think YAB a tad U

People get up to shenanigans, not Facebook, an inanimate computer application

<Tip-toes away, backwards>

mumfor1standfinaltime Tue 06-Nov-07 19:46:03

Not really with this facebook thing yet - what is it??

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bogie Tue 06-Nov-07 19:48:11

I have a facebook but really wouldn't want DP to have one?
i still don't know why tho

Lulumama Tue 06-Nov-07 19:49:07

i don;t think facebook is to blame, anymore than friends reunited or any other social sites.

if people are so swayed by a pic of an ex they might not have seen for 10 years, and are prepared to throw away a good relationship for it, then it is not the fault of the internet site, it;s their own fault for lack of self control

people behaved badly and had affairs before WWW took off!

kimi Tue 06-Nov-07 19:49:25

I think it is a bad thing, I don't/won't have one.

Coolmama Tue 06-Nov-07 19:49:47

I think facebook is just another way for people to avoid interacting with the people in their world and society in general - maybe I am missing something, but I clearly don't get the attraction to it.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lulumama Tue 06-Nov-07 19:52:33

people always found a way

i think if a couple don;t trust each other, if it was not facebook , or internet porn it would be something else

ScottishMummy Tue 06-Nov-07 19:53:19

if you don't like FB don't participate then, simple really. ironic though that you favour MN also an anonymous internet based chatroom, should MN be banned then

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ScottishMummy Tue 06-Nov-07 19:59:42

bit knee jerk reaction don't like something ban it Not all adults use all internet chatrooms responsibly, so what!banning it wont help. MN also gets salacious/gossipy/personal relationships discussed - again so what. would not ban t though

rantinghousewife Tue 06-Nov-07 20:01:22

Lol, you're feisty tonight mmj, I've found facebook useful though, just because I can keep in easy contact with a couple of people, I wouldn't be arsed to email/write/phone etc.

yogimum Tue 06-Nov-07 20:04:46

i saw an ad in Eve magazine for a website called illicitencounters, I was a bit shocked, and it takes a lot to shock me.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

skeletonbones Tue 06-Nov-07 20:05:32

Nah I like facebook, I've got in touch with loads of people I haven't seen for ages. I think secrecy and dishonesty in peoples relationships is the problem not facebook enabled trysts wink. I've nowt to hide from the bloke I'm dating, he's seen my facebook and can ask anything about the people who I'm in touch with on it,and I'll tell him, he knows I had a life before I met him and that I don't secretly long to get in any of my ex's pants!

My gran was regaling me with tales of the scandals in her village 60 odd years ago the other day, people having babies by other fellas and passing them off as their husbands only for the child to look 'the spit of' bill from the pub, blokes nipping in for a quicke with their mates wife when the husband was asleep upslairs ect ect its always gone on.

Jacanne Tue 06-Nov-07 20:07:02

DH and I are on Facebook and I can see all his conversations and he can see mine. I guess I would have a problem if he blocked me from that but then I think we'd have a problem anyway if he did that. They said the same about Friends Reunited and texting. If people want to cheat I think they will always find a way.

yogimum Tue 06-Nov-07 20:07:15

i was curious to look but was afraid DH might think I was up to something! (wouldn't have the energy TBH)

piximon Tue 06-Nov-07 20:11:04

I'm probably a saddo, but I use facebook mainly to interact with my family (have large family, many live overseas). I post pics of the DCs when I get remember and I love keeping up with what they are all up to. I have my security setting very high so can only be contacted by people I invite, DH is on my account and I am on his.

rantinghousewife Tue 06-Nov-07 20:11:10

Not sure I'd be bothered to look up any of my exes on it, if any of them were worth a damn I'd still be with them.grin

Kevlarhead Tue 06-Nov-07 20:43:26

People moan on about Facebook friends being a substitute for real friends, which annoys me. I use it to keep track of my friends, who live all over the place, and who I'd have trouble remaining in contact with otherwise.

It's a handy way of doing all your 'keeping up with people you haven't seen in a while' in one place.

bookofthedeadmum Tue 06-Nov-07 20:49:28

You get out of Facebook what you put into it. I go on to play some slow games of Scrabble and nose at other people's pictures. I think my dp has decactivated his account anyway since he works away a lot. If I were going to be unfaithful, it'd hardly be 'on' a website where he can track my every move!

unknownrebelbang Tue 06-Nov-07 20:58:55

Not really got into facebook.

There is apparently a photo of DH on duty on there.....somewhere hmm

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