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Do you have ''your chair'', where you always sit, and no one else sits, or do you all sit in different places each day?

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Laiste Thu 21-Jan-21 15:12:40

In your living room this is.

YANBU = i have my own chair (and no one else sits in it)
YABU = we all swap around and everyone sits anywhere.

Further more (if you like to elaborate) :
- Do the whole family have their own chair?
- What happens if you get fed up with 'your' seat. Is it tough luck?
- Do you have control over moving the furniture round if you get bored or do you have to have a family conference about it?

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Laiste Thu 21-Jan-21 15:14:10

When i say 'chair' i mean seat on the sofa or actual chair smile

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Annonymiss123 Thu 21-Jan-21 15:16:31

We all have our own chairs in the living room and dining room. Since DD moved out, DH has taken to sitting in her chair at meal times. It drives me crazy and occasionally send her a pic. It freaks her out and is nearly enough to have her move home! grin

I moved out of my parents house 30 years ago and still sit at my own place at the table when I visit.

happyjanuary1 Thu 21-Jan-21 15:17:27

I sit on one end of the sofa husband sits on the other, we have a chair that we occasionally swap to but it's mostly used by our two small dogs who do not appreciate being kicked out and asked to snooze in their actual bed grin!

Rarely we will swap seats but its not the same haha

DdraigGoch Thu 21-Jan-21 15:20:01

Rule No. 1: The cat will sit wherever she bloody well likes, even if you only got up to make a cup of tea.

Rule no. 2: All humans must defer to the cat and move to accommodate her. If they please her she may deign to choose them as her personal chair and they must remain in that position until she moves on, no matter what discomfort is endured when the human is desperate to go to the toilet.

Failure to obey these rules will result in a dreadful punishment of indignant looks from the cat.

Know your place humans!

Twotinydictators Thu 21-Jan-21 15:20:35

We have two large sofas and we all sit in different places depending on who's watching TV/using the Xbox/wants to put their coffee on the table etc.

I'm usually a creature of habit but for some reason the idea of having one seat only feels a bit rigid, even for me!

froggydoggy Thu 21-Jan-21 15:22:30

Yes, DH sits at one end of the sofa, I sit at the other, occasionally if he's not there I try his seat but if he comes back into the room I'll have to swap backgrin

froggydoggy Thu 21-Jan-21 15:23:45

(Because it feels weird may I add, not because my dh is a dictator!)

Laiste Thu 21-Jan-21 15:24:12


Thank you, love these. Knew it would be good.

Twotinydictators you're a move arounder!

I've been a life long 'one chairer' and i'm not quite happy with where i am these days. It's all so complicated .. DH has staked his claim where he wants to be and i think i want to move the furniture round but know it will him off and the older DCs ...

<rubs chin>

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Laiste Thu 21-Jan-21 15:25:21

piss! Piss him off

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Iamnotminterested Thu 21-Jan-21 15:26:26

I do! It's purple velvet, boody comfy and I'm not giving it for anyone.

AryaStarkWolf Thu 21-Jan-21 15:26:47

We all have our own places at the dining table, in the sitting room me and DH share a two seater couch, always in the same spots. The kids use the other two seater no set place, they don't sit in with us that much though and rarely at the same time

Scbchl Thu 21-Jan-21 15:27:11

No one has their own chair simply because my mum use to have her "own seat" on the couch when I was young. You could of been sitting their hours whilst she was drinking in the kitchen. She would then come in and you would have to move and that really pissed me off. We do all sit at the same place at the dining table every night though.

Mabelface Thu 21-Jan-21 15:27:27

I have my sofa, ds1 has his.

Whitecup4 Thu 21-Jan-21 15:28:25

I have a chair but it’s rare I sit down in the living room. I only sit there when I’m snacking and whoever is there is asked to move but it’s only for 10 minutes and everyone knows it’s my chair.

At the dining table we all have our own chairs, uncomfortable though so don’t sit there to rest.

FlibbertyGiblets Thu 21-Jan-21 15:28:37

Halfway down the stairs #Kermit

redheadwitch Thu 21-Jan-21 15:29:15

We have a slightly more fluid system these days. I suppose we all have our "usual" spots on the sofa that we claim in the evening when there is officially nothing else to be busy with. However, now that I'm working from home we are more more flexible all round. For instance, if I sit on my usual seat, I cant reach my computer desk. So, I often sit on my DP's spot as I can keep an eye on things whilst on break and keep my "active" status online if having an extra slow cuppa.

I've discovered that the recliner part of the sofa works much better on his seat (mine is a bit wobbly), so I actually prefer his seat. Beginning a mission to oust him from this spot and claim it as my own long term grin

Laiste Thu 21-Jan-21 15:29:18

Oooh dining room table - yes very rigid here. No.2 DD has moved out but still no one sits in her spot and she returns there when she comes round for a meal.

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Nutrigrainygoodness Thu 21-Jan-21 15:30:17

Dw has her own chair sofa which she shares with dcat.
Me and dd sit on the other sofa, who ever needs the charger sits at the plug end 😂.

Eminybob Thu 21-Jan-21 15:30:23

I’ll happily sit in one of 2 places. Dh likes the same 2 spots so we just mix it up. The dc are relegated to the rubbish seats. Apart from ds2 who basically wants to sit on my head regardless of where I’m sitting.

I have a friend who, pre dc, used to have a 2 seater and a 3 seater in her living room, she would sit on one, and her dh would sit on the other. But they both wanted to have the 3 seater, so would swap every year. Yup, 1st Jan each and every year, one would claim their seat for the rest of the year.

MarkRuffaloCrumble Thu 21-Jan-21 15:30:46

Yes we all have our own seat at the dining table, if someone sits in the wrong one or if we have guests and they help themselves to a random seat, there’s uproar!

I’m the living room it depends who’s in there and who’s watching TV. We have two L shaped sofas and one armchair. The prime TV spots are usually stolen by the cats before anyone gets a look in.

If DD is sitting there on her laptop, I’ll turf her out so that DP and I can sit there.

At the moment I’ve been relegated to the armchair which makes watching TV tricky but I don’t have the heart to kick her off!

Laiste Thu 21-Jan-21 15:31:57

But they both wanted to have the 3 seater, so would swap every year. Yup, 1st Jan each and every year, one would claim their seat for the rest of the year.

Slightly envious though.

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bigbluebus Thu 21-Jan-21 15:32:16

I have my sofa, DH has his. When DS is home from Uni (which is a lot lately) he always seems to share my sofa!

We all have our own chairs at the kitchen table for meals too - although DS will sit in DHs at lunchtime when DH is at work.

Ginisatonic Thu 21-Jan-21 15:37:12

Own seats here. We have all new furniture since our DDs moved out so when they come back to visit they don’t have their own places. They tend to fight over which side of the sofa to have 😂
I think DH prefers my chair at the dining table so if it’s just him sitting at the table he often steals my chair. He knows better than to try if I’m also going to be sitting down though.

Laiste Thu 21-Jan-21 15:37:29

Ah. Pets are a whole separate issue! These are my two seat hoggers hogging away.

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