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CF or am I being really tight?

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BudgieIsAHelicopter Thu 25-Feb-21 22:58:59

I’ve made face masks for my own/families use. A friend has seen the ones I’ve made and has asked if I’d make him a couple using a fabric of a particular film series if he bought the fabric. I’m happy to do this.

He sent me a link of fabric, I said it wouldn’t work because the pictures on the fabric were too big and it wouldn’t look right when I cut it up so sent a link of one I thought would be better suited. He replied that looks great, do you want me to give you any money for it?

I don’t know why this has really annoyed me 😂 I feel like I’ll look really tight saying yes transfer me the £6 for the fabric so think he knows I’d say don’t worry about it.

If it was me I would have just ordered the fabric myself and not assumed anyone else would pay for something I wanted. For what it’s worth, I would never have asked for money for making the masks, time spent or the elastic that I’d need etc.

I feel annoyed that giving my time to make them isn’t enough, now I need to pay for the privilege of doing it too. And yes I know I’m over reacting and don’t have anything worse to worry about 😂

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SnarkyBag Thu 25-Feb-21 23:01:03

Just reply “if you pop the fabric round once you’ve ordered it I’m happy to make it”

Cherrysoup Thu 25-Feb-21 23:01:14

Have you said anything to him yet? Just tell him you’ll crack on once he’s sent you the fabric!

HmmmHmmmm Thu 25-Feb-21 23:01:58

You could say "order it and get it sent to my house?"

GertrudePerkinsPaperyThing Thu 25-Feb-21 23:02:23

What both the pps have said!

Jackie2022 Thu 25-Feb-21 23:02:54

I would just say, “yes the masks costs £X and you said you would buy the custom fabric”

PurpleFlower1983 Thu 25-Feb-21 23:03:39

I think he’ll be expecting to buy the fabric.

AnneLovesGilbert Thu 25-Feb-21 23:03:51

He needs to order it and get it sent to you.

You’re already doing him a favour and costing yourself money. He’s taking the piss. Don’t do his wife work.

Fortunefavours1 Thu 25-Feb-21 23:03:56

Ask him to order the fabric, you're being more than generous with your time and skill

katy1213 Thu 25-Feb-21 23:03:59

Just tell him - happy to do it when you deliver the fabric. How hard is that?
Don't think homemade facemasks offer much protection, though.

Jackie2022 Thu 25-Feb-21 23:04:03

Oh right you’re not charging, then just tell him to order it as he said earlier

Jackie2022 Thu 25-Feb-21 23:04:34

What’s the price difference between the two links?

Howshouldibehave Thu 25-Feb-21 23:04:39


Just reply “if you pop the fabric round once you’ve ordered it I’m happy to make it”


thepeopleversuswork Thu 25-Feb-21 23:10:42

I'd just tell him. I don't think its necessarily cheeky, it was probably his (clunky) way of asking you to tell him how much he owed you.

A bit ungracious but not something to lose sleep over...

Scalphelp Thu 25-Feb-21 23:10:51

To be honest I think I would just find a way to get out of this arrangement full stop. It has all the hallmarks of becoming awkward and souring a friendship

What if this material doesn’t quite work being made into a mask either? You can’t guarantee it would, you haven’t seen it. He’s probably going to be annoyed as you specifically sign posted him to buy it. If it doesn’t look quite right, are you happy to keep redoing it? What if he expects you to pay for a 2nd lot of fabric etc

MuddleMoo Thu 25-Feb-21 23:12:01

From what he's said I'd just say "yes please,the fabric cost £x so could you cover that I'll supply the rest."

Racoonworld Thu 25-Feb-21 23:13:12

Say no, you any want any money, just let you know when he’s got the antic and you’ll make it.

Bufferingkisses Thu 25-Feb-21 23:13:13

Definitely "don't be silly! Just drop the fabric over when it arrives, should only take me a day to sort out" (or similar) basically respond as if it's completely obvious he meant he would pay for the fabric. It is quite possible he intends to!

OrigamiOwl Thu 25-Feb-21 23:13:40


Just reply “if you pop the fabric round once you’ve ordered it I’m happy to make it”

Absolutely this. Get him to order the fabric and get it delivered around yours.

BudgieIsAHelicopter Thu 25-Feb-21 23:16:32

The material I sent a link for will work, it’s a smaller patter than on the other one.

I sent the link thinking he’d order it if he liked it, he knows how much it is from that.

I always feel a bit awkward asking for money off people, I only agreed in the first place because he wanted a specific thing and said he’d get the fabric for it.

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TokyoSushi Thu 25-Feb-21 23:19:28

Come on now OP, bright and breezy, 'just pop the fabric round to me when it arrives and I'll make it up for you! '

WeBuiltThisBuffetOnSausageRoll Thu 25-Feb-21 23:20:09

so sent a link of one I thought would be better suited. He replied that looks great, do you want me to give you any money for it?

That's unequivocal: if he were expecting to pay for the fabric, there would definitely have been a "just ordering it now" in the middle. If by 'it', he meant the work in making it rather than his own selected fabric, he phrased it very awkwardly indeed. Most people would at least say "How much will they come to?" or "Let me know what I owe you for it all".

If you had a big roll of it in and he was wanting to use a little of it, it wouldn't be so bad, but you never expect somebody to order something in specially for you and then for them to foot the bill. He's a real CF - even expecting you to go to the trouble of ordering it as well, unless you were already putting in an order anyway.

SnackSizeRaisin Thu 25-Feb-21 23:20:53

Don't ask him for money, that is awkward. Just say "no payment required, just drop the fabric round when it arrives and I will make it for you". He may well just be trying to ask if you are going to charge for the work, and have every intention of buying his own fabric!

HollowTalk Thu 25-Feb-21 23:20:54

He clearly doesn't feel awkward asking you to do it for nothing! Take a leaf out of his book and make it clear that he has to provide the fabric.

tara66 Thu 25-Feb-21 23:22:02

Just ignore him and he'll go away. So many masks available now.

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