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To warn you about this mobile number?

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ChancesWhatChances Tue 02-Mar-21 16:29:01

It’s a HMRC scam, received a phone call from this mobile number. There was an automated voice telling me the call was from HMRC about a tax fraud case opened in my name, if I didn’t press 1 to connect the call an arrest warrant would be issued and the police would arrive immediately. I hung up and submitted a suspicious call form to HMRC, but it took a few seconds for my brain to click it was a scam (I’ve never had a phone call scam, only text message ones!).

Would it be against talk guidelines to post the phone number here just in case anyone wants to forewarn anyone they think might fall for it?

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emilyfrost Tue 02-Mar-21 16:30:03

It would be totally pointless. They don’t just have one phone number they ring everyone from, they have thousands of them constantly spamming people 24/7.

ChancesWhatChances Tue 02-Mar-21 16:30:16

Might add, it was a mobile number that called me not a withheld/official looking number. That was the only reason I’d realised it was a scam.

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ShrewYou Tue 02-Mar-21 16:31:04

They can call the same person back three minutes later and it's a different number. I used to block them but I don't even bother now.

ChancesWhatChances Tue 02-Mar-21 16:31:11

@emilyfrost shock I didn’t know that! Thought it was maybe one or two folk that rang random numbers confused

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CounsellorTroi Tue 02-Mar-21 16:32:15

I got a call from a suspected scam number, a voice mail was left so I listened to it. It was an automated message with an American accent, claiming to be from "the local courthouse" asking me to ring them back on this number. Needless to say I didn't.

ShrewYou Tue 02-Mar-21 16:33:32

They will have a bounty Hunter after you @CounsellorTroi shock A local one of course.

sunflowersandbuttercups Tue 02-Mar-21 16:35:04

I get them all the time.

Like PP said, they use different numbers every time they ring, so that when you google the number, you don't realise it's a scam and answer or call back.

They have millions of numbers on rotation. I just don't answer unknown numbers anymore - I have my phone set to mute all calls from people not in my contact list. If it's genuine they can leave me a message.

BabbleBee Tue 02-Mar-21 16:37:17

DD had one recently from a mobile number, something to do with her national insurance number being revoked if she didn’t pay something. Weird!

BlackeyedPetitsPois Tue 02-Mar-21 16:40:01

Have had multiple calls of this type to my mobile. Always the same recorded message but from various mobile numbers.
I’m obviously a serial fraudster! wink

BlindCarparkWarden Tue 02-Mar-21 16:40:12

My DP once pressed 1 on one of these calls, and when the individual on the other end asked for his details he said his name was Fred Bloggs with some address which couldn’t possibly exist. But as soon as he said his name was Fred Bloggs the man replied “ah yes Mr Bloggs, we have your file up here now,” grin and when he figured out that DP had given him a spoof address he said “well I’ll be informing your local authority and they’ll be coming round to arrest you....” grin grin grin

I re-created one of these scam messages using the voiceover on my iPhone just to show how easily it could be done. Not sure how I could upload the result here though?

sanfranfibber Tue 02-Mar-21 16:50:45

Might add, it was a mobile number that called me not a withheld/official looking number. That was the only reason I’d realised it was a scam.

Not the radon threat to have you arrested?!

MrsDThomas Tue 02-Mar-21 16:53:11

I got one too. heard him say HMRC and then i blocked it.

HMRC dont have my number. That’s clear.

DrWankincense Tue 02-Mar-21 16:54:29

I have had so many of these recently. Now I press 1 and tell whoever answers to remove my number from whatever list they have, what they are doing is illegal and they are very bad people. I'm sure they don't gaf but I'm sure there will be a lot of vulnerable people who would fall for it and they really are despicable.

endlesswicker Tue 02-Mar-21 16:58:35

My dd has had half a dozen of them in the last few days, all from a mobile number (and luckily for her) all missed calls as she was at work at the time and doesn't carry her phone when on duty.

Just ignore them.

Sobeyondthehills Tue 02-Mar-21 16:59:26

I have this about once a week, along with the fact I am doing something illegal with my internet, a virus in my desktop and the hundreds of emails from people all wanting to give me $5 million, as long as I give some to charity.

The emails, they at least negotiate how much I am meant to give, as long as they get all my personal details and my first born.

dodobookends Tue 02-Mar-21 17:00:33

A friend of mine had one of these calls. She works for HMRC and is a tax inspector.
grin grin

Fairyliz Tue 02-Mar-21 17:00:35

Sometimes when I am really bored I press 1 and see how long I can keep them chatting giving all sorts of stupid information. I then leave them hanging for ages whilst ‘I go upstairs to get my bank card’ which obviously takes a long time with my dodgy knees grin.
Stops then bothering other people.

Robintakeover Tue 02-Mar-21 17:01:34

These numbers change regularly . During half term we were being bombarded - the calls stopped though the time I just didn’t pick up . Anyone important would leave a message.

LyndaSnellsSniff Tue 02-Mar-21 17:02:09

My current favourite and most persistent scammer is the automated voice thanking me for my recent Amazon purchase valued at £759.

Practically the only calls we get on the landline are scammers. Still, it livens up the day.

Lunariagal Tue 02-Mar-21 17:03:24

Number spoofing is a big thing. The number which came up is highly unlikely to be the one it's come from.

Mabelface Tue 02-Mar-21 17:06:29

Don't forget bt openreach telling you that your WiFi is slow so can you just pop in to your computer and input this code.

aloeha Tue 02-Mar-21 17:08:28

I had a voicemail with this before. It took me a while to understand what was going on and I shat myself but there’s so many different numbers they use to call. I report the number every time but I don’t think much can be done

HollowTalk Tue 02-Mar-21 17:08:40

They call me nearly every week! I feel like they're part of the family now.

Nnovember Tue 02-Mar-21 17:10:09

This happened to me today!!! I blocked the number after a few seconds in.

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