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to have realised I have no life and want to move to cornwall after lockdown

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ruledbynine Fri 05-Mar-21 02:50:47

I’m thinking if I have no life then I might as well have no life somewhere beautiful? Has anyone made the move and made it work?

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DownUdderer Fri 05-Mar-21 04:13:28

Cornwall is very beautiful.

RantyAnty Fri 05-Mar-21 04:20:48

Go for it.
What's that saying about more regret for the things we didn't do.

Sapho47 Fri 05-Mar-21 04:26:37

Its expensive and there's little but low paid work.

Locals fucking hate outsiders buying the houses and pricing out their children.

So if you want to have no life, no money and no friends worth a punt

Chunkymenrock Fri 05-Mar-21 04:29:33

Beautiful, yes. But some resentment in parts due to 'non natives' like you arriving, fewer job opportunities, serious poverty in areas, lots of travel required to go to any other county. It seems like a golden bullet but remember that your problems are likely to move with you and may even be intensified by having to start again, not knowing anyone, etc etc. There are many other beautiful places that may have more advantages?

HeronLanyon Fri 05-Mar-21 04:47:31

Sorry you are in a low place right now op.
Being somewhere beautiful (lots of different views about what that is) can be really uplifting.
Depending on where you are now and where in Cornwall you’re thinking about it could work for you.
I know parts of Cornwall really well. Many move there and stick it for one or maybe two winters then leave. If you are coastal or deep rural the winters can be brutal (and exhilarating) and the summers crowded whether packed villages or just quieter places less quiet.
You’ll always be an outsider to many. There is an insularity and unwelcoming aspect which I’ve never experienced elsewhere. Some of it understandable.
Depending on where you are now you might find it really quiet and non diverse.
There’s a world of difference between a cottage in the moors or on the coast and eg Truro or Penzance but still you might find it too quiet?
In the meantime can you get out into country yourself (Covid compliant or when lockdown eases?). Days out/walking or other groups? Is there somewhere closer which might be less of a leap but give you what you want ? Eg Kent coast, south coast, Yorkshire, east anglia etc etc
Anyway good luck.

Chillychili Fri 05-Mar-21 04:47:43

We made the move, it’s lovely and depending where you live it’s not to expensive, job opportunities aren’t great thought. Although me and partner both key workers and have never struggled for work.
My only wish is that we moved to north Cornwall, we moved very west, it takes us 2.5 hours to get to exeter. Have also found the further west the less accepting or outsiders everyone is.

HeronLanyon Fri 05-Mar-21 04:53:07

Oh I’ll add the weather. It is a bit warmer than the rest of the country year round. A few degrees. On sunny hot days you could think you’re in the Caribbean. The rain ! I’ve known it rain pretty solidly through much of July/august. Best may/June/sept. The sea fret can hang around for days on end. It is rugged weather wise - the balmy hot days are sporadic most years. South coast more sheltered.

Ozgirl75 Fri 05-Mar-21 05:08:07

Cornwall people can be really unfriendly but the south coast is nice - what about a nice Sussex village? Depends what you do for work I suppose.

SuperSimple Fri 05-Mar-21 05:20:47

Following with interest, we are also considering moving to Cornwall.

garlictwist Fri 05-Mar-21 05:23:39

I used to live in Cornwall. The winters are certainly not brutal! Much snowier and darker where I live now in the north.

HeronLanyon Fri 05-Mar-21 05:27:56

garlic good point. I was thinking more about gales and storms (I’ve been swept off my feet before and had car doors damaged on opening). Also thinking strongly about those who move to Cornwall for the summers and find the winters unexpectedly long and tough. It’s definitely a thing.
Respect to your snow and cold brutality.

LampsOn Fri 05-Mar-21 05:32:12

I've just moved to a remote part of the country and absolutely love it. But I'm originally from here so I'm not an outsider. But the quietness, the peacefulness, big skies and landscapes are incredible. I don't miss city at all (and spending half my life on the ring road). Life is too short to live somewhere you don't want to be.

peak2021 Fri 05-Mar-21 06:53:38

Don't expect to walk into a job in Cornwall. Unemployment and low pay even in normal times is prevalent.

MeanMrMustardSeed Fri 05-Mar-21 07:25:21

If you love Cornwall, head there. But I would prefer the drier east coast. Either Sussex or Suffolk.

orangejuicer Fri 05-Mar-21 07:28:22

Interesting point about the non natives. What about returning natives and their families? Would they likely get the same treatment? (Generalising massively here of course).

cremeauchouchou Fri 05-Mar-21 07:30:50

YABU to want to move to Cornwall which is very damp. Move somewhere nicer with better beaches.
YANBU to want to make a change if you aren't happy.

skeggycaggy Fri 05-Mar-21 07:36:31

Look very very very carefully at jobs. Claimants of universal credit have doubled in Cornwall because of rising unemployment.

MrsBotibolsCruise Fri 05-Mar-21 07:39:06

Other beautiful locations are available (personally I think Cornwall is a little overhyped and some residents seem to have a bit of a God complex about living there).

If you’re not happy make changes where you live before considering moving! It might be as simple as changing one or two things to make a big difference.

ZaraW Fri 05-Mar-21 07:40:19

As mentioned before the job situation would put me off. I'm considering Worthing in the next few years. It's close to Brighton but house prices are cheaper.

Campervan69 Fri 05-Mar-21 07:40:45

My friend did it. She was in the police though and requested a transfer. I think the police give you a built in support system of friends. So she absolutely loves it. So beautiful and has completely changed her life in a positive way.

FuzzyPuffling Fri 05-Mar-21 07:41:51

I live in Cornwall. It is very beautiful, but I wish I lived in Yorkshire again.

Roszie Fri 05-Mar-21 07:45:38

I love Cornish beaches but I can't stand all the rain they get there.

It's too far from everything too.

FuzzyPuffling Fri 05-Mar-21 07:51:51

It's bright sunshine here today. And it's St Piran's Day.
Doesn't make it any less lonely.

Skyliner001 Fri 05-Mar-21 07:53:13

No way would I go to Cornwall, it's so incredibly over run with tourists in the summer, locals are grumpy about visitors and people buying houses from outside. There are so many more beautiful places to live on the coast. Where are you would get so much more for your money, if you don't need to get anywhere near Cornwall, why not consider moving to the coast in Wales, or up north. So many places way more beautiful in Cornwall, and quieter to.

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