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Piers Morgan wants masks worn whilst running...

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Trulyatraditionalman Tue 02-Mar-21 10:08:11

AIBU to think this is ridiculous?

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Trulyatraditionalman Tue 02-Mar-21 10:11:46

Just to clarify that I'm sure there are some negligent runners out there, but the ones I come across are mostly respectful to distance, stepping aside for walkers (I also run). Transmission is much lower outside. I always go out in the early morning and make every effort to avoid contact and certainly don't huff and puff all over people!

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Trulyatraditionalman Tue 02-Mar-21 10:14:31

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Martinisarebetterdirty Tue 02-Mar-21 10:17:03

Hate to say it but I agree with Piers blush. You might be considerate OP but around where I live the runners couldn’t give a shiny shit and will huff and puff all over you. I no longer walk in the local park because of this, I do road walking instead. I’m not saying the park is not for runners, it’s for everyone, perhaps I’m just unlucky in the runners around where I live.

GreenlandTheMovie Tue 02-Mar-21 10:17:21

As one of the many asthmatics who run to help my asthma, you really do not want to encourage many asthmatics to wear a mask while exerting themselves.

Unless you want a wheezing, spluttering individual double over in respiratory distress, with the amount of attention from helpful people that usually attracts.

I can hear about cope with wearing a mask in the supermarkets or at appointments but wearing one does make me cough.

Piers Morgan needs to look after his own health before dictating to people how they should exercise. He is not exactly healthy looking for his age.

customwatkins Tue 02-Mar-21 10:17:53

I don't think I could run with a mask on, I can barely breath when running anyway (unfit runner alert!) I'd have to stop running altogether :-(

Will this apply to walkers, cyclists, horse riders etc too?

ClaudiaWankleman Tue 02-Mar-21 10:19:18

Transmission is low enough outside for me to not be bothered at all. I'd be annoyed if someone coughed on me, but then I would have been annoyed by that pre-COVID.

Piers could always wear a mask and visor to protect himself when he is out and about.

ReverendRicketyCricket Tue 02-Mar-21 10:19:46

I want Piers Morgan to shut up and fuck off. What chance of that do you think?

Fembot123 Tue 02-Mar-21 10:19:58

I wear a snood type thing that I can pull up to calm down the hysterics as well as giving a wide berth.

Fembot123 Tue 02-Mar-21 10:20:29


I want Piers Morgan to shut up and fuck off. What chance of that do you think?

He needs to concentrate on losing some timber himself for his own health.

TheSockMonster Tue 02-Mar-21 10:21:54

If there was evidence to show there was a high risk of transmission then increased measures like extra distance between you and others and a ban on running in busy areas or, as a last result surely, mask-wearing would be sensible.

As it is, it looks like the only virology expert Piers has consulted is himself.

dreamingbohemian Tue 02-Mar-21 10:21:57

I guess it is ridiculous but to be fair not everyone is as considerate as you. If I go for a walk in our park there is a constant stream of runners who don't keep their distance and do huff all over you. One Sunday I went for a walk in central London along the Thames, all the walkers were keeping their distance but there were loads of runners squeezing past everyone very closely while panting heavily. Sorry I do find it antisocial!

BrightYellowDaffodil Tue 02-Mar-21 10:22:18

This would be Piers Morgan, the highly qualified immunologist who understands that outside transmission is negligible, as opposed to Piers Morgan the puffed-up windbag who serves no purpose other than to make the world a worse place?

No, thought not.

HeartsAndClubs Tue 02-Mar-21 10:22:49

Did he wear a mask on his illegal trip to the Caribbean over Christmas?

TheCatWithTheFluffyTail Tue 02-Mar-21 10:23:33

Many here voluntarily wear a mask for running at the moment anyway. I assume that rather than being less considerate, those that don’t generally don’t do so because they find it problematic (eg asthmatic etc).

LadyCatStark Tue 02-Mar-21 10:25:02

I wish someone would put a bloody mask on Piers Morgan. One that comps his mouth shut!

Mrsjayy Tue 02-Mar-21 10:25:22

I would quite like him to wear a mask on GMB just to shut him up,he is a ridiculous man !

IrmaFayLear Tue 02-Mar-21 10:25:41

Frankly I wish joggers could all go and run in big stadiums (stadia?!) or up and down airport runways.

It’s not just the puffing, it’s the arrogant pavement hogging and single-minded pounding so everyone else has to scatter, because their fitness is absolutely paramount .

BarbaraofSeville Tue 02-Mar-21 10:26:35

Well isn't it a shame for Piers Morgan that all the scientific advisory committees and health bodies employ qualified scientists who review evidence before making recommendations and take no notice of random musings of the idiotic.

Trulyatraditionalman Tue 02-Mar-21 10:26:46

@fembot123 That's really good of you. I just hold my breath for a few seconds if any of the paths are narrow!

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AuntieStella Tue 02-Mar-21 10:26:57

I give plenty of space tomwalkers whenever possible, including waiting when the path narrows.

When however walkers are 5 or 6 abreast, taking the entire width of the path, and showing no inclination to move to merely 3 abreast (which would give plenty of room for everyone) then chances are I'll just keep going even thoughmeans passing v close

That happens pretty much every day, and I think everyone needs to think a bit more about how much space they are taking up on footpaths, and how to share nicely

Thatwentbadly Tue 02-Mar-21 10:29:18

Yabu for even listening to this man. Just like Katie Hopkins he says things to get a reaction rather than things he believes.

MrsHuntGeneNotJeremyObviously Tue 02-Mar-21 10:30:14

I agree with Piers. I don't want some sweaty spluttering runner sharing their germs with me. They don't all keep their distance - lots think it's everyone else's responsibility to get out of their way -- see also cyclists--

crumpet Tue 02-Mar-21 10:30:21

It’s tricky isn’t it. I live in the country and am lucky to see even one person if I am out. A very different kettle of fish to a crowded city park/pavement.

Rollercoaster1920 Tue 02-Mar-21 10:31:36

Its all about consideration for others. I run, and give people a wide berth, stop to let people through narrow sections etc. But when a group is all across the path coming towards me and they don't even attempt to make some space then I'm tempted to cough at them!

In Richmond park in London BTW. Yes there are a fair few large groups either standing across the path or walking all in a line across the path. Or 'overtaking' into oncoming people so forming a barrier with no escape even if you stand still!

Transmission outside through chance encounters has been routinely proven to be very low, hence the current rules. Consideration is important.

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