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In not wanting a tree house overlooking my garden

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Isthisallowed Fri 05-Mar-21 18:01:42

NC as could be outing! One of my neighbour's has a garden that backs on to the bottom of my garden. No problem with that of course and there's a fence for privacy. They have decided to build an 8 foot structure though, so their children can access the tree to 'hang out' in the very broad branches. It now feels like an observation tower as the tree is right on the boundary so looks over my whole garden and into my kitchen and childrens' bedrooms. WIBU to ask them to remove the platform and therefore access to to tree?

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MyLittleOrangutan Fri 05-Mar-21 18:05:51

I'm pretty sure you need planning for stuff like that? When we were looking at getting our decking and summer house done there were definite height restrictions.

What are they like? Are there other close neighbours?

If they're nice, go round and explain. If not, just look into reporting it, I dont think they get in any trouble, just told to take it down, and then maintain the story that you have no idea who reported it, how boring of them.

InsufferablePerformanceFather Fri 05-Mar-21 18:11:47

I think they'll need to get approval from the council for a proper treehouse but not for a few planks across a couple of branches. Of course they are going to think you are killjoys for disliking their idea (especially if they have already promised their children) but it might be prudent to talk before it happens rather than fight after the fact. They aren't likely to be so forgiving if they have put a lot of time and expense into something that you have triggered the necessary removal of.

Isthisallowed Fri 05-Mar-21 18:20:24

Thanks. I don't really know them as the house sort of sides on with my garden. Yes, I think I'll pop round and hooe for the best! I find it quite odd they'd do this but I think it's the only tree in their large garden. The thing is, the access for the tree, isn't actually a tree house, it just gives access to several broad (say 5, 1ft wide branches). That creates a hang out platform. They are using the structure of the tree as a natural treehouse...that's why I'm not sure what I can do. Without the access they've built though, the kids wouldn't be able to get up there.

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Isthisallowed Fri 05-Mar-21 18:21:59

Their garden is over an acre but mine is only tiny🙁

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longestlurkerever Fri 05-Mar-21 18:23:22

I get why you don't participate like this but I'm not sure there's anything much you can do. Tree houses have been a thing since just William's day.

XelaM Fri 05-Mar-21 18:26:55

You’re being unreasonable. It’s their garden and they are allowed to climb the tree on their own property. Put some opaque film on the windows if you feel uncomfortable with being “observed”. Are the kids actually looking into your windows?

mumwon Fri 05-Mar-21 18:28:44

Isthisallowed Fri 05-Mar-21 18:28:49

That's what concerns me. They will basically share my whole garden as they will be sitting over but along my bottom fence. I can't even plant anything as the routes from the tree are so invasive, you can't dig or plant anything at the bottom third of the garden.

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mumwon Fri 05-Mar-21 18:30:40

sorry not UK but it would be worth contacting planning

Alwaysandforeverhere Fri 05-Mar-21 18:31:14

If they haven’t actually built a tree house and more basically just placed a ladder against or on the tree you won’t be able to do anything as your complaint is basically children playing in the tree itself not a structure built into/onto the tree.

Viviennemary Fri 05-Mar-21 18:31:42

There are rules governing tree houses. Depending on how many metres away from your garden boundary. But doesn't sound as if it's a proper structure. I'd do a bit of research online before I approached them. Bit cheeky if they've got an acre of garden and yours is tiny. Why can't they build it in the middle.

AIMD Fri 05-Mar-21 18:31:55

How often have they actually been in the tree? If there anything Like my kids they’ll use it y try one for a few weeks then barely be in it. I assume they’re at school in the weekday depending on where you’re from) so realistically they could only use it at most a few hours a week.

I think yabu.

Kids in the houses isn’t something I’d want to prevent, unless they’re were in it hours everyday looking through my windows with binoculars.

AIMD Fri 05-Mar-21 18:32:06

Tree houses not the houses

Thingsthatgo Fri 05-Mar-21 18:32:07

You can’t really stop them climbing the tree. I get that it is not brilliant for you, but I don’t suppose the kids are really all that interested in you.

VinylDetective Fri 05-Mar-21 18:33:26

I’m getting a distinct feeling of deja vu here.

WoolieLiberal Fri 05-Mar-21 18:33:46

If the kids are young I’d say don’t be miserable.

If they’re teenagers I’d be more concerned.

Isthisallowed Fri 05-Mar-21 18:37:37

It's just not nice seeing ladders up against your fence and kids appearing and basically sitting on your boundary as you spend 'relaxing' time in the garden. Tbh, although they have a massive garden, all the play equipment is actually positioned closer to the neighbours houses. I doubt they hear the kids from in their house!

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NoSquirrels Fri 05-Mar-21 18:37:50

When the leaves come in it’ll be less intrusive. How old are the kids?

mummywantstobeslim Fri 05-Mar-21 18:38:51

Yanbu. I love the idea of a tree house but in reality wouldn't get one. I wouldn't want to upset neighbours ( but with a huge garden it might be possible)

whenwillthemadnessend Fri 05-Mar-21 18:39:06

If it's not a true treehouse and they are sitting in beaches I doubt they will be there for long. Won't be that comfy no I think the novelty will wear off. Plus if there is an accident then the parents will likely remove it anyway

We used to climb trees as kids and we had a lot of falls

whenwillthemadnessend Fri 05-Mar-21 18:39:29

Branches not beaches

Alwaysandforeverhere Fri 05-Mar-21 18:39:32

Honestly op it sucks but it’s just children climbing trees and sitting on the branches. There is no treehouse just a tree and children playing in said tree.

The title is rather misleading.

Isthisallowed Fri 05-Mar-21 18:39:37

Kids are primary and secondary age. Mine are primary.

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NoSquirrels Fri 05-Mar-21 18:40:01

Is there actually an ‘8-foot structure’ or is it just planks against the tree trunk?

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