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First world problem but I'm so annoyed! DH is a pig

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PonyPals Mon 25-Jan-21 09:26:15

Lighthearted but still annoying.

DH found a stash of snacks (mainly crisps) and I told him he can have one pack as the rest are for our day out to the water park.
Well I am packing everything as the park is tomorrow and he just informed me that he ate more than one packet. Just checked and In actual fact he ate everything!!!!

He is in supermarket right now replacing it but jeez such piggy behaviour!

AIBU to find another hiding spot and never ever tell him!

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Nancylovesthecock Mon 25-Jan-21 09:28:09

Where are you that it's warm enough to go to a water park? 🥶

LagneyandCasey Mon 25-Jan-21 09:31:06

Yabu for posting about going to a water park grin. In lockdown here and it's bloody freezing!

I hide stuff inside the biggest cooking pan that rarely gets used and sits at the back of the cupboard that no one else but me openssmile

Lovewinemorethanhusband Mon 25-Jan-21 09:33:29

My husband does things like this drives me nuts can't just have 1 or 2 packets eats 6, eats the whole pack of biscuits etc, so I hide things as well to stop him eating it all in one go

SmidgenofaPigeon Mon 25-Jan-21 09:37:29

Ooh look the greedy husband has popped up again.

PonyPals Mon 25-Jan-21 09:51:15

In Australia and it's bloody hot smile

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WelliesWithHeels Mon 25-Jan-21 09:57:29

What is up with these piggo husbands?

smoothchange Mon 25-Jan-21 09:57:45

You told a grown adult he could only have one packet?

He is replacing them, I don't see the issue at all. He is allowed to make his own choices and eating more then one packet doesn't make him a pig.

Fairyliz Mon 25-Jan-21 09:59:43


In Australia and it's bloody hot smile

No I’m not jealous at all envy

Cairnterrorist Mon 25-Jan-21 10:00:08

You sound controlling. He’s away to replace them what’s the big deal?

AStudyinPink Mon 25-Jan-21 10:02:10

A ‘stash’? Who are these people who hide food? Unless you’re short of money, surely it’s just a bag of crisps that can be replaced easily enough?

peak2021 Mon 25-Jan-21 10:02:27

Have some kindness for pigs and don't compare your DH to them!

You may have the sunshine but come next January you won't have the Ashes anymore!!!

Sheleg Mon 25-Jan-21 10:04:08

Who are these beasts that could chew through a multipack of crisps? Have you all married Incredible Hulks??

Neolara Mon 25-Jan-21 10:06:24

Totally off the point, but I wouldn't really, really like to go to a waterpark in the sun right now. (Wanders off...)

TramaDollface Mon 25-Jan-21 10:08:46

Stop rubbing our faces in your civil liberties 😂

Theunamedcat Mon 25-Jan-21 10:10:49

Its irritating when you mentally set something aside for a day out and its gone

ChippyChickenChips Mon 25-Jan-21 10:11:06

Never hidden snacks in this house either. DH or the children would ask first if they were for anything special. I'd likely say have them, I can get some more. Having said that, none of us eat snacks unless we're hungry and it's a long time till next meal.

Cissyandflora Mon 25-Jan-21 10:17:32

If they were Cheezels how could he help it? Not his fault.

WunWun Mon 25-Jan-21 10:20:13

YABU for babying him.

Thewiseoneincognito Mon 25-Jan-21 10:29:09

Keep on moving it’s just an Australian everything’s fine and dandy here propaganda post. 🙄

Lily193 Mon 25-Jan-21 10:32:55

'First world'?? confused
Why do you feel the need to hide food in your home? Sounds like bizarre behaviour unless you have an eating disorder. Buy more crisps and start acting like an adult.

MistleTOEboughski Mon 25-Jan-21 10:39:07

YABU with your flipping water park trip. Put your dh in lockdown as a punishment, that'll learn him.

Candyfloss99 Mon 25-Jan-21 10:45:19

Why are you hiding food and why can't your husband make his own choices?

Robbybobtail Mon 25-Jan-21 10:47:09

So he’s gone to buy more? What’s the problem? Couldn’t you have just bought more on your way to the water park?

I went to Oz at this time of year once - never again. The heat is unbearable.

pictish Mon 25-Jan-21 10:51:33

So long as he replaces them it’s ok.
If he continues eating all the crisps he’s going to pay for it in other ways.

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