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To share this earth shattering life changing news!

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Breastfeedingworries Tue 23-Feb-21 23:33:43

You don’t have to hang your clothes up!

Okay everyone else has known this a long time. I’ve spent years with a rail and mess at the bottom of a very large wardrobe space.

All through childhood I was told off for not hanging my clothes, the only draws I had were stiff painted vile things I had to use every ounce of childhood strength to open. (So I never did) was a very messy unorganised child surrounded by hangers and toys and told off on a daily basis.

I posted previously about getting the council house and being able to be freed from a psychologically controlling mother ( I’ve got learning difficulties, low self esteem and poor mh)

Today speaking to a close friend whose been seriously helping me organise the house, painting and decorating she asked why I was bothering with cupboards when I always end up in a mess. I never buy anything that creases as I don’t iron.

So long winded and bizzare but I’m buying two sets of 6 draws and I feel so free and happy.

Immediately Have been shot down and told I have to hang dresses ect and sent photos of old painted draws by family members...but this tiny bit of life knowledge has changed my outlook on my whole childhood. I wasn’t given the tools or correct support.

What young child wants to constantly hang their clothes...wants the stress of someone opening and checking... has the time with their adhd to concentrate and complete the task! (I’m still undiagnosed but suspected adhd but I’m also dyslexic and dyspraxic)

I’m just in shock about my past and this small thing has basically made me cry with happiness.

I thought you had to hang clothes neatly.

Fuck that!


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Breastfeedingworries Tue 23-Feb-21 23:34:44

I’m meaning wardrobes when I say cupboards!

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Newkitty Tue 23-Feb-21 23:38:09

Congratulations!! I feel the same about making the bed

MiniMaxi Tue 23-Feb-21 23:39:04

Drawers are the way forward OP!

If you don’t want to hang stuff, fuck it smile

BabbleBee Tue 23-Feb-21 23:39:56

Welcome to your new life where you get to decide if you hang clothes or not, you must feel so liberated!

Calmyertits Tue 23-Feb-21 23:40:37

I got shot of all our wardrobes, nothing ever went in it, would just piled on top the drawers so everyone has a set of drawers except the baby and tbh i rarely hang her stuff up either

Brokenfurnitureandroses Tue 23-Feb-21 23:41:26

I don’t iron either, life’s just too short for that. Live your life the way you want to and if not hanging clothes is your thing, then go for it. Nobody will be checking anyway. Best of luck with your new house!

Chocolatepeanuts Tue 23-Feb-21 23:43:33

Good for you!! I remember your old threads. Thrilled you've finally got your own place and away from your mum. Enjoy it all! flowers

Breastfeedingworries Tue 23-Feb-21 23:44:21

Yeah, sorry know it’s the most bizzare thread and sorry for making it as it would sound so boring now I think about it!

Just being messy and feeling useless really framed my childhood.

I’m so excited about my draws lol and having the freedom that goes with it.

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Fairydustrust Tue 23-Feb-21 23:47:09

Well done OP. Good for you. You can make your own decisions in your own home. . I only recently stopped ironing. its

PeskyRooks Tue 23-Feb-21 23:51:08

You make the rules now OP!

Therearenomore Tue 23-Feb-21 23:52:13

YANBU You can buy or make t-shirt folding boards too if you want to. Then you get the benefits of drawers and uncrumpled t-shirts without ironing. DS calls the ironing board "granny's surfboard" grin

mumwon Tue 23-Feb-21 23:57:10

(I roll my t shirts up tightly it gets rid of most creases & more stuff fits in drawers)

Mosaic123 Tue 23-Feb-21 23:59:41

I like to hang everything up, except underwear. I can see what I have more easily. I used to have cupboards with shelves and they were always messy. Everyone's different I guess

doublehalo Wed 24-Feb-21 00:00:57

You should check out the Marie Kondo method OP. She does beautiful drawers.

Well done. What a nice feeling!

PyongyangKipperbang Wed 24-Feb-21 00:01:03

The only issue I have with this is that your family know about it. Why the hell is your private bedroom in your new private home anything to do with them?! If they ask tell them to mind their own business! And by "them" obviously I mean your mother!

Calmyertits Wed 24-Feb-21 00:06:23

I dont iron either. Dont own an ironing board and no idea if i have an iron still. Straight out the machine, give it a good hard flick and leave to dry on bannister or radiator. If my shirts for work get crumpled because i folded them in the drawer, i put them in the tumble drier on high for 5 mins and put it on the back of a chair.

therealteamdebbie Wed 24-Feb-21 00:22:20

* sent photos of old painted draws by family members.*
that's just weird!

Your home, your rules!

I find it easier to hang clothes than fold, but it's nobody's business is it?

Somethingkindaoooo Wed 24-Feb-21 00:29:43

It's a weight off, isn't it- when you release other people's crap that has been dumped on you. Hooray for letting it go!

Life is so much nicer when you realise you can run it your own way!
Well done on your win

Octane Wed 24-Feb-21 00:30:01

When I ditched drawers and moved exclusively to rails I was so happy! Hanging clothes is so much easier than folding them and arranging them properly in a drawer. And they are always wrinkle-free.

I never thought people would prefer NOT to hang their clothes!

FeckTheMagicDragon Wed 24-Feb-21 00:30:38

I don’t iron. Nothing I buy needs to be ironed. I only use drawers for knickers, socks and bras. I wash, tumble dry and hand up straight out of the dryer. The thing that changed for me was turning a tiny bedroom into my walk in wardrobe! Ok, the kids have left home so it is way, way easier for me now. But I feel for you OP. I spent years of my life doing things a certain way until I had a ‘fuck you all’ moment and stopped trying to live up to other people’s expectations. Once you get there, and it can be the smallest thing that starts it, it’s like a snowball rolling down hill!

MatildaStoker Wed 24-Feb-21 00:37:05

I used to hang most of my clothes up. And they were always squashed into the wardrobe.

It was a game changer when I realised that you could fold clothes and then put them in the drawers vertically instead of stacking the folded clothes on top of each other.

These days I’ve got everything except my dresses and coats in drawers.

ItsNotNormalLove Wed 24-Feb-21 00:37:13

You say it sounds so boring now you think about it, but it's not boring at all. It's a small thing to most people but to you it's a big fat symbol of freedom! And that's to be celebrated! 🎉 You get to decide everything for yourself now. Congratulations thanks

Sweettea1 Wed 24-Feb-21 00:40:26

I don't have wardrobe i have 2 sets of 4 drawers so much easier. My children have wardrobes but I just fold an throw it in pile at the bottom. Only things that get hung are uniforms and occasional wear.

Octane Wed 24-Feb-21 00:44:13

I don't get it – if you end up with piles of clothes because hanging is too much effort, don't your drawers just end up as piles of clothes too? Surely folding/rolling and arranging in a drawer is just as much work as slipping something onto a hanger?

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