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to think that trick or treating should be made illegal?

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Boogalooblue Mon 29-Oct-07 19:37:43

I am fed up with children coming round banging on front door, shouting 'trick or treat' and expecting vast quantities of sweets in return.angryangry

I really do not understand why parents think this is acceptable.angry

I would not send my dcs out begging either accompanied or on their own and cannot comprehend why other parents do.

Yes I have given up answering door after dark on Halloween.

If you feel you must take your little devils darlings out, could you please just go to houses where you are obviously welcome ie a pumpkin in window/on front doorstep.

Not where the curtains are all drawn and light out.

Thank yougrin

Joekate Thu 01-Nov-07 11:25:54

I live on the top floor, so if any of the little buggers make it up all the flights of stairs, they deserve some sweets or oxygen. I'm not a fan of my ds going out trick or treating as I think it's begging but he went to his friend's party this year and had a riot - only went to neighbours they knew would want to see them and they had to do a turn before sweets were doled out. I remember in the dim and distant past doing this and loving it - had to put myself in his shoes and forget to be the adult for a while (does that last bit make sense?) He doesn't normally get sweets so was pretty much doing a wall of death round the living room for a while, but he was happy. Not so happy this morning with the late night and sugar withdrawl!

onebatmother Thu 01-Nov-07 10:55:44

Dragon where did you get your noise-activated spider - I must have one! And fast!

I think it really depends. \

We had such a loverly time with ds off with friends going to prearranged houses and me at home with younger dd giving out sweets to (incredibly polite) primary schoolers who had all made a big effort.

No scary teenagers after I took pumpkin in.

Lots of parents from school surreptitiously craning their necks around their little ones trying to see what sort of house I live in! (v funny)

But do sympathise with people who feel intimidated by scary thugs.

MrsArchieTheInventor Thu 01-Nov-07 10:39:27

You can guarantee the year that you don't buy chocolate there will be a hoard of kids demanding treats in return for not smearing butter on your door handle though. smile

ProfYaffle Thu 01-Nov-07 10:36:31

Every farking year I buy chocolate, every farking year not one single solitary trick or treater!

Just going to have to eat the sodding things myself <harumph>

WorkingClassScum Thu 01-Nov-07 10:34:22

My mum was staying with us and she still lives on the bad council estate where I grew up and she said the kids round here intimidated her cos they were so lovely and polite

ds loved getting his own sweets and also got really into giving them out, even though I had to top it up as he'd only put one chew in each container!

I did feel a bit sorry for the girl who was about 8 who was being taken around with what I assumed was her brother who was about 13 as he rigidly enforced her politeness!

Twas fun! Brought the pumpkins in at 8pm and were not bothered again.

amidaiwish Thu 01-Nov-07 08:47:35

i thought it was great trick or treaters started coming about 5pm we had loads! apart from one group of teenagers all were under 12, with parents lurking by the wall. Some massive groups though! all were very polite, one little girl even offered DD1 some of her sweets when we answered the door. it was great. At 8pm i had had enough and had put the girls to bed, so took the lit pumpkins inside, turned off the hall light and there were no more callers.

What's not to like?

kimisparkles Wed 31-Oct-07 22:13:03

Well all trick or treaters were welcome at the kimi house, we had pumpkins,and cobwebs and all sorts, a selection of sweets, fruit, and glow sticks and a good time was had by all. grin

bigwombat Wed 31-Oct-07 22:06:56

Only had 2 groups of trick or treaters tonight - hadn't got back from the shops with sweets in time for the first lot, but dp managed to avoid being egged. The second lot were polite and one little boy even asked me if the chocolates contained nuts!! I checked the ingredients for him and said yes, so he had to give it back! Now I'm left with a tub of chocolates and dp is on a diet... hmm

Sassafrass Wed 31-Oct-07 22:06:02

I had some lovely kids come around of all ages. I was pleasantly surprised how polite they were. They took one little minibar each from the bowl and said thank you and good night. My little girl thought it was very exciting to have them come around.

I am in two minds though about trick or treating, when done nicely at houses that show signs of celebrating halloween, pumpkins, decorations etc, I think it's lovely. I can't stand big louts of teenagers who don't even bother to dress up though.

Ripeberry Wed 31-Oct-07 21:47:34

Had loads of people round for trick and treat and one large group of 10.
At 6pm had the local pranksters knocking on the door, bascially playing knock up ginger.
He and his friend finally came to the door half an hour later and got some sweets.
An hour later they came back pretending they hadn't been round (he is a bit simple this boy).
By 7pm i went out with my DDs, eldest dressed as a witch with green skin and spiders and youngest as a black cat.
It was their first time doing T&T and they loved it!
Most houses had pumpkins out and one even had a quite scarry witch in the window with red glowing eyes...scared me!
At least i looks like we did not get any tricks, the only thing was the local prankster had knocked over my pumpkin but at least he did not kick it to bits.
Great sense of community round here.

Bocoreepy Wed 31-Oct-07 21:41:33

...and, we met a policeman on our way, with a giant bag of sweets. He made a big fuss of each child and let them take something each.

