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to think that trick or treating should be made illegal?

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ArmadilloDaMan Mon 29-Oct-07 19:43:50

I sympathise with you but I do think you are being unreasonable.

I hate trick or treaters, carol singers, in fact I hate people knocking on my door in general (except friends or family - you know the ones who are actually interested in seeing me not screwing me for money/sweets).

Dp doesn't see the problem (small children dressing up with cute smiles melt his heart - he's a soppy bastard) so we compromise and he hands out sweets and I ignore hte door.

Where we used to live, halloween was a case of locking door, turning out lights and staying away from the windows. It was fucking terrifying. (At fireworks night they had a fireworks fight up the road - throwing fireworks at each other, should give you some idea of what it was like hmm)

But banning it is going too far. Lots of people don't have a problem with it. Signs/pumpkins on the door as a national thing is a good idea though so not everyone has to participate.

brimfull Mon 29-Oct-07 19:43:28

maybe they saw you peeping at them through the window

VeniVidiVickiQV Mon 29-Oct-07 19:42:55

bah humbug.

You mizogs grin

Boogalooblue Mon 29-Oct-07 19:42:22

blush I meant axe murdererblush

Boogalooblue Mon 29-Oct-07 19:41:43

But they don't vixen.angry

Last Halloween I had 3 groups of very young children hammering on my door in the vain hope I would open it - not a chance. grin

brimfull Mon 29-Oct-07 19:41:11

lol at "expecting vast quantities of sweets"

Most people only go to houses with pumpkins.

Stop being so miserable.

themildmanneredaxemurderer Mon 29-Oct-07 19:38:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lapsedrunner Mon 29-Oct-07 19:38:15

I agree

Boogalooblue Mon 29-Oct-07 19:37:43

I am fed up with children coming round banging on front door, shouting 'trick or treat' and expecting vast quantities of sweets in return.angryangry

I really do not understand why parents think this is acceptable.angry

I would not send my dcs out begging either accompanied or on their own and cannot comprehend why other parents do.

Yes I have given up answering door after dark on Halloween.

If you feel you must take your little devils darlings out, could you please just go to houses where you are obviously welcome ie a pumpkin in window/on front doorstep.

Not where the curtains are all drawn and light out.

Thank yougrin

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