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Can someone please help me solve this riddle?

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foreverold Tue 02-Mar-21 19:22:19

Was put on parents group chat and driving me mad. Person posting says it's so easy that even 'toddlers could work it out if they read it properly'. confused

Riddle - there are three tarantulas in a round tank and five tarantulas in a rectangle tank. How many legs are in the rectangle tank?

I did the obvious 5x8 = 40 but obviously that's not it...anyone any idea?

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Bunnybigears Tue 02-Mar-21 19:23:51

No idea but I'm posting so I can see the answer

ChelseaCat Tue 02-Mar-21 19:25:25

Is the round tank inside the rectangular tank?

Hont1986 Tue 02-Mar-21 19:26:02

Is the round tank supposed to be inside the rectangle tank or something? Is there an accompanying picture? From what you've posted, 5x8=40 is correct.

the80sweregreat Tue 02-Mar-21 19:26:02

Placemarking. I've no idea 🤷‍♀️

HerringGull Tue 02-Mar-21 19:26:32

Is it one? There's an L, an E, and a G in the phrase 'rectangle tank'.

bearlyactive Tue 02-Mar-21 19:27:05

Please don't let this be another Boswell... grin

iklboo Tue 02-Mar-21 19:27:13

None. The tarantulas self identify as snakes.

CatsForLife Tue 02-Mar-21 19:27:35

Is the answer 1? As there is one l-e-g in the words rectangle tank?!

Bunnybigears Tue 02-Mar-21 19:27:49

Is there a posh name for spider legs that isn't legs so the answer would be 0

foreverold Tue 02-Mar-21 19:28:14

No picture accompanying it.

Ohh that might be in @HerringGull, will check with him

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RuddyHellItsSoftCell Tue 02-Mar-21 19:28:48

rectangle tank? Is it something to do with the wording? Wouldn’t it be more common to say rectangular?

Daisydoesnt Tue 02-Mar-21 19:29:03

Shouldn’t it be rectangular? Not rectangle?

AfterEightsBeforeEight Tue 02-Mar-21 19:30:46

Without sounding daft, have you definitely copied the riddle word for word... because I can't see anything to suggest anything other than 40. "How many legs does the rectangle tank have?", for example, would be zero... The tank doesn't have legs.

OytheBumbler Tue 02-Mar-21 19:31:30

There's no 's' in 'rectangle tank' so how many legs doesn't make sense or maybe I'm overthinking it.

foreverold Tue 02-Mar-21 19:32:31

Yes I copied it word by word - rectangle tank rather than rectangular tank. Awaiting his response if he could hurry grin

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FrontRowSeat Tue 02-Mar-21 19:33:40

I hope he hurries - I can’t concentrate until I know the answer grin

HopingForOurRainbowBaby Tue 02-Mar-21 19:34:58

Even Google doesn't have a clue!!

soundsystem Tue 02-Mar-21 19:35:43

Oh I really don't want to become invested in this in case it turns out to be another Boswell...

RuddyHellItsSoftCell Tue 02-Mar-21 19:37:05

If it is one l,e and g I’m not going to be happy! It’s a bit of a disappointing riddle answer.

WhatWouldPhyllisCraneDo Tue 02-Mar-21 19:37:05

Just place marking for the answer. Add long as it's not Boswell

Puzzledtenant Tue 02-Mar-21 19:37:28

I'd say 8, at best, as tarantulas are cannibals, but that's a bit grim of an answer when the question is referring to toddlers working it out!

Donteatpurplebroccoli Tue 02-Mar-21 19:37:48

No idea but want to find out! grin

AntigoneLost Tue 02-Mar-21 19:38:02

Or 8 legs, because tarantulas eat each other? So there would only be 1 left?

boppityboop Tue 02-Mar-21 19:38:58

None, a rectangle tank has no legs, I think I've seen this somewhere before.

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