Bocoreepy Wed 31-Oct-07 21:40:04

My dds loved it this evening. My neighbour actually knocked on the door and asked if we'd please come round as she'd prepared little bags for them and a hairy spider each. We only went to people we know and they all made a huge fuss of the costumes. Everyone walking around was little bands of small children with grown ups. I think it's great as long as it's not just teens wanting cash.

divamum2two Wed 31-Oct-07 21:37:25

we always had civilized halloween here. mostly little kids with parents. i made little bags of sweets this year for neighbors and friends kids, and lollipops and sweets for other kids. i think its for kids and i quite enjoy it,lets see the fund side of childhood. im sure my lo`s will want go around when they older. there was no t&ters after 7.45 which i think qite nice.

BelaWotzLugosi Wed 31-Oct-07 21:14:31

If it is in the spirit of things and it is good of course all enjoy it. But for some I can see its a problem for various reasons. My dh hates it. I don't mind. Kids love it.

Stick by the simple rule that a pumpkin on view say, knock on the door and there shall be sweets.

essbeeavenue Wed 31-Oct-07 21:09:52

Message withdrawn

essbeeavenue Wed 31-Oct-07 21:08:33

Message withdrawn

tigger32 Wed 31-Oct-07 21:07:31

I love halloween but I do think that teaching your children to go knocking on doors begging for sweets in exchange for them not throwing eggs at your house is wrong! There are other ways to enjoy halloween where those who want to celebrate it can and those who are sat in the dark with the curtains closed petrified at what might happen to them can relax.

pollywollydooooooooodle Wed 31-Oct-07 21:02:27

well we have only had one group this eve...admittedly a group of 15!...but all littlish, all going wooooooo and all of whom accepted a lolly and said of them was desperate to show his trick which involved letting dd pull his fake arm off...and that seemed to please everyonesmile

it warmed the cockles of an old cynics heart!

mumbleboo Wed 31-Oct-07 20:56:25

We've just had a set who took loads of sweets, and then another who banged on the door and rung the bell several times, 3 times over!!! (didn't answer that time) Who teaches their kids it's ok to behave like that? Little kids, people who've made an effort,fair enough. But i felt really intimidated, it's ridiculous. Ds is sooo cute in his spider costume though!

TheEvilDediderata Wed 31-Oct-07 20:54:31

God, there are some uptight feckers on MN wink

Any how, apparently we've got it totally wrong in the UK.

In the States, Trick or Trick means that the person who opens the door can give either a trick (a stone in the bag) or a treat (a sweet in the bag).

The ghouls on your threshold should have no say in the matter. It isn't within their gift to administer a trick. It is within ours. We've misinterpreted, as per bloody usual grin

Nightynight Wed 31-Oct-07 20:52:19

well 2 of my children went out with a group of friends, and they knocked on the doors of relatives/friends, and recited poems. They had a fantastic time, but our town is very safe, so I wasn't too worried about them.

We had a fair few round as well, AP was answering the door and giving out chocolate, which she thought was really funny, she is from Kenya and has never seen Halloween before!

Chipstick Wed 31-Oct-07 20:44:18

Why is it begging? I don't understand?

I loved halloween as a child and still do - my house is decorated, and the kids went to nursery today where all the children and staff have been dressed up all day.

Its one evening of the year, we had loads knocking between 5-8 but nothing since and hubby and I are left with masses of chocolate...mmmm smile

madamez Wed 31-Oct-07 20:40:17

Yes it's anoying that some people behave badly. But that doesn't justify spoiling the fun of a whole lot of other well-behaved people, from the kids having a whale of a time, saying polite thanks and enjoying the thrill of being out after dark to the adults who are enjoying the excuse of acting a bit childishly, dressing up and putting up decorations.
I have had about 15-20 round tonight, all kids, dressed up, all with a parent in the background, all said Thank you for a sweetie from my big tray. Mind you, took a short break to bath DS and put a paper plate full of sweets out by the pumpkin only to have someone ring the doorbell - they got greeted by starkers cackling DS and I gave them a quick handful of chews out of the packet as someone (in the space of about 5 mins) had emptied the plateful.
They seem to have stopped now, I might put the last few toffees and chews out by the pumpkin - but I get to eat the chocolate pumpkings myself

ELF1981 Wed 31-Oct-07 20:32:56

I dont mind Halloween, we have given out little toys etc this evening rather than sweets (mostly stuff DH has picked up at the market and is cluttering my house) but I am rather pissed off that it is now 8:30 and people are still banging on my front door, and when I dont answer (I made a deal with DH we wouldn't answer after 8:00) and people bang and WAIT and then bang LOUDER!!

southutsire Wed 31-Oct-07 20:32:03

Having gone back and read the rest of the thread including Squiffy's advice I shoved my remaining pot of sweets outside the front door and amended the note to ask people to not disturb us but help themselves. Have now had a succession of gleeful and munching noises outside followed by another ring on the doorbell to be greeted by a teenager (not dressed up) saying "They've all gone." hmm

